What Would You Do If I Sang Out of Tune?
Bystanders give their opinions to actors hired to perform poorly in public.
A Child Is Lost and Afraid: Would You Help?
If you saw a child standing all alone and crying, would you stop to help?
'Nightmare' Wedding Dresses
Brides-to-be test the honesty of their friends and family while dress shopping.
Stealing From the Disabled? 'Totally Rude!'
Bystanders speak up when seeing someone steal a handicapped parking spot.
Attacking the Homeless: Would You Act?
Bystanders get angry after seeing homeless people threatened.
Flirting Boyfriend: What Would You Do?
Jealousies flare as one couple's relationship is put to the test.
Flirting With Strangers
What would you do if someone you didn't know was hitting on your mate?
Rosalind Wiseman's Answers About Bullying
Author and educator Rosalind Wiseman answers viewers' questions.
Freak! Nerd! Teenage Girls Lash Out
Go behind the scenes to see how bystanders react to psychological cruelty.
Ethical Dilemma: Too Much Change
If a cashier gives you too much change back, would you return it?
What SHOULD You Do?
Experts in ethics and behavior on how you should handle a sticky situation.
Would You Stop a Drunk Driver?
Find out how people respond to an intoxicated stranger attempting to drive.
Ethicist Answers Your Questions!
Psychology professor weights in on your ethical dilemmas.
Elder Abuse In Public
What will people do when they see a caregiver berating an elderly person?
Out of Control Kids: Your Reaction?
How do you react to out of control kids?
PDA Gone Too Far
How will bystanders react to a couple canoodling like crazy?
Turning the Tables
What would you do if you saw abuse, but the gender roles were reversed?
Gay Couples Kissing: Bystander Reactions
A social experiment evaluates how passersby react to an affectionate couple.
How Reliable an Eyewitness Are You?
Would you be able to pick out a criminal in a lineup after witnessing a crime?
Bridal Gown Behavior Lab
How far will friends and family go not to upset the bride?
Overweight Woman Verbally Attacked
If you witnessed verbal abuse would you confront the bullies or walk away?
Wedding Dress Etiquette
Tips for the friends of a bride-to-be from the Editor-In-Chief of TheKnot.com.
At Work With 'What Would You Do?'
Behind the scenes with ABC production staff who stage ethical dilemmas.
Tension in the Dressing Room
The owner of a bridal emporium describes conflicts among customers.
Cheating: A Best Friend's Dilemma
What will happen when Marina sees her best friend's husband with another woman?
What Would You Do: Boss Taking Credit For Your Work
Viewers respond: What would you do if your boss took credit for your work?
Flirting With Someone's Wife
What would you do if someone hit on your wife or girlfriend?
Flirtatious Woman Provokes Rage
When a waitress flirts with Nikki's boyfriend, she pictures her revenge.
Would You Be a Good Samaritan?
Would you stop to help someone in need or would you keep walking?
Fighting Couples: What Would You Do?
Could a couple's race affect whether bystanders react to their public fight?
Interracial Couple Arguing: Would You Intervene?
Would you try to stop a couple from fighting if they were interracial?
The Making of 'What Would You Do?'
Go behind the scenes in the ABC News studio as we put this week's show together.
Behavior Lab: Awkward Moments
Would you tell strangers about food stuck in their teeth?
Stealing a Handicapped Parking Spot
What would you do if you saw someone park in an area meant for the disabled?
Behind the Scenes: Homeless Attacks
Fight choreographer Tony Simotes demonstrates how he trained ABC's actors.
Mary Brosnahan on Homeless Attacks
Leader of Coalition for the Homeless says attackers see victims as sub-human.
See Something? Call 911
Sgt. Mike Pontillo explains the safest way to respond if you witness violence.
Jealousy Flares After Flirtation
A former 'What Would You Do' participant finds herself in a new experiment.
The Flirtatious Waitress
What would you do if a complete stranger hit on your significant other?
Encountering Prejudice
Will bystanders help out a Muslim woman denied service at a Texas shop?
Teen Torment: 'You're Not My Mother'
Will a bystander take action when three girls bully and pick on a peer?
Pushing the Humiliation Threshold
Hidden cameras catch bystander reactions to cruel teenage girls' behavior.
Confronting a Bad Driver
What would you do if you saw someone who damaged other vehicles while parking?
Pickpocket Victim: What Would You Do?
When someone gets robbed, do you choose to look the other way, or do you help?
Confronted With Teen 'Vandals'
Real public reaction to fake teen vandals, caught on tape by ABC News.
Taxicab Confessions
When a taxi driver gets on the soapbox about divisive issues, what do you do?
Obnoxious Phone Call
Someone makes a personal call very public. Do you say something, or listen in?
Private Battles in Public Places
When a couple fights in public and it borders on abuse, what will people do?
Public Displays of Affection Go Way Too Far
How do bystanders react to a couple getting too cozy in public?
Would You Try to Stop a Drunk Driver?
How will people respond to an intoxicated stranger attempting to drive?
A Surprising Angle on Abuse
How would you react to abuse when the aggressor is a woman, her victim a man?
Kids Gone Wild
How will diners react to out of control kids in a restaurant?
Elder Abuse in Public
A woman intervenes to stop a caregiver from apparently abusing his client.