Best in TV: Best Comedy

Part 1: From "All in the Family" to "I Love Lucy," which comedy ranked supreme?
3:00 | 09/18/12

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votes poured in so let's get started with a few laughs. Here are your choices for the top five television comedies of all time. ♪ Miller's place ♪ number five on your list of best comedies -- ♪ those were the days ♪ a show that proved bigotry could be a punch line. You dumb pollack. Those colored people love to play with bells. Revealing in 1971 it turned controversy into comedy gold. Wow! Get the hell out of here. At the heart of the show was archie bunker. He loved his long-suffering wife. Will you stifle? His daughter and richard nixon. Watergate, watergate. He hated some because he was a liberal. You're free to say anything you want but if anyone disagrees with you they're then into jail or called a meathead. That's right because this is the land I love. Cbs was so worried it was so offensive it came with a warning. It seeks to throw a humorous spotlight on our frailties. Created by norman lear, mickey rooney was lear's first choice to play archie but rooney turned it down. Oh, geez. And in the bible you read for cheating, stealing and creating insects in the family. This is the pilot that was later shown on tv land with different actors playing gloria and mike. Get away from me, meathead. They were replaced and sally struthers and rob reiner got the job. I think his underwear is too tight. But it was carroll o'connor as archie who got most of the laughs. You and archie bunker in any way the same. I'm quick to anger. I'm inclined to be cranky. I'm very opinionated, of course, in another way. Whoopedy. And number four on your list of best tv comedies ever. ♪ Baby whoa ♪ a show depicting the ups and downs of everyday family life. This is mine. "The cosby show." Dr. Cliff huxtable and his wife had five kids. Then you don't want another one? Listen, claire, there are times and there respect many when I don't even want the ones we have now. What's going on? It was a family that had never been seen on television before. Have fun. African-americans -- they happened to be black. Same problems. We are married. We have kids. Denise is hogging the bathroom. Why don't you use the one downstairs. The small one? That's for guests. Pretend that you don't live here. My kids are trying to take all our money. Your mother and I are rich. You have nothing. The show is based on bill cosby's stand-up routines. Four minutes later downstairs comes the 4-year-old. She is naked and wet. Come here. Shampoo in her hair ran into her eyes. Cosby loved to improvise. I didn't this was a script. I thought we were supposed to make it up as we go along. The written words on the page were a guideline for bill. Hut, hut, hut. He could go in any number of directions at the drop of a hat. Rrrr! Magical. Cliff! ♪ your choice for the third best comedy of all time took some of the sting out of war. Hopefully made this a more enjoyable war for all of us. At least for 30 minutes every week, "m.A.S.H." I don't waste my time drinking and chasing women. We're thinking of chasing own drinking women. It eliminates one process. Playing dr. Hawkeye pierce, alan alda became a star. You want out of here? After the army went to the trouble of arranging all this mud and lice. You haven't even had dysentery yet. Set during the korean war it started in 1972 in the midst of the vietnam war. Anti-war message made it popular. They were bumbling opposites. Aaagh sclchl. A cross-dressing corporal acting crazy to get out of the war. Obviously a guy like me is unfit to defend his country unless we're attacked by the house of dior. And drunking surgeons who had no respect for authority. The condition of this tent is a disgrace. Yeah, well it does have that lived-in look. Attention, all personnel. "M.A.S.H." Was filmed on location, the mountains of southern california filled in for south korea. These are the real jeeps. At the height of the show's popularity, alan alda gave peay tour of the set. Really nice for us as actors is that the detail all around us that makes you feel you're in a real place. It really does. "M.A.S.H." Lasted for 11 years. That's eight years longer than the actual korean war. This is it. That's all, folks! ♪ and coming in at number two on the best comedy list of all time. Oh, mamacita! "Seinfeld." I think I can sum up the show for you with one word. Nothing! That's exactly how jerry seinfeld and larry david pitched the show to the president of nbc. Well, it's not about nothing. No, it's about nothing. Well, maybe in philosophy. You said we're going to do a about nothing. Right. What does that mean? I would read material and go, nothing is going on here. What did you do today? I got up and came to work. That's a show. How can that a show? Well, maybe something happens to you on the way to work. No, no, no, nothing happens. Well, almost a show. The pilot testing for "seinfeld" was absolutely disastrous. Better believe it. But the show about nothing needed a little something. Get out! I just said you have to add a girl. Find a girl. What are you saying? I'm not saying anything. You're saying something. What could I be saying. You're not saying nothing so you must be saying something. If I wanted to say something, I would say it. Then say it. I said it. Even with the addition of julia-louis dreyfus "seinfeld" was still not a hit, not until the sixth season did it become number one. Time-out! No one could have predicted the impact. But that's not what they would have you believe. All of these moments from a show that technically was supposed to be about nothing. Yada, yada, yada. Yada, yada. I have plans. Still remain in everyone's minds. You know if they should yada, yada sex. I'd yada, yada sex. And your choice for best comedy of all time -- aaagh! A show about a zany red-headed housewife filmed in black and white. It still airs today 60 years after it debuted. "I love lucy".Lucy." This is the pilot that can be seen on the dvd extra of the "i love lucy" box set. It doesn't look quite right. Different apartment and there's no fred or ethel. Aaagh! In fact, there almost wasn't a ricky. They didn't want to buy desi as my husband. I said, why not. He is. Well, cuban and we want an american gracias. But lucy insisted. The reason there's an "i love lucy" show is because they wanted to be together more. Recently I met up with lucy and desi's children, lucy and destiny arnaz jr. On the sound stage where "i love lucy" was filmed. Their first time back there together since they were children. Little ricky and I would run around under the bleachers and lucy would hide in the dressing room. I can tell you where everything was. The band was over there and the living room was there. It was fun for the kids but serious work for lucy. She was the kind of performer who needed lots of rehearsal and so she was always the worst one at the read-through. I'm your vitameatavegemin. It was not improvised done in just one take. Are you tired and run down and listless? Do you pop out at parties? are you unpoopular? This contains vitamins and meat and vegetables and vinerals. You have said that you said i, lucille ball, I don't think funny. I don't think funny. I can do funny things that others write down in detail if they tell me how to do them but I really don't think funny. She may not have thought funny but she sure knew how to make us laugh then and now. Drop it. Drop it.

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