Correction: ODD-World's-Ugliest-Dog Story
Correction: ODD-World's-Ugliest-Dog story
NYPD: Man Stuffed Bag of Feces in Woman's Pants
The NYPD is looking for a man who stuffed a bag of feces down a woman's pants as she walked in Manhattan
Theater Shows R-Rated Comedy Trailer With "Finding Dory"
A California theater owner is apologizing after a trailer for an R-rated upcoming Seth Rogen's comedy was shown ahead of a...
Party Foul? $90K Worth of Stolen Beer Set to Be Thrown Away
Authorities have found most of the nearly 80,000 bottles of beer that were stolen from an Atlanta brewery last week, but the...
Fire Chief: Man Saved From Blaze by Son's Cackling Chickens
A Pennsylvania fire chief says some cackling chickens turned out to be cock-a-doodle-do-gooders
Driver Flips, Totals Car After Slipping on Snail Slime
Is this the definition of a slow-moving hazard
Judge to Farmer: Stop Using Crushed Eggshells as Fertilizer
A judge has ordered an upstate New York farmer to stop using eggshells as fertilizer after neighboring businesses complained...
Hawaii to Websites: Stop Touting Closed Cultural Site
Hawaii officials are asking websites and blogs to stop pointing people to the off-limits crumbling remains of a Hawaiian...
Tony Hawk Recreates His Breakthrough Skate Trick at Age 48
Tony Hawk has landed a 900 _ a 2-and-a-half turn trick few skateboarders dare to try_ 17 years to the day after the same feat...
Horseback Rider on NYC Bridge Is Raising Awareness of Hunger
A cowboy who tied up traffic by riding a horse across a busy bridge connecting New York City and New Jersey says he is riding...
Doctors Successfully Remove Grenade From Soldier's Face
And other rare conditions captured in medical imaging.
20 Bizarre Super Bowl Items
The Ravens and 49ers-Inspired False Lashes, Dog Costumes, and More
Harrison Ford Shows Off a New, Bushy Beard
Mustaches, beards and more -- these celebs love sporting scruff.
World's Most Unusual Weddings
Couples in bizarre locations and situations on their wedding days.
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From a spoon to $800 cash, these dogs' appetites have gotten them into trouble.