State Media: Iranian Forces Clash With Kurdish Separatists
Iran's state-run news agency is reporting that security services have clashed with Kurdish separatist militants who...
Somali Man Detained in Italy in Migrant Trafficking Probe
Italian police say they have detained a Somali man in Rome who is suspected of belonging to a migrant trafficking ring...
The Latest: French Hope for New UK Leader in 'Coming Days'
France's foreign minister hopes Britain can name a new prime minister in the coming days to speed up its departure from the...
Car Bomb Near Benghazi Hospital Kills 5 in Eastern Libya
Security and medical officials say a car bomb has gone off outside a hospital in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, killing...
Germany's Merkel: It 'Shouldn't Take Forever' for Exit Talks to Start but Matter in Britain's Hands
Germany's Merkel: It 'shouldn't take forever' for exit talks to start but matter in Britain's hands
China-Led Development Bank Approves First Loans
A new Chinese-led development bank has approved its first loans and expects to suffer no impact from Britain's vote to leave...
Germany's Merkel Says She Seeks 'Good, Objective' Climate in Talks on British Exit From EU, No Need to Be Nasty
Germany's Merkel says she seeks 'good, objective' climate in talks on British exit from EU, no need to be nasty
Hundreds of Syrian Kurds Flee IS-Held Areas Amid Abductions
An opposition monitoring group and a Kurdish official say hundreds of Kurds are fleeing villages controlled by the Islamic...
Putin Praises 'All-Embracing' Partnership of Russia, China
Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized economic ties with China and praised what he called Russia's "all-embracing and...
EU's Founding Members Meet in Berlin Over UK Vote to Leave
The European Union must heed "the expectations of the people."
Brexit: World leaders react as Britain votes to leave the EU
Many are expressing deep concern and uncertainty over the referendum.
EU Ambassador David O'Sullivan Reacts to Brexit
ABC News' Alex Mallin interviews EU Ambassador David O'Sullivan on how Brexit will impact the global economy.
Top 5 Questions Googled About 'Brexit'
Answers to the questions puzzling Americans about the UK referendum.
Special Report: British Prime Minister Resigns Following EU Referendum Defeat
David Cameron has announced his resignation after Britain voted to leave the European Union.
Volunteers Rush Brexit Ballot Boxes in for Counting
Ballot boxes are being passed along an assembly line of volunteers, with some running the boxes across a room.
French Friends on a Mission to Convince Brits to Stay in the EU
A group of friends from France traveled to London on Wednesday on a mission to hand out hundreds of freshly baked croissants...
Gunman Dead at German Movie Theater; No One Injured by Suspect, Police Say
The theater is located in the German town of Viernheim.
Brexit: How the Pieces May Fall
The economy, immigration and cultural identity are the major factors Brits are weighing when they vote.
Understanding Britain's Brexit Battle
ABC News' Llama Hasan and Rebecca Jarvis weigh in on Britain's Brexit battle and how leaving the EU would affect the global...
North Korea Launches 2 Intermediate-Range Missiles
North Korea launched two Musudan intermediate-range mobile-launched missiles Tuesday that achieved flight and fell into the...
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This Flyboard Champ Performs Heart-Stopping Stunts; The Impact of the 'Brexit' Vote
20/20 06/24/16: Looking for Lauren
An Investigation, Reinvigorated; The Ex-Con and the Polygraph; "Just Tell Us Where Lauren Is."
World News 06/24/16: Aftershock of the United Kingdom's Historic Decision
Dow Plunges More Than 600 Points; Man Brings New Meaning to the Idea of Being a Good Neighbor
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Christopher Darden Reveals New Details of OJ Simpson Trial; Comparing the Accuracy of Body Fat Scales
This Week 06/19/16: Gun Control Becomes Campaign Issue After Orlando Nightclub Shooting
Guests: Loretta Lynch, Michael McCaul, Chris Murphy, Chris Cox, Molly Ball, LZ Granderson, Rich Lowry, Kristen Soltis...
Deadly Tornado Leaves Trail of Destruction
Photographs capture the devastation and the ongoing search for survivors.