As Child, 'Psychic' Teen Included Auras in Drawings

Skeptical neighbor becomes true believer after teen "sees" husband's illness.

Aug. 18, 2009 -- All her life, Heather, a 19-year-old from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., has seen light and color where others do not. In her childhood drawings, she added rainbows around everything from people to trees to blades of grass.

"I would be drawing auras and colors around people and trees and rocks," Heather said, "and nobody else would."

At a young age, Heather said, she began to notice meaning in the auras that she, alone, saw. Green or gold was good. Muddier colors, like brown, spelled trouble.

"I started seeing colors that weren't healthy ... so I'd be, 'OK, something's not right there,'" Heather said. "I started realizing, 'OK, well, certain colors aren't good. I don't like being around those.'"

Other children and young adults across the United States say they have paranormal encounters, or psychic powers. To get inside the phenomenon, "20/20" recently sought out several supposedly psychic kids and their families.

In Heather's case, her special ability never fazed her mother, Liza, who runs a pet-sitting business and asked that the family's last name and hometown not be used. But it was something very new for Noreen Lowry, a family friend and Liza's client.

A no-nonsense native New Yorker, Lowry was a retired nurse living with her husband, Charles. One day, three years ago, she began to ask Heather more questions about her strange gift of seeing auras.

"I said, 'Well, you know, do I have an aura?'" Lowry recalled. "And she said to me, 'Yeah.' And, I said, 'Well, what color?' And, she said, 'It's kind of gold.'

"And, then, I had asked her what color my husband was, and she said, 'He's brown.' And even her tone of voice, I said, 'What does that mean?' And she said to me, that he's sick ... that he's pretty sick."

Heather had no idea that, a couple days earlier, Charles Lowry had, in fact, been experiencing shortness of breath just from walking his dogs.

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'Psychic' Teen: 'You're Afraid of What You'll Find'

Lowry had been to the doctor's office and they could find nothing wrong. But his wife believed that she could, somehow, trust what Heather was saying. So they made another doctor's appointment the very next day.

"And we got a phone call," Noreen Lowry said. "And it was from an oncologist. So I picked up and I said, 'I'm sorry, you got the wrong telephone number. You obviously want somebody else.' And they said, no, it was for Charles."

To her amazement, Charles Lowry was diagnosed with cancer. As he began to prepare for a bone marrow transplant, Noreen received more stunning news from Heather, in a phone call.

Heather wanted Lowry to know that cancer wasn't her husband's only problem. Instead, Lowry recalled, Heather said "that his problem was his lung."

"She just saw him digging or gardening or something and said that he, um, picked up a fungus," Lowry said.

In addition to seeing auras, Heather says, she can see into other people's bodies. She said she had seen inside Charles Lowry.

Heather compares looking inside bodies to using an X-ray or microscope. Her vision, she says, changes "from one power to the next, and it just goes deeper and deeper, and you can see that. Sometimes, you don't want to know that about everybody, so you don't want to look and you're just like, you're afraid of what you'll find."

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