3/17/00: JonBenet Ramsey's Parents Address Rumors

John and Patsy Ramsey tell their side of the story to Barbara Walters.
3:00 | 09/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3/17/00: JonBenet Ramsey's Parents Address Rumors
Please stay with you all let stand the following day you you felt that that you're under their protection because she didn't know where the government to -- But. It turns out that they were really scrutinizing the to -- it. That you already suspect did you have any idea then that -- suspects no not -- not at all. It was reported also mr. -- That shortly after you've found your daughter's body that you called the pilot of -- plane to arrange. A flight to Atlanta center. I did we had -- They asked to leave the house. Within minutes of that happening the police took the house over he had nowhere to go. Atlanta was our home. We lived in Atlanta for 25 years as her family was. We wanted to go who. During the day the -- child was found in in the days following mr. Ramsey. There were reports from the police that you didn't seem distraught actor you weren't sobbing he seemed stoic and -- -- it was scheduled to really talk to each other actor Dennis made it look as if you -- guilty. Her debt and I find that. Unbelievable. I've lost two children. Hand. For someone to tell me that I didn't act right. I don't accept it. There is the impression that from day one the to review refused to cooperate. With the police now. That that is. A media myth. We met with the police. On the 26. -- and talk about and talked and talked with him for hours on the 27. When they asked us to come to the police station we said you know you don't want to keep working with him but -- you can hear. We can't go out as he was in bad -- -- -- Barely able to move all we -- was -- come to come here. So well now we have paperwork -- the police station might be you know. Okay on the 27 very good -- Mike -- sent to you. I think that you should hire lawyers. Might this new things that we're going on that we didn't know if he knew that the police. By that time were. Withholding jonbenet's body for burial. He also. Based on his experience as a prosecutor. -- -- -- district attorney. Concede that the police were very quickly focusing on -- us. As a killers. You're a lawyer is advised you then not to submit to police questions. Why not people -- wouldn't have wanted to tell -- everything. Well I don't recall -- our lawyers told us at the time. If we were perfectly willing and anxious. To work with a plea to find the killer we had a higher priority at that point and that was to -- -- But it would in fact before months before the ramseys would sit down with detectives a formal interrogation. There was a mutual distrust between the boulder police department and the Ramsey family why didn't -- -- Galactica to test. It was under a realistic life to -- police never asked at -- architectural Tanzania. I was asked. During my interview with Steve Thomas a hypothetical questions wanted to policeman -- today investigated the smarter. He said if I were to ask you to take a lie detector test what would you say. I said I would be offended. That's what I would say. I wasn't interested in proving my innocence at that point that. That we must write a non issue is a murder lips mr. Hannity would you not take architect I wouldn't certainly -- consistent. Yeah in the pipeline that detector tests. When you realize that you -- with the prime suspects. What did you think what did you feel what did you -- but we're we were outraged we were we were shocked how could they think that mr. Ramsey the police -- that day Linda aunt. Set on this very program that when you. Put your daughter's body down you looked straight into her -- His face with just inches from mine. And Linda aunt said she felt -- from -- fashion. That the killer was in the house. And she was afraid. Well. The question now -- Arnett and -- ever looked before in the eyes of father who's just been told his six year old daughter is -- Lying there on the floor in front of him. I don't know what it looked like I'm sure I was paying any insurer went into shock. -- -- its ability to look at someone dies is determined never killer. It's a remarkable talent. You just can't believe I mean your -- we're suffering from having lost their child and then for someone -- accuse you would just. Can't believe that that would happen why did kids he. I think the police. Looked at the situation. Didn't apply a lot of logic to it and said child murdered in the home. The book says the parents always did it. And that became the conclusion of tragedy. Of the police investigation. Was that it ended on December 26.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"John and Patsy Ramsey tell their side of the story to Barbara Walters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15920449","title":"3/17/00: JonBenet Ramsey's Parents Address Rumors","url":"/2020/video/2000-jonbenet-ramseys-parents-address-rumors-15920449"}