Does Satan Exist? Debating the Devil
Debate on the devil gets heated and emotional during the "Nightline Face-Off."
Hookers for Jesus Preach to Unlikely Flock
Former prostitute tries to save those working in the sex industry of Sin City.
'Gonzo Missionaries' Face Death to Preach
Two missionaries and TV producers face treacherous conditions to spread message.
Punk Rock Preacher: Jesus Was a Rebel
With sermons about sex, evangelical pastor at mega-church draws huge crowds.
Rare Access to Mormon Temple, Church Elders
Unprecedented access inside a temple shows glimpse of controversial religion.
Purpose-Driven Pastor's New Passion
In an ailing African country, Rick Warren is building ministries and ministers.
Preacher Claims He Has Healing Powers
Thousands of believers are flocking to Florida, hoping for a miracle.
Pilgrims Paid to Pray... and Heal
Religious and ailing pilgrims search for hope where villagers saw "'miracle.'"
Ex-Traffic Cop Says He's Jesus
A man known as Vissarion has developed a large following in Siberia.
Bishop: 'Heaven Not Our Final Destination'
English Bishop Tom Wright offers new perspective on what happens after we die.
How Would Jesus Spend?
Howard Dayton teaches people how to use the Bible for financial guidance.
Pastor: Jesus Was Rich, You Can Be Too
Creflo Dollar's "Prosperity Gospel" has attracted many, and angered others.
'Hard as Nails' Ministry Aimed at Teens
Preacher Justin Fatica uses "rough and tough" style to spread his message.
Story Behind Cult Murder-Suicide
New book called "Jesus Freaks" examines violent revenge against Children of God.
Christians Flock to the Internet
GodTube draws in the faithful, and the nonbelievers too.
Kirk Cameron vs. Atheists
Celebrity and atheists debate the existence of God in 'Nightline Face-Off'
Falwell Inspired Some, Enraged Others
Beloved by some, hated by others, Jerry Falwell had a gift for controversy.
Searching for a Manly Jesus
GodMen movement challenges men to become macho 'Christian warriors.'
Rick Warren: Purpose-Driven Strife
Some say the pastor's approach is "self-help" worship.
Speaking In Tongues: Word of the Lord?
Many see the controversial practice as a 'gift from God.'
A Sip of Salvation: Holy Bottled Water
A California entrepeneur has broken into the bottled water business.
Joel Osteen: Pastor of Prosperity
How the mild-mannered son of a preacher became a television sensation.
Facing Off on Evolution
Kirk Cameron and the athesists collide on the question of evolution.
Video's Higher Calling: GodTube
YouTube's slogan is Broadcast Yourself. GodTube's is Broadcast Him.
'Letter From Hell' on GodTube
Message to believers provides gloomy outlook for non-Christians.
Full Face-Off: Does God Exist?
Does God exist? Two sides square off in the first Nightline Face-Off.
Purpose-Driven Pastor's Passion
Cynthia McFadden talks to Rick Warren about the election, and his new mission.
Nightline: Tours For Jesus
Guides lead private creationism museum tours- some call it 'pseudo science.'
Jerry Falwell Dead at 73
Falwell talked to Terry Moran about his life and mission.
Face-Off: The Believers Respond
Does God exist? Two sides square off in the first Nightline Face-Off.
Atheists: Who Created God?
Does God exist? Two sides square off in the first Nightline Face-Off.
Kirk on God, Growing Pains & Rebellion
Does God exist? Two sides square off in the first Nightline Face-Off.
Is God a Projection of Your Culture?
Does God exist? Two sides square off in the first Nightline Face-Off.
Face-Off: Watch Part Two of the Debate!
Atheists say morality developed without the influence of a higher power.
Face-Off: Cameron on Evolution
Kirk Cameron on why he rejects the theory of evolution.
Face-Off: Audience Questions
The audience questions the panel of the "Nightline Face-Off."
Face-Off: Conclusion
Closing remarks from "Nightline Face-Off" over the existence of God.
Muscular Christianity
Meet the group that changes the image of Jesus Christ.
The Way of the Master
Actor Kirk Cameron wants to spread the word of God.
The Blasphemy Challenge
Could blasphemy really lead to eternal damnation?
Judas: Backstabber or Friend?
Why did Judas betray Jesus?