After 18 Kids, Bates Family Prayed for More

Part 1: Kelly Bates has been pregnant for 22 years, and is trying for more kids.
8:02 | 08/24/11

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Transcript for After 18 Kids, Bates Family Prayed for More
If there was ever -- gold medal for raising kids -- and Kelly Bates would already be on the winner's platform with one of the largest families in America. And this I'm not done yet I think I have my hands full with just three boys but that's nothing compared to how they've supersize things. Since we first introduced you to them a year ago they've added -- lots -- their plate including a brand new reality show launching just next week. But you -- get much more real than what they've already gone through this extra ordinary family. Kelly -- has been pregnant every year for the past 22 years. Some might consider her a medical marvel. You're how old now. I am 44 takes him -- -- -- -- -- send intern 45 days there and you're thinking maybe more. Wade decided a long time and dad to let the lord -- hemmings children women have let the lord to give us more children me in my life of those -- It be like saying. More blessings. But those blessings take a physical -- -- a woman's body. Kelly has been through labor and delivery eighteen separate times one at a time no C sections -- twins and fourteen of those births were at home. And how often did you have an epidural or anesthesia and anyway -- -- -- -- -- and mentioned that says for the pointing out common did not have. Any impact and -- -- has announced -- And that. How did you become parents -- eighteen children. Well we never plan don't have an eighteen children. I felt like -- -- -- and marriage we began vehicle ran over and mr. Wright sent. And -- And spending 22 years from the oldest video of this act might coalesce and -- name and electric story. Right parliament daisy OK thanks -- the -- and -- say it Adam. -- -- -- Is the goal to have a lot of children. The goal really case is not just about happen a lot of children to go for us is defined God's will -- on line. And to live it all right -- I guess we'll tiger Kelly has assigned each of the older kids. When younger partner today get themselves -- -- They helped make sure that their partner has their hair breadth. Seeing Don and -- fast. I just makes me -- things. Make sure he's he's he's close Manson he's -- say thank -- could be very fast and they think that homes are paying. That failed. Competitiveness. They want to explain what is. They're responsible for again their -- playing. And they haven't -- -- that their -- game and we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Haven't landed on -- -- Then it's home schooling lessons Bible study and -- work. I have to say you're kids have a sort of 1950s. Time capsule sensibility it's as if they've walked out of an Ozzie and Harriet below that at -- -- navy plane live dot -- area -- the black and -- is better that's only. -- -- -- -- These kids have never heard of Kim Kardashian -- -- Justin Bieber. -- feeling definitely different from -- -- family. How long they no books that aren't approved by mom and dad and I know television. Yes no Internet that's not monitored my it's not because we don't -- our children that the tests. Ten tanks and listens to Brian not work and -- And while debates may say they're leaving -- -- to god there's no denying they want -- in fact everyone in the -- wants more. The children prayed for -- even asked if they could fast. They wanted to -- Very fast and they didn't make -- of -- if if god wants to have more. That they would have more and. Like. Like -- found out like. Yeah. Right after singing dancing -- -- -- But Kelly is getting old for child -- she suffered two early miscarriages. We talk to a Doctor Who said it seems like the progesterone level as love conception take place that the uterus -- softens for the baby can complain. And so. It was Collison customers -- -- so my wife began to take progesterone. And so we excitedly had Cali. And Jensen. This is his birth. If you don't feel right taking birth control to stop the pregnancy. Why is it okay to take medicine to and help the pregnancy. Welfare has that would be my. -- is finally at last it is a life. To the -- the two day old embryo deserves the same medical intervention is any of their children. If one of my children more outside. And got her and then we're bleeding to -- Nationally -- tank and into the emergency remnants -- -- wet and very Kansas sank this face life. -- although we just want to press time. Bennett the same -- -- there's already a life living. We don't want to deny medical hail. Friday -- and travels. Debates have no health insurance and so when there's a medical emergency error well when -- -- -- and land -- of medical -- we'd just go to adopt. When you walk in emergency -- I don't care what your status of living. That -- be the best care possible. They're prenatal care is provided free of charge at a small Christian clinic. Civilians and so shortly after we need them in March with two kids still -- diapers Kelly finds herself pregnant again. Everything -- said Lehman saw heart name. But ten weeks into that pregnancy a terrible -- And as hard as -- always does -- -- tell my appointments send this particular day he had -- -- job today in. Wonder why they hadn't -- did this knowing that Collins Kevin -- couldn't -- everything's OK so let's. Warner and her folks also Foley and kill us that -- -- are you okay. She after -- she Scranton. And I think everything okay she said. The baby that. -- from him. -- -- Plus homes who so. So we should have been I'll be -- that she said no we ought to lift the -- the world -- This last miscarriage was the -- We -- an ultrasound. Which can heartening. No life begins at conception even though I don't see it I -- -- the -- -- to what the Bible teaches. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- a way to go back to to the doctor. OBG line in this particular Kelly make sure things are okay after the loss of the baby Ruth. About it in the peanut -- browse the store restaurants famous former detective doctor mixes of thank you for them and offices -- -- concern and canisters fairness. This hometown we don't know anything about the -- Hey you know England can't halo tell us anything shoot. I was out of it wouldn't tell us we could look for an answer -- -- I don't -- seemingly can Dana have to make a difference. Women have all the eggs are gonna have whether or so whatever age you are where you conceived assess how -- it is so obviously the over this. -- is going to be. -- I would just. Go ahead of them can't tell you what you do in turn results over probably just was -- -- -- thing about it.

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{"id":16982675,"title":"After 18 Kids, Bates Family Prayed for More","duration":"8:02","description":"Part 1: Kelly Bates has been pregnant for 22 years, and is trying for more kids.","url":"/2020/video/18-kids-bates-family-prayed-16982675","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}