Black America Still a Step Behind
Four decades after Kerner equality efforts, income and education gaps persist.
'African American Lives' Genealogy: Digging Into Your Roots
Historian Henry Louis Gates Jr. hosts 'African American Lives' on PBS.
Black Superdelegates Move to Obama
Clyburn says many black reps blame Clintons for injecting race in the campaign.
Hollywood Still Plagued by Prejudice
Even in 2008, African-Americans get short shrift
Looking Back: 50 Years of Desegregation
Share your thoughts on diversity and public schools.
Obama's 'Personality Cult'
Sen. Barack Obama doesn't just have supporters, he has adoring fans.
Touchdown to Liftoff: NFL Vet to Space
When Leland Melvin's football career ended, his space journey began.
Feds Indict Teen for 'Threatening' Noose
Jeremiah Munsen faces a federal hate crime charge for disrupting Jena rally.
Suing the KKK: Klan Under Fire
A nonprofit law center sues the second-largest Klan group over assault.
Coverage a Black and White Issue?
Missing Latasha Norman garnered far less media attention than Stacy Peterson.
Noose Targets Columbia U. Professor
Students have planned a walkout as police investigate the possible hate crime.
Segregated Sundays: Taking on Race and Religion
One man's plan to end racism in America, one church at a time.
Politicians Remember Dr. King
01.21.07: Remembering MLK, 24 hours in Iraq, and a 'Nightline' Platelist.
Honoring MLK Jr: 40 Days of Nonviolence
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s son and nephew join us in his memory.
NFL Coach Tony Dungy
Dungy writes about his triumphs as a coach in his new memoir, "Quiet Strength."
Sharpton: 'Keep On Marching'
Protesters march to Justice Dept, calling for more action to combat hate crimes.
Small Town Protest
Thousands of protesters march in support of six black teens in Jena, La.
Mississippi Cold Case Solved
Suspected Klansman is charged with kidnapping in the murder of two teenagers.