20/20 Flashback: Where's Baby Sabrina?

Marlene Aisenberg checked on her at midnight but the next morning, she was gone.
4:20 | 10/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 20/20 Flashback: Where's Baby Sabrina?
Good evening and welcome to 20/20 Friday. We Begin with a mysteries of 20/20 first started tracking more than a year and a half ago. We've told -- story before it's a story of a baby girl who vanished from her crib and her parents say that they Tucker in for the night and never saw her again. What happened to baby Sabrina. Well yesterday there was a dramatic break in the case who went -- to tell you about that in a moment it is something. But just in case you don't know the story -- -- we'll take us back inside this explosive case. Awful discovery that troubling accident since the since we mason knows a lot -- about what happened to baby sibling. The -- and got the money. Can't -- it. The latest. This is the first videotape of Sabrina Eisenberg and that we -- How much excitement -- The excitement and that's when He seventh and this is our first time -- her. But it would also be them last time. Just two days after Sabrina crawled for the camera she vanished without -- grace. Her parents mar -- and Steve say their baby was stolen from her crib in the middle of the night. While they were sleeping and it's. -- -- it's very scary. And it's hard to believe it happened it's happened to us. But aside from the ordeal of their missing baby something else is happening to the -- and -- They've been living under a cloud of speculation. Suspicion. And doubt talking. They say they are being treated like prime suspects in the disappearance of their youngest child. The most devastating thing that ever happen -- it is a parent's worst nightmare. And we're living it. Long before they were defending their reputations Stephen -- -- lived an almost ideal life. They began college sweethearts in two years after meeting they were married. Over your dreams. Her as a couple we Aaron always wanted the same thing left the children -- slated for I was monitoring. And -- with the planning to have -- and He and the children and the house the kids and the dog -- became reality in -- Rico Florida and upscale suburb just outside Tampa. And I think that's. That's here they had a son William and a daughter Monica. Steve worked in real estate. How -- had a part time career in her own business. Preschool program for toddlers and their moms called -- time -- Then Sabrina was born. The blue eyed brown haired babies seem to complete the couple's dream people would come at us happy says analyst Larry have to worry just looked at and set -- -- -- She smiled down. Things assists and one of. Available. But Stephen -- -- would share less than five months with their new baby. On November 23 1997. Like most Sunday nights they say the family watched a movie then -- the kids in bed. The next morning mar -- says she will -- year old William for school and the nightmare began. And as I turnarounds. And look out into Barrett and noticed my -- you -- take it out tonight Rodgers elephant. And then as -- -- closer and looking now outs in the street and seeing -- my garage to -- -- out so now I'm just looking straight out to street. And I ran into the first bedroom which is to bring his room. And I look in the cramped and -- -- nice Green screen. For Steve and many -- He comes running. What did you think. I'm screaming hysterically screaming see that looked under the bed she's not a route she's not old enough to crawl -- -- and up to climb out. I had you know what -- thing and a screening. Can't understand any of it. The suburb of el Rico was done. Not only was a -- reported missing from her crib but the circumstances surrounding the disappearance were mysterious. For example the Heisenberg say they didn't hear a sound all night. Their dog never -- and nothing in their house was missing except for Sabrina and her blanket.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Marlene Aisenberg checked on her at midnight but the next morning, she was gone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14739820","title":"20/20 Flashback: Where's Baby Sabrina?","url":"/2020/video/2020-flashback-baby-sabrina-14739820"}