Feds Plan New Guidelines on Toxic Algae in Lakes, Rivers
Feds say new guidelines in works to protect swimmers from toxic algae in lakes, rivers
Noted Oceanographer John Knauss Dies at 90
Noted oceanographer John Knauss dies at 90; credited for helping protect seas
Nevada Researchers Trying to Turn Roadside Weed Into Biofuel
Fill 'er up with gumweed? Nevada researchers trying to turn roadside weed into biofuel
Pope to Paris Climate Negotiators: Don't Let Special Interests 'Manipulate' Info, Derail Deal
Pope to Paris climate negotiators: Don't let special interests 'manipulate' info, derail deal
Denmark's Bang & Olufsen Considering Takeover Bid
Danish hi-fi maker Bang & Olufsen in talks over possible takeover offer
South Africa Moves Closer to Legal Trade in Rhino Horns
South African judge scraps moratorium on domestic trade in rhino horn, alarming activists
Japan Announces $10.6 Billion in Climate Financing for 2020
Japan says it plans $10.6 billion in climate finance for developing countries for 2020
Arkansas a Refuge From Rising Seas in Marshall Islands
Faced with rising seas, Marshall Islanders seek refuge in landlocked Arkansas
Tiny Marshall Islands Face Threats From Global Warming
Tiny Marshall Islands face global warming threat as world leaders seek Paris emissions pact
Yahoo's CEO Is Running out of Time to Turn Things Around
Once-high hopes for Marissa Mayer have faded as Yahoo stock sags, investors grow restless
As Yahoo Turns: What's Next in Its Decade-Long Soap Opera?
5 scenarios for Yahoo's future, depending on how CEO Marissa Mayer's plans turn out
Growth _ but Not Expansion _ in US Internet Gambling Market
Internet gambling market growing _ but not expanding _ in United States after 2 1/2 years
Internet Gambling Revenue in US Since 2013
Internet gambling revenue in US since 2013
New Polish Gov't Reopens Questions About 2010 Plane Crash
Poland's new government reopens debate over 2010 plane crash that killed president Kaczynski
UN Weather Agency: It's Record Hot out There This Year
CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: It's been so wildly warm, UN says it's a record hot year before year ends
Revised Nuclear Deal Between South Korea, US Takes Effect
Revised nuclear treaty between South Korea and US takes effect
Why Government and Tech Can't Agree About Encryption
Post-Paris attacks, law enforcement and security experts are still at odds over security tech
Better Batteries to Beat Global Warming: A Race Against Time
CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: Experts amped up about better battery tech helping to limit global warming
US Officials Signal Move Toward Embracing Self-Driving Cars
Feds updating cautious stance on self-driving cars, with goal of public use sooner than later
Washington Project Ensures Forest Stores Carbon for Decades
Washington state project preserves forest, allows Microsoft to help offset carbon footprint
HP's Last Earnings Report Shows Decline
Hewlett-Packard's last earnings report shows challenges for its 2 spinoff companies
Obama to Meet With Leaders of China, India at Climate Summit
Obama to meet with leaders of China, India, island nations while at Paris climate summit
Reusable Rocket: In a First, Booster Returns Safely to Earth
Reusable rocket: In a first, booster returns to Earth gently enough to be reused, company says
Egypt Discovers Ancient Fence, Dating Back Over 3,500 Years
Egypt says archaeologist found 'giant fence' at site of ancient capital, over 3,500 years old
New Zealand Extradition Hearing Against Kim Dotcom Ends
New Zealand court hearing ends on whether Kim Dotcom and 3 others should be extradited to US
Parched Emirates Relies on Sea as Groundwater Runs Out
As parched United Arab Emirates runs out of groundwater, relying on sea poses its own risks
China, US Promise Better Protection for Business Secrets
China, US promise better protection for business secrets following annual trade meeting
Social Media Helps Drive Historic Cuban Exodus to US
Facebook, cheap smartphones drive what may be biggest Cuban exodus to US since 1980 boatlift
Everyone Loves Same-Day Delivery, Until They Have to Pay
Retailers are rushing to match Amazon's same-day delivery _ but it isn't easy, or cheap
Correction: Amazon Trees Story
Correction: Amazon Trees story