Philippine President Says He Won't Sever Ties With US
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he did not mean he would cut off ties with the United States when he said in China...
Under Fire in Mosul, IS Attacks Another Iraqi City
Islamic State militants have launched a wave of pre-dawn attacks in and around the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing at...
Phoenix Police: Woman Runs Over 2 Men, Killing 1 After Fight
Phoenix police say an intoxicated 29-year-old woman has been arrested after driving over her boyfriend and another man,...
Opposition Cries Dictatorship After Venezuela Blocks Recall
Venezuela's electoral authority suspended a recall drive against President Nicolas Maduro less than a week before it was set...
Cameroon Says at Least 53 Dead After Crowded Train Derails
Cameroon official says at least 53 people killed, 300 injured after crowded train derails
The Latest: UN Concerned by Return of Syrians to Turkey
The United Nations refugee agency has voiced concern over Greece's return to Turkey of 10 Syrian nationals whose asylum...
Iraqi Advances Give Hope to Displaced Christians
Iraqi Christians from areas near Mosul are closely following the offensive to drive the Islamic State group from the city and...
Cameroon's Transport Minister Says at Least 53 People Killed, 300 Wounded in Train Derailment
Cameroon's transport minister says at least 53 people killed, 300 wounded in train derailment
Pentagon Identifies American Service Member Killed in Iraq
Navy Sailor Who Worked in Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Malawi Leader Dismisses Health Rumors After a Month Away
Malawi leader dismisses health rumors after a month away, won't discuss money spent
Wonder Woman Faces New Battle at United Nations
Hundreds of U.N. staffers have signed an online petition against the naming of the superhero character as an honorary...
Great White Shark Escapes After Charging Into Cage
The footage from August 2016 was captured by diver Craig Capehart.
Philippines Separating From 'Discourteous' US, Says President
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced that his country would separate itself from the United States and turn toward...
Attack in Afghanistan Killed Illinois Solider, Oklahoma Man
Army Sgt. Douglas J. Riney, 26, of Fairview, Illinois, and Michael G. Sauro, 40, of McAlester, Oklahoma, died Thursday in...
Iraqi Security Forces Clash With ISIS Militants in Kirkuk
ISIS assaulted three police stations, a political headquarters and a power plant in a daring pre-dawn assault.
The Road to Mosul: Embedded With the Iraqi Army
Alex Marquardt rides along with the Iraqi Army into liberated towns.
Assad Claims Viral Picture of Syrian Boy in Ambulance Is Fake, Contradicting Numerous Witness Accounts
Now, the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has said that the photo of Omran is fake.
Mosul Operation Advancing 'More Quickly' Than Expected, Iraqi Prime Minister Says
The operation to liberate Iraq's second largest city from the Islamic State is advancing "more quickly" than expected, Prime...
Drone Video Shows Aleppo in Ruins as Russia Calls for Rebels to Evacuate
Amnesty International released drone video and satellite images showing whole neighborhoods destroyed.
NGO and Scientists Team Up to Move 500 Elephants to New Home in African Park
It will be one of the world's largest animal translocations ever attempted.
GMA 10/21/16: First US Service Member Killed in Battle for Mosul
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Trade Punchlines at New York City Charity Dinner; Apple Warns of Counterfeit Products on Amazon
WN 10/20/16: American Service Member Killed in IED Attack
Post-debate analysis with less than a month to go before election; California launching a criminal investigation against...
This Week 10/16/16: Some Polls Indicate 2016 Presidential Race Remains Close
Guests: Tim Kaine, Newt Gingrich, General David Petraeus, LZ Granderson, Yamiche Alcindor, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Dan Balz