The Note: Top Political Stories of the Day
COUNTDOWN TO ELECTION DAY: 18 days Clinton Leads Trump in ABC News' Electoral Ratings Before Tough Battleground Contests....
Clinton Slammed for Her Description of Supreme Court Gun Ruling
Her comments about the high court Heller case trouble 2nd Amendment advocates.
ABC News Race Ratings Show Tight Race for Control of US Senate
The parties are locked in a tight battle for control of Congress’ upper chamber.
Biden Wishes He Could Take Trump 'Behind the Gym' Over Groping Comments
Biden said that he wishes he was back in high school.
Trump Will Lose but Won't End the GOP, Boehner's Former Press Secretary Says
Former press secretary for Boehner, Ryan and more was on "Powerhouse Politics."
State Dept. Releases More Clinton Emails
These latest emails are part of an additional trove discovered by the FBI.
Former KKK Leader David Duke Qualifies for US Senate Race Debate
Duke will debate the Democratic and GOP candidates on TV on Nov. 2.
The Longshot Path for Donald Trump to Win 270 Electoral Votes
Donald Trump’s options to win the White House are limited -- and specific.
Donald Trump Calls Washington Leadership 'Losers' and 'Babies'
“We have a bunch of babies running our country, folks,” said Trump.
Trump Can Take a Joke Only So Far
Self-deprecating humor seems hard for him to swallow.
Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton
And a few things you probably didn't know.
Everything You Need To Know About Rand Paul
Paul is the second Republican candidate to enter the 2016 race.
5 Times Obama Ditched His Shoes Overseas
He visits a lot of historic sites, which often necessitates footwear removal.
12 Fun Things You Didn't Know About Past Presidents
The first president to bathe in running water and other facts.
A Final Showdown and A Lingering Threat
ABC News' Rick Klein with the latest in politics this week.
Biden Wishes He Could Take Trump 'Behind the Gym' for Groping Comments
Vice President Joe Biden took GOP candidate Donald Trump to task over comments he made bragging about his ability to grope...
Donald Trump Calls Washington Leadership 'Losers' and 'Babies'
"We have a bunch of babies running our country, folks," said Trump.
Presidential Election's High-Profile Surrogates
Clinton benefits from a deep bench of political voices who are out stumping for her on the campaign trail.
Best Jabs From the Al Smith Dinner
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchanged jokes at the annual Catholic charity dinner in New York City.
Hillary Clinton Unleashes a Series of Trump Zingers During NYC Fundraiser
The Democratic presidential candidate took aim at her GOP rival at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner.
The Al Smith Dinner: Clinton and Trump's Most Memorable Jabs
Even though Clinton and Trump seemed displeased at times with some of the remarks, the pair did shakes hands at the end of...
Donald Trump Bashes Clinton in Speech at NYC Fundraiser
The Republican presidential candidate took aim at his rival's email scandal and rallies at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial...
Off-Road Racers Hope Trump Crosses the Finish Line in First
Hundreds gathered for one of the nation's largest Powder Puff off-road races in the country, located just a few miles from...
First Lady Michelle Obama Stumps for Hillary Clinton in Arizona
First Lady Michelle Obama slammed Donald Trump today in Arizona, a state that has not voted for a Democrat since 1996 but...
Michele Obama Chats About Girls' Education
A look at the first lady's life and times.