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In a Minute: Carly Fiorina
Here's everything you need to know (and probably didn't know) about the 2016 presidential candidate.
Air Force One By the Numbers
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Inside Air Force One: Hangar Security and Maintenance
The Presidential Airlift Group has 326 service members dedicated to supporting Air Force One operations. Most deal with...
Inside Air Force One: Medical Annex
Doctors traveling with the president are available to provide medical treatment. The plane has a fold-out operating table and...
Inside Air Force One: Galley
Two galleys on board Air Force One can provide up to 100 meals at one sitting. Chillers in the belly of the plane keep the...
Inside Air Force One: President's Office
The "flying Oval Office" allows the president to place secure phone calls to world leaders and receive private, classified...
Inside Air Force One: Cockpit
The U.S. Air Force has 8 official presidential pilots on staff. The plane can fly 7,800 miles fully-fueled at a top speed of...
Inside Air Force One: Communications Center
Highly-secure communications equipment allows the president to conduct sensitive government business from the air and direct...
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