Web Avengers: Mario Armstrong

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Mario Armstrong entertains and educates audiences about how technology impacts their lives and businesses. He is a radio, TV and online host and contributor; motivational speaker; public servant; and social entrepreneur. He appears weekly on CNN and monthly on "The Today Show," and has appeared on "The Rachael Ray Show," PBS, NPR and CNBC.

He hosts the only daily technology talk show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Past guests on this show and on his online video talk show include: President Barack Obama, Google co-founder Larry Page, Russell Simmons, Spike Lee and the founders of "Guitar Hero."

As a social entrepreneur, Armstrong is passionate about motivating youth to pursue degrees and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). He founded TechTechBoom.com, hiring 11 teenagers to design, market and manage a new youth-technology social network. The company's goal is to transform kids from passive users of cell phones and laptops into the next generation of digital scientists, innovators and activists.

Armstrong co-founded the Urban Video Game Academy, a nonprofit that uses the allure, interactivity and development process of video games to increase students' interest and academic achievement in STEM. The program has been featured in Newsweek, USA Today and on CNN. Armstrong's voice is featured in "SpaceStation Sim," an educational video game developed for NASA by Vision Videogames.

Armstrong has worked in the tech industry for more than 12 years and was the first Chief Technology Officer for the City of Baltimore for then-Mayor Martin O'Malley. Armstrong also served as the IT Director for the Maryland Tourism Department. Armstrong was one of six people in the United States chosen for a technology delegation to meet with technology entrepreneurs in Seoul, South Korea to discuss new business partnerships between the United States and South Korea.

Armstrong heads Mario Armstrong Media, LLC, a technology media company that creates content for traditional, mobile and online media outlets, and offers tech consulting, digital lifestyle events and public speaking.