39 Tattoos Turn Man Into 'Human Billboard'

Billy Gibby said he got more than $1,000 to have a pawn website's name inked on his arm.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for 39 Tattoos Turn Man Into 'Human Billboard'
There's not a person out there who hasn't done something he or she regret, but what if you had to wear that mistake on your skin for everyone to see? Here's nick watt. Reporter: Some of us tattoo our skin for love. Angelina inked the big old billy bob. Chris tone that aguilera had his initials tattooed on her lower back. Eva longoria tattooed her jersey number. Rihanna and chris brown and lady gaed for her fragrance launch. Others tattoo for, well, I'm not exactly sure. And other, yep, just get tattooed for money yes, for money. Meet billy. He is a hardworkingman, father of five and struggling to keep a roof over their head. And resorted to the vinyl frontier in advertising. Skinvertising. I didn't want to see kids on the street. It would have broke my heart. He went from there to this, oh, my goodness. We had to blur some of those racy logos. That's a bold word to have tattooed. It's not a good thing to have porn on your face. I'm not happy about that. He has 22 tattoos on his face. For somee was paid as little as $800 and he regrets it. He might not look it but he's a sweet guy. Got his first paid tattoo to cover bills after he donated a kidney to a stranger. There you go. I thought it was a nice thing to do. He'd like a better job. He has words like porn tattooed on his cheek. That's a problem. This doctor removes tattoos like this one. No pain, no gain. Beautiful. Look at that. Brittany has onc on her, well, there and love on her finger. To remove the. C will cost over $2,000. Do you have any tattoos? I do not. Do you think you should get one. A little butterfly that's what I have. What a pretty press men but in my defense I was only 18. N now that's billy. You have a problem. I hope they paid you well. That will be a med cale nightmare. He might be in luck. For now -- I think we can get porn off his face. We have the blues and greens up here. Black is easiest. Get black if you're going to look back. Like carrie. A pretty girl but that's really going to cause her problems. Does she have a job that's carrie, sweet mormon mom from small town -- it's like someone took a big one and that was it. Goldenpalace.Com paid her $15,000 and made that go a long way. They're a family of simple needs and pleasures. She did this to get a better place for her son to live. Their family has a sense of humor. You know, your husband's moving in for a kiss and, you know he sees -- he kind of chuckles. He does giggle a little bit. Seven years later you'll notice she's having it removed. Six laser treatments, about 800 bucks spent, just one more to go. Carrie discovered the tattoo was career limiting. For good or ill, two people are going for a job will you give the job to the lady with the tattoo on her head. Or the other one thatting looks normal, right. Billy got a at that time that into pawnup.Com who paid him $4,000 for that piece of skin real estate but what kind of company would pay to advertise like this. Isn't it taking advantage of people in bad circumstances? Well, it's not keeping ceo jeff coleman up at night. Weird company to pay some guy to tattoo the company name on his arm. For the amount that it would cost it certainly would be worth the exposure. I don't believe for a moment that we took advantage of him. 45 million of you out there have tattoos. 17% of you regret it. Did you get to a point where you wished it wasn't on your face? Sometimes like when I go o to nice dinners and stuff like that if got a little bit hard to kind of cover it up. For billy, no more face. He means it. I wouldn't even consider it. Even if somebody offered me a million I wouldn't do it for the face. Or eva longoria I'm guessing tattoo regret set in three years later when she got divorced. Rihanna. One star for chris. She just added a few more after they split and chris had this tattooed on his neck. Who knows what that means. And angelina, well, of course, billy bob is ancient history. She's had that tattoo removed and covered it with the coordinates for the patientplaces of her kids with brad. That's grown up. Oh, and just for the record, i don't regret mine, a butterfly on my back. A DISCREET BADGE OF ext1 underline

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{"id":17469341,"title":"39 Tattoos Turn Man Into 'Human Billboard'","duration":"3:00","description":"Billy Gibby said he got more than $1,000 to have a pawn website's name inked on his arm. ","url":"/2020/video/39-tattoos-turn-man-human-billboard-17469341","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}