Iowa Supreme Court: No Life Without Parole for Teen Killers
The Iowa Supreme Court is banning life prison sentences without the possibility of parole for juveniles convicted of...
President: Spray Incident Compels School to Confront Bias
The University of Maryland's president says campus officers' use of pepper spray while breaking up a graduation party...
Former Policer Officer Who Shot Dog Gets 1 Year Probation
A former southwest Louisiana police officer convicted of shooting and killing a dog has been sentenced to one-year supervised...
Officials: 5 Inmates Wounded During DC Jail Fight
Officials say five inmates have been injured during a fight at the District jail
Police: Mom Trapped With Kids Had Set Fire to Frame Husband
Police allege an Ohio woman repeatedly set fire to her home and tried to frame her estranged husband, including for one blaze...
2 People Missing in Austin Floods as Storms Sweep Texas
Five people were rescued from the roof of a home by helicopter and two more are missing after torrential rain caused floods...
US Economy Grew at 0.8 Percent Rate in First Quarter
US economy grew at revised 0.8 percent rate in Q1, with less drag from trade and investment
Florida Group Finds More US Marine Remains on Pacific Atoll
The founder of a volunteer group that uncovered the remains of more than 30 World War II Marines on a remote Pacific atoll...
Driver Speeding Down Sidewalk Sends Pedestrians Scattering
Authorities say a driver trying to make a getaway sped down a busy Brooklyn sidewalk, hitting a 9-year-old boy
Louisiana Man Accused of Making Young Boys Smoke Marijuana
Police say a Louisiana man accused of making his 8- and 10-year-old relatives smoke marijuana faces cruelty charges
18 Rescued After Flash Flood Traps Them in Kentucky Cave
Nineteen people have been rescued after a flash food trapped them in a Kentucky Cave on Thursday afternoon.
Scripps National Spelling Bee Nets 2 Winners
Jairam Hathwar of Corning, New York, and Nihar Janga of Houston, Texas, won.
'Affluenza' Teen's Mom Charged With Hindering Apprehension, Money Laundering
The indictment says Couch provided her son with the means of avoiding arrest.
NYPD Releases Video of Shooter at T.I. Concert
One person was killed and two others injured in the incident.
Soldiers Honor Fallen American Heroes in Time-Honored Tradition
More than 1,000 soldiers placed 230,000 American flags in front of every headstone at Arlington National Cemetery ahead of...
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: President Reagan Holds Funeral for Unknown Soldier of Vietnam War
May 28, 1984: President Reagan honors Vietnam War soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
Memorial Day: US Presidents Honor the Fallen at Arlington National Cemetery
A look back at presidents on Memorial Day through the years.
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Memorial Day 1986: Veterans and Non-Veterans Pay Tribute to Vietnam War Memorial
May 26, 1986: A "Nightline" profile of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Seen But Not Noticed: Arlington National Cemetery's 'Old Guard'
May 29, 2006: A closer look at "The Old Guard" of Arlington National Cemetery.
Nightline 05/26/16: Concerned Parents Hire This Guy to Sweep Kids' Rooms for Drugs
'Roots' Cast on the Challenges of Remaking Iconic Miniseries; '500 Questions' Behind the Scenes
World News 05/26/16: NYPD Releases Video of Concert Shooting
CDC Warns of New Superbug Resistant to Antibiotics; Construction Crew Uncovers Shipwreck from 1800s in Boston.
GMA 05/26/16: Hillary Clinton's Email and How They Will Affect Her Campaign
1 Killed, 3 Injured at New York City Rap Concert; Billionaire Reveals He Funded Hulk Hogan's Gawker Lawsuit
This Week 05/22/16: Bernie Sanders Discusses Current Standing in Presidential Election
Guests: Bernie Sanders, Ed Royce, Adam Schiff, Anthony Fauci, Donna Brazile, Matt Dowd, Bill Kristol, Cokie Roberts
20/20 05/21/16: New Year's Day: The Shelby Wilkie Murder
North Carolina Mom Vanishes, Leaving Baby Behind; Missing Woman Kept Husband's Abuse a Secret; North Carolina Man Goes on...