Is Face Recognition Clever or Creepy?
New photo programs include revolutionary face-spotting technology.
'S' Is for Safety: New Browser Hack Uncovered
Http or https? New attack exploits insecure browser connection.
E-Mailing Without an Address
An experimental system automatically figures out where to send e-mail.
Making an Old Brain Young
Scientists develop ways to make adult brains as facile as young ones.
Browser Wars Move to the Cell Phone
Web browsers fight for attention on the smallest screens.
New CAFE Standards Don't Require Innovation
New tech required to meet standards are minimal, experts say.
E-Voting's Biggest Test
Flawed e-voting technology could cast doubt on the legitimacy of some results.
New Tech Could Change Genetic Research
A new genome-sequencing service could change the face of human genomics.
'Stinky' No More: First Clean Coal Plant
East German city used to be called "stinky town" before new technology.
Spotless Mind? Erasing Memories for Real
New research suggests that it might be possible to delete specific memories.
High-Tech Strategies for the Energy Crisis
Slowing greenhouse emissions will take major changes, an energy expert says.
Open Software Could Safeguard E-Voting
Open-source software could protect against error and fraud in electronic voting.
Is Marijuana the Better Antibiotic?
Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria.
Making Money From Social Ties
Despite their popularity, social networks are still struggling to turn a profit.
A Way to Uncover Hidden Prints
A new fingerprinting technique could help unlock cold cases.
Twitter Competitor Does It With Video
"12seconds.tv" allows microbloggers to record 12-second video blogs.
Racing to Catch Olympics Cheats
IOC's president has predicted that 30-40 athletes will test positive for doping.
Spit Sensor Spots Oral Cancer
A sensor developed at UCLA can detect signs of oral cancer in saliva.
Would You Swallow a Robot?
Researchers have created a robot that can tour your gut.
Researchers Find Cheap Way to Store Solar
Researchers have found a way to mimic the way plants store energy from the sun.
Will Google Buy Digg?
Critics speculate that Digg could replace popular, but flawed, Google News.
Magnets May Help Beat Cancer
Magnetic nanoparticles could drag cancer from the body, a study suggests.
Climate Solution: Make Houses Out of CO2
A new process stores carbon dioxide in precast concrete.
Are Search Sites Over-Censoring in China?
A report suggests that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft willingly block content.
New Laser Zaps Away Cancer
Engineers have patented a laser that can pick off individual cancer cells.
Need a Parking Spot? Go Online
San Francisco to implement nation's largest network for monitoring parking.
A Social Networking Site for Health Nuts
Trusera, a social-networking Web site centered on health, launches today.
Internet Calls: Who's Listening In?
Phone calls made over the Web may be vulnerable to eavesdroppers.
Forget Touch Screens: Just Wave Your Hand
A new computer display tracks your movements -- without you touching a thing.
Can Social-Networking Sites Make Money?
Facebook and its ilk may be popular, but that doesn't mean they can turn profit.
New Goo Stops Bleeding Instantly
A new material will seal wounds the moment it's applied.
China Lacks Earthquake Warning System
Earthquake warning systems are still in the research stages, say scientists.
Next Gen Games: No Controller Needed
Software company is creating games controlled entirely by body movements.
Biofuel Blamed for Costly Food
Demand for Corn-Derived Fuel is Driving Up Food Prices, but New Technologies Could Help
How to Plan for Climate Change
London's Olympics site is a prime example of how to prepare for climate change.
How Programmers Plan to Soup Up Iphones
Apple gives outside developers a kit to create software for the iphone.
Clothes that Clean Themselves?
Don't worry about wine stains. Scientists develop self-cleaning wool, silk.
Different Profiles for Different 'Personality'
New site lets users create profiles for different sides of their personalities.
Why Did the Web Go Out?
Multiple outages in India, Middle East show fragility of Web at choke points.
Moving in on the Wii?
New motion-based controller is designed for more realistic play for gamers.
E-Voting With (Little) Confidence
In voting machines, usability is as big of a concern as security, experts say.
TV for the Visually Impaired
Researchers are trying to enhance picture quality so the blind can watch TV.
Researchers Create Mice-Bats
Putting bat DNA into mice sheds light on how limbs evolved.
Laptop Program to Intel: Good Riddance
Reports of initiative's demise have been exaggerated, One Laptop per Child says.
The Year in Energy
Biofuels, more-efficient vehicles and solar power top energy stories of year.
2007: Touch Screens Take Gadget World by Storm
This year, researchers develop touch screens, self-driving vehicles.
Scientists Turn CO2 into Gasoline
Could concentrated solar energy be used to convert CO2 into gasoline?
Fingerprint-Free Cell Phone?
New self-cleaning surfaces could keep your touch screen smudge-free.
Company: We Can Read Minds
A startup claims to read people's minds while they view ads.
Your Robotic Personal Assistant
New software lets robots pick up objects they have never seen before.
More Trusting Because of Turkey?
Turkey's sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan may affect your sense of trust.
Say Goodbye to Car Chases
A beam of microwave energy could stop vehicles in their tracks.
YourStreet Maps News
Site connects news stories to places, creating different kind of social network.