Top 5
Historic U.S. Hotels
1. 1. Williamsburg, Va.
Some consider Williamsburg, Virginia, to be a tourist trap, but history aficionados,...
PHOTO: If you're not already a Colonial history buff when you arrive, you will be by the time you leave Williamsburg, Virginia.
2. 2. New Orleans, La.
New Orleans is jazz. New Orleans is Bourbon Street. New Orleans is party-central, come...
3. 3. Portland, Maine
If we’re talking historic, we can't miss New England, where the settlers first set up...
4. 4. Savannah, Ga.
Dive into the antebellum south in Savannah, Georgia, where the state’s sophisticated...
5. 5. Nantucket, Mass.
Nantucket is a popular vacay destination, for sure, but did you know it’s also a...
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