200 Hens Poached From California Farm Weeks Before Easter
Northern California farmer says 200 'Easter egger' hens stolen from his farm
Loose Police Horse Briefly on Patrol in Downtown Cleveland
Loose police horse briefly on patrol in downtown Cleveland before officers recapture it.
Publicly Funded Vermont Candidate Sued Over Email Worth $255
Publicly funded Vermont candidate sued over $255 email, accused of campaign finance violation
Feel-Good Tale: Man Gets $7M Lottery Ticket in Get-Well Card
Feel-good story: Man recovering from surgery gets $7 million lottery ticket in a get-well card
Tough Jam: Cubs Pitcher Winds up at Wrong Park, Misses Start
Chicago Cubs pitcher can't find his rhythm _ heck, he can't even find the ballpark!
New Hampshire Lawmakers Honor Students After Raptor Debacle
New Hampshire lawmakers pass resolution honoring students days after mocking 4th-graders' bill
Cops: Man Left Behind Credit Card Used to Jimmy Garage Door
Police: Trespassing suspect left behind credit card _ with his name on it _ used to jimmy door
Cardboard 'Most Interesting Man' Fails as Carpool-Lane Ruse
State Patrol: Cardboard cutout of ad's 'Most Interesting Man' fails as carpool 'passenger'
Man Arrested in Courthouse for Missing Jury Duty 11 Times
Pennsylvania man arrested in courthouse for skipping out on jury duty 11 times in 2 years
Reward Offered in Southern California Pelican Shooting
Reward offered in shooting of pelican found wounded in Southern California
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