Man Finds Calico Lobster, Gives It to Aquarium
Fisherman finds 1-in-30-million calico lobster, donates it to New Hampshire aquarium
Houston Firm Offers Space Flights for Pet Remains
Houston company expands from human remains, space flights soon for cremated pets
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Police: Naked Intruder Fell Asleep in Couple's Bed
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Indianapolis Man Buys 2 $1M Tickets in 3 Months
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Crop Circle in Germany Attracts Many Visitors
Mysterious crop circle on Bavarian wheat field attracts many visitors
Centenarian Gets Honorary High School Diploma
Rhode Island centenarian gets honorary high school diploma from Massachusetts
Pesky Pig That Scared Kids on Maine Trail Captured
Pesky 80-pound pig that attacked woman, scared children on Maine walking trail captured
Pennsylvania Town Gets Wet yet Again on Rain Day
It was only a sprinkle, but it counts: Southwestern Pennsylvania town gets wet on Rain Day
Elegant Louvre Garden in Paris Infested With Rats
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Tree Trimmer Gets Saw Stuck in Neck
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