2014's Jaw Dropping Moments in Social Media

#AlexFromTarget went viral thanks to Twitter, while Kim Kardashian attempted to break the Internet.
6:43 | 12/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2014's Jaw Dropping Moments in Social Media
continues with juju Chang. Reporter: Social media in 2014 was record breaking -- I've never tweeted before. We've crashed and broke Twitter. We have made history. Reporter: Jaw dropping -- My back hurt for about a week after that shoot. Reporter: Head scratching -- Provacative photos of such big stars. Reporter: And gut wrenching -- Bring back our girls now and alive. Reporter: It was the year that Twitter transformed a Normal teen into a viral sensation. -- Hashtag. It's Alex from target, everybody! Do you know this celebrity here? Reporter: It all started when a secret admirer snapped this picture of the unsuspecting 15-year-old bagging groceries after church one Sunday and posted it. How much do you make an hour? I make $8.75. Reporter: On that Wednesday, he was a regular 11th-grader with a lot of homework. How many Twitter followers did you have that morning when you went to work? 144. Reporter: That's when that now-famous picture was re-tweeted by a girl in London with lots of followers. And voila. Forget overnight sensation, this took just a few hours into his shift. When my manager showed me the picture, she showed me the picture and it had 20,000 re-tweets and I was so confused. Reporter: Within a matter of hours? Yeah. Reporter: By the end of the day? I had like 300,000. Reporter: It inspired countless memes. Even songs -- ? Reporter: Soon, 500,000 Twitter followers were checking out his boyband-worthy haircut and those pearly whites. This teen hottie was hot news from "The Dallas papers" to "The New York times," CNBC to "Ellen." Do you have any other talent we should take advantage of this? I mean, I can apparently bag groceries pretty well. Reporter: It's unclear what this guy's talent is, but the felonious hunk went from mug shot to head shot when it went viral after Stockton police in California posted it to their Facebook page. His high cheekbones and rather pretty eyes were more popular than his rap. Women writing, "I wanna be in his cell." When he gets outta jail, he'll be a model someplace. God, we live in such a cheap, microwaveable society. Now, while he is an "Internet sensation," I bet nobody invited him home to dinner. Welcome to the a-list. Reporter: This triple-a media star set out to break the internet by putting her assets on display. Now, we've seen it all. Good job. Reporter: But this most liked instagram photo ever wasn't her only digital triumph in 2014. She's projected to rack in over $200 million from her new app. I love your style. You look amazing. Listen, she made $1.6 million in five days. I mean, she's a moneymaker. Reporter: Kim's ridiculously ridiculous app is a magical red carpet ride through L.A., dating and dumping celebs, dressing up and dressing down. It's a good game at addicting you. It's definitely this year's candy crush. I'm done. I'm done. I can't keep up. Hey, sexy. Reporter: The biggest celebrity hack in history happened this year, when over a hundred Hollywood stars got caught up in "Cloudgate." When private photos they thought were hidden in the cloud, not only went public, they went viral. "The hunger games" star called it a sex crime. Cloudgate is just an exercise in finding out how bad a person you are. Count how many photos you look at before you feel bad about yourself. Privacy and it's awful. It is truly an invasion of privacy and it's awful. But it did look good. Reporter: This is also the year Sony executives learned the hard way that private e-mails are never really private. What began as snarky anonymous Hollywood gossip -- trashing celebrities, revealing salaries -- was soon officially linked to a north Korean plot in retaliation for "The interview," a parody about their leader. But when the purported cyber attackers threatened theaters planning to show the film, in an unprecedented move, Sony pulled the plug. I think they made a mistake. Reporter: It's not celebrity high-jinks, some serious stories might not have been noticed by the world were it not for a simple hashtag. Ferguson became front page news when it transformed into hashtag Ferguson. The case hit a nerve that echoed across America and another tweet went out calling attention to police brutality -- hands up don't shoot. Then, in just 24 hours after the grand jury verdict not to indict, 11 million people engaged 33 million times on Facebook. We get to see more of this because of social media. So, we have actual eyewitness camera accounts. We have eyewitness recounts. We have people discussing it on social media. Reporter: Twitter became the new public square for debate. It tells people, "This matters. You don't get to ignore this. I'm going to keep bringing this up, and keep this in your face until you realize that this is something that merits conversation." Reporter: A smart new year's resolution may be -- "Think before you tweet." I don't think anyone bought his Malaysian frequent miles. The cater was loud and clear. By Monday morning, she resigned and said I'm sorry. That's kitchen table talk. How are you saying something like that in public. Ranting on your social media. She's less that smart. Stupid. Smart enough to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame. It will go to college. Reporter: Trust me, before he went viral, Alex from target wasn't hanging out with pop stars. I said you're the first dude that actually is famous for your looks look. I don't know, I'm 16. I don't know what's going on. You're a star.

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