Missing Marine Pilot Who Ejected off Japan Coast Confirmed Dead
The pilot had been missing since Wednesday.
Somali Political Leaders OK Presidential Polls for Dec. 28
Somalia's political leaders agree to hold presidential polls Dec. 28, after three delays
AP PHOTOS: Editor Selections From Latin America, Caribbean
AP PHOTOS: In editor selections from Latin America and Caribbean, Cubans mourn the death of Fidel Castro and Brazilians are...
AP PHOTOS: Hard Times in Venezuela's Coastal Sucre State
AP PHOTOS: People in Venezuela's coastal Sucre state once made a bare living from fishing and sugar growing, but now...
Diggers Find Ancient Tombs in Beijing Suburb
Government agencies excavating a site in far southeastern Beijing suburbs say they have found ancient city walls and more...
Reports: Tibetan Buddhist Monk Self-Immolates in West China
A Tibetan Buddhist monk has set himself on fire in western China in what appeared to be the latest such radical protest...
Head of Bolivian Airline Held in Jail as Part of Crash Probe
A Bolivian judge orders that the head of the ill-fated chartered airline whose plane crashed in the Andes last week be...
Washington State Suing Agrochemical Giant Over PCB Pollution
Washington says it's the first U.S. state to sue the agrochemical giant Monsanto over pollution from PCBs
Biden Says World Will Look to Liberal Trudeau
Outgoing U.S. Vice President Joe Biden hailed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as...
Mexico General Says Army Not Happy With Law-Enforcement Role
Mexico's top military officer says the army is uncomfortable with the law-enforcement role it was a decade ago when the...
Australian-Chinese Consortium Wins Bid for Cattle Empire
The Australian government has approved the sale of the nation's largest cattle empire to Australia's richest woman and her...
Inside Aleppo as Families Return Back to Their Neighborhood
ABC News' Alex Marquardt takes us inside Aleppo where families are making an emotional return after fleeing.
Kitten Rescued From Bottom of a Well
Perched on a rock at the bottom of a well, alone, a tiny kitten was saved by brave rescuers who climbed into the well to save...
Aerial Footage Shows Earthquake Devastation in Indonesia
Aerial footage shows the devastation caused by a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia that killed over 100 people.
Indonesian Towns Reel From Earthquake Devastation
Damage from the earthquake that shook Indonesia's Aceh province on Wednesday is extensive in towns near the epicenter.
Search Underway for Marine Pilot Who Ejected Near Japan
A search-and-rescue operation is underway for a U.S. Marine Corps pilot who ejected from his F/A-18 aircraft today off the...
Aleppo Rebels, Caught on the Back Foot, Propose Hail Mary Truce in Syria
Suffering successive defeats, the rebels proposed a five-day ceasefire in what many see as their Hail Mary, while a defiant...
Giraffes in Danger of Becoming Extinct in the Wild: Study
The world's tallest land mammal is now in danger of becoming extinct in the wild, a global authority on endangered species...
Passenger Aircraft Crashes in Pakistan's Abbottabad District
A Pakistan International Airlines flight crashed in Pakistan's Abbottabad district while en route from Chitral to Islamabad...
Powerful Quake Rocks Indonesia, Killing Dozens and Flattening Buildings
A 6.5 magnitude quake struck Indonesia's Aceh province on Wednesday.
US to Return Some Land on Okinawa Military Base to Japan
Defense Secretary Ash Carter made the announcement in Tokyo on Tuesday.
WN 12/08/16: Trailblazer Astronaut John Glenn Dead at 95
Holiday price fixing concerns; President Elect Trump takes aim at Carrier union boss.
GMA 12/08/16: Escaped Inmate Wanted in Stabbing of Police Officer
Dylann Roof Murder Trial Begins With Emotional Testimony; 2 Juveniles Accused of Starting Deadly Tennessee Fires
This Week 12/04/16: Mike Pence Discusses Donald Trump Transition
Guests: Mike Pence, David Petraeus, David Axelrod, Matt Dowd, Alex Castellanos, Sara Fagen