Judges Seem Skeptical of Health Reform Critics
Judges on panel were all appointed by Democrats.
Obama Court Nominee Focus of Brewing Partisan Battle
Goodwin Liu apppointment to appeals court faces key Senate vote on Thursday.
Supreme Court All A-Twitter: Justices Testify
Supreme Court Justices Breyer, Kennedy defend court's budget in House committee.
Is Health Care Reform Technically Illegal?
Can the government make you buy health insurance?
Justice Thomas' Silent Streak Unmatched
Supreme Court's Thomas hasn't asked a question during oral arguments since 2006.
Supreme Court Life: Easy Job or Isolated Hell?
Former Supreme Court clerks offer behind-the-scenes details.
High Court: Calif. Must Slash Prison Population
A narrow majority on Supreme Court says prison overcrowding unconstitutional.
Supreme Court Hears Global Warming Case
Justices skeptical of suit filed by States against power industry.
Women v. Walmart? Supreme Court to Decide
Court to hear whether former female workers can sue for sex discrimination.
Innocent Man Denied $14M Damages After Years on Death Row
Jury gave John Thompson $14 million; the Supreme Court took it away.
Supreme Court Defends Tax Breaks
The court upheld Ariz. tax credits for donations to religious private schools.
High Court Backs Death Row Inmate on DNA
Henry "Hank" Skinner can challenge his conviction as a civil rights claim.
Court OKs Protests at Military Funerals
Westboro Baptist Church protected by First Amendment, justices rule.
Supreme Court to Weigh Child Abuse Allegations, Privacy
First child welfare case in 21 years, Supreme Court considers warrants
Should Ashcroft Be Sued for Post-9/11 Policies?
Supreme Court hears arguments as Obama Administration defends former Bush AG.
Supremes: NASA Can Ask Contractors About Drug Use
Non-government contractors had argued question was unconstitutional
Judges: Mountaintop Cross Unconstitutional
43-foot-tall cross "conveys a message of government endorsement of religion."
Supreme Court Upholds Ariz. Immigration Law
The Supreme Court today upheld a strict Arizona law that sanctions employers for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants.
Supreme Sense Of Humor?
Nominee Elena Kagan makes jokes throughout confirmation hearing.