California Police Shooting Protests Turn Violent, 2 Arrests Made
Protesters threw glass bottles at police and smashed car windows.
Sept. 11 Families Can Now Sue the Saudis but Will It Matter?
Just because Congress has allowed Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia over claims it had a role in the terror attacks...
Family of Slain Black Man Wants Police to Release Full Video
San Diego County's district attorney says there's no timetable for when she will allow the release of video of an unarmed...
Hurricane Matthew Strengthens to a Category 2 Storm as It Moves Through the Caribbean
Hurricane Matthew strengthens to a Category 2 storm as it moves through the Caribbean
Suspect in University of Illinois Shooting Turns Himself In
The suspect in a deadly weekend shooting at a party near the University of Illinois campus has turned himself in at the...
The Latest: Some Violence, Vandalism in Police Protests
Police say two men were arrested as some of the people protesting the police shooting of an unarmed black man became...
Lawyer: Jury Should Hear About Cop's 'Auditory Exclusion'
A lawyer for a white Oklahoma police officer charged in an unarmed black man's death says she was so hyper-focused on the...
Tulsa Officer Expected to Plead Not Guilty to Manslaughter
A Tulsa police officer is expected to plead not guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black man when...
After Fatal Train Crash, Investigators Seek Answers
Federal investigators are sifting through the wreckage of a train crash in New Jersey to figure out what happened before the...
New Jersey Train Station Crash Kills 1; Over 100 Hurt
A rush hour commuter train has crashed through a barrier and lurched across the waiting area at a busy New Jersey rail...
Mom of Murdered 12-Year-Old Reflects on Day She Lost Her Son
Two days before former soccer coach Nick Hillary was found not guilty in the murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips in...
1 Dead in Crash of NJ Transit Train That Was Traveling at High Speed
Federal authorities are at the scene investigating.
Family of Man Shot, Killed by Police Laments His Death
A deadly police shooting in Southern California incited protests and calls for police to release video of the incident.
Dog Rescued After Falling Into 40-Foot Well
Firefighters worked for several hours to save the Labrador retriever.
Surveillance Video Shows NJ Train Before It Crashed
This surveillance video shows New Jersey Transit train 40 minutes before it crashed in Hoboken.
Hoboken Restaurant Closed Due to Investigation, Offers Coffee and Food for First Responders
ABC News' Charli James talks to the owner of Hotel Victor Bar & Grill, a restaurant located across the street from the...
Officials Plan to Open PATH station for Evening Commute
ABC News' Charli James with the latest on the NJ Transit train crash at Hoboken station.
1 Dead, Dozens Injured in NJ Train Crash
What we know about the incident that killed one person and injured dozens more.
Gov. Chris Christie Gives Update on NJ Transit Train Crash Investigation
One woman was killed and 108 people injured after a New Jersey Transit commuter train crashed into Hoboken Terminal in...
What Investigators Will Be Looking for in NJ Transit Crash
ABC News' Gio Benitez explains what officials will be investigating to find out why the train crashed into the terminal's...
09/29/16: Federal Investigators at Scene of NJ Train Crash Within Hours
Heroic Volunteer Firefighter Credited With Stopping SC School Shooting; New Developments in the California 'Gone Girl' Case
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Biggest Moments on Social Media From the Debate; 'Jean-ius': 'GMA' Tries Innovative New Denim Technology
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