Meet LA Basketball Team Made Up of Actresses, Comedians, Models
Aubrey Plaza and the Pistol Shrimps are serious on the basketball court.
Locked Up for Life on a Nonviolent Drug Bust
Paul Cassell opens up about the mandatory minimum case that still haunts him.
'Fit Moms' Faced Backlash for 'Six Pack' Pregnancy Photos
The women were criticized for sharing the photos while pregnant.
The Bizarre Controversy Surrounding 'Tickled' Doc
Filmmakers of a doc about competitive endurance tickling videos are in hot water
How Animated Characters Helped Boy With Autism Connect
In "Life, Animated," Ron and Cornelia Suskind share journey with their son, Owen
Shark Attack Survivors Go Swimming With Sharks
Hunter Treschl lost his left arm to a shark off the coast of North Carolina.
Kanye West Explains Inspiration Behind 'Famous' Music Video
The rapper said, "It's a comment on fame."
'Missing Dial' Parents on Painful Quest to Find Vanished Son
Cody Roman Dial disappeared in the Costa Rican jungle two years ago.
This Flyboard Champ's Backflip Stunts Will Make Your Heart Stop
New Zealander Gemma Weston says she feels like a superhero on the board.
Celebrities Square Off Against Chinese Dog Meat Festival
New undercover video reveals what activists call dog slaughterhouse.
PA Attorney General Who Exposed Gov't Scandal Now Faces Her Own
Katheen Kane didn't expect career to be in jeopardy after exposing a scandal.
Rosé Is More Than Just a Pink Summer Wine: 'It's a Lifestyle'
The pink wine is enjoying its time in the sun with booming sales.
How These Beyonce Protégés' Lives Have Changed
Chloe x Halle were discovered on YouTube after performing a Beyonce cover.
Orlando Massacre Victim's Siblings Say He Saved Girlfriend's Life
Cory Connell was a person who "loved to love," his brother said.
Survivors Reveal Details About Facing Nightclub Gunman
Tiara Parker recalled her cousin's strength in the face of terror.
Father and Son Who Tried to Help Bison Expected ‘Happy Ending’
“We had no idea it was going to turn out so bad,” Shakeel Kassam said.
A Stallion's Luxurious Locks Captivate the Internet
The rare Friesan horse in Arkansas has its own Facebook fan page.
Some Airbnb Users Claim Hosts Rejected Them Because of Race
One biracial couple says they were rejected after using a photo of both together
This NY Company Changes Its Prices on Amazon Every 45 Minutes
Queens company started by five friends is trying to change the e-commerce game.
'Roots' Cast on Challenges of Remaking Iconic Miniseries
LeVar Burton hopes to foster a conversation with this new version of "Roots."
Parents Hire This Guy to Sweep Kids' Rooms for Drugs
Michael Davis's private drug-sniffing dog company raises some questions
Daughters for Sale: How American Girls Are Being Sold Online
One woman estimates she had over 100 encounters in three weeks at age 15.
Byron Pitts' Biography
Co-Anchor, Nightline
These 'Fit Moms' Faced Backlash for Instense Workouts While Pregnant
But with popularity came fierce online scrutiny for these so-called "fit moms" who posted belly progression photos with...
The Bizarre Controversy Surrounding 'Tickled' Documentary
The filmmakers are being sued by a subject in their movie about competitive endurance tickling videos.
'Greatest Hits' Brings Music Icons, Today's Hitmakers Together
Arsenio Hall and Kelsea Ballerini host the new ABC show, featuring songs from the '80s, '90s and 2000s.
Swimming with Sharks at Night in the Bahamas
ABC's Jesse Palmer got to experience firsthand sharks' heightened senses that give them 10 times better vision than humans in...
'Selfie Dad' Copies Daughter's Instagram in Hilarious Posts
When Christopher Burr Martin thought his 19-year-old daughter was posting too many selfies, he began imitating her.
Dozens Killed in Terrorist Attack at Istanbul Airport
Authorities say three suicide bombers set off blasts at Ataturk Airport, Turkey's biggest international airport and one of...
Celebrating Pat Summitt, a Pioneer in Women's Sports
Summitt, who died from Alzheimer's complications, coached UT's women's basketball to 8 national championships and was an...
'Life, Animated' Parents Describe How Movies Helped Son with Autism
Ron and Cornelia Suskind share journey with their son, Owen, who was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with regressive...
Hundreds of Corgis Have a Day at the Beach
These four-legged cute and cuddly canines gathered in San Francisco for Corgi Con 2016.
Shark Attack Survivors Jump Back Into Ocean With Sharks
Hunter Treschl and Paul de Gelder both lost limbs to sharks while swimming in the ocean.
'Top Gun' Star Kelly McGillis Allegedly Attacked in Own Home
Laurence Marie Dorn faces charges including stalking and assault and battery for her alleged attack on the actress.
Kanye West in Bed With Donald Trump, Taylor Swift in New Music Video
The rapper's new music video for "Famous" portrayed 11 celebrities sleeping alongside him in the nude.
'Missing Dial' Parents Open Up on Desperate Search for Vanished Son
Roman and Peggy Dial spent two years searching Costa Rica's rainforest for their missing son, Cody Dial.
This Flyboard Champ Performs Heart-Stopping Stunts
Gemma Weston of New Zealand has won two international competitions in this new extreme sport.
The Impact of the 'Brexit' Vote
Stock markets took a hit after Britain voted to leave the E.U., and Donald Trump praised the move during a trip to Scotland.
Brexit Wins as the UK Votes to Leave EU in Historic Referendum
Britain's exit will affect the British economy, immigration policy, and global markets.
Ex-Marine Turned Baker Indicted in Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot
Laura Buckingham, a local Indiana celebrity chef, faces charges alleging that she tried to recruit her boyfriend to kill her...
Nightline 05/20/16: ‘Hidden America: Inside Rikers Island’
Inside 'The Box' With Some of Rikers Island's Most Violent Inmates; Dramatic Changes Aim to Help Rikers Island's Youngest...
Nightline 05/17/16: In El Salvador, Gang Violence is a Part of Everyday Life
Funeral Service in El Salvador Becomes Gang Target; El Salvadorian Teen, Terrorized By Gangs, Given a Fresh Start
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Consent on Campus: Can Consent Education Help Prevent Sex Assault Among College Students?; Consent on Campus: What Does...
Nightline 11/23/15: Face Transplant Surgery Gives Former Firefighter a New Face
Inside the Complex Face Transplant Surgery; After Face Transplant, Pat Hardison Reunites With Family
El Salvador's Violent Gangs: Inside the Murder Capital of the World
"Nightline" explores the impact of the deadly gangs spreading north into the US.
Circus Lions Get a New Lease on Life
Circus lions were rescued and brought back to their homeland in Africa.
'Making a Murderer': Evidence Presented at the Murder Trial
Former prosecutor Ken Kratz shares some evidence he presented at Avery's trial.