20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


Jordan Brown recalls arrest at age 11 for murder: 'I had no idea what was going on'

Brown, now 21 years old, was convicted of shooting and killing his soon-to-be stepmother and her unborn child in 2009. His conviction was overturned this July.
Oct 17

'He would be a great leader,' Melania Trump said of then-boyfriend in 1999 interview

ABC News spoke with Melania Trump when she was dating the future president.
Oct 13

First lady has 'more important things to think about' than Trump's alleged affairs

Donald Trump insists an alleged affair with Stormy Daniels never took place.
Oct 13

Melania Trump says she is one of the most bullied people in the world

The first lady just returned from a four-country tour through Africa.
Oct 13