Best in TV: Best TV Mom

Part 2: Characters played by Phylicia Rashad and Florence Henderson vied for the top spot.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Best in TV: Best TV Mom
From the -- -- Gigi and the family has been -- just days. And at this -- of the family. It looks -- very. -- sixty plus size to. Head. Flew ahead black or white -- in black and white social pioneer park pioneer woman. Voted in at number. I'm the perfect time in the perfect -- had the -- not. Supposed to be convened Barbara Billingsley played June Cleveland and -- 1950. -- went -- to work June stayed home cleaned -- -- some heightened. June -- was -- I think you're coming in its side and -- -- the last. Years from when there were problems every episode can always change from the family -- -- sending. I didn't realize Barbara Billingsley solved her own problems she was divorced and raised their two children by himself. Most efficient and secure -- Somewhere around the corner from the -- -- number -- favorite TV. Seeing mrs. Cunningham through the night and -- the hot and solo homer happy birthday and fell eleven things. Happy days of the kind of late fifties fantasy it's Virginia where she could have had the household you wish you might have grown up being in paring losses. The mom -- you wish you had. American sitcom mom. At least he's and they have to -- security watch. Hateful. But sometimes. You're not going anywhere -- -- mrs. soon. Variance here. Dropped from -- absent student then turned around everybody I know -- the -- they hate the star power and old fans and that's all and that he didn't put high. -- -- -- Marion Ross was also a divorced mother know who -- and sometimes. The packaging. Has seen in these tactics from the happy days didn't panic. Now he jumped a few decades. And -- the dysfunctional world everybody loves men. -- you can -- my mother. You're -- city's favorite mom and mother and from movie about problem plagued by doing this. I get out of hosting did you get -- overbearing and she's obnoxious. -- intrusive. -- -- -- -- Savings she puts the mother and some other instances it's all boys there's -- -- -- it's very very very honest -- I think. -- like about her. Yeah. And understands that nasty person. Voted number three. -- -- -- Who created a blended family and invest hundreds and he is simply prejudiced against theft money on the baby -- right on man. But to Florence Henderson -- character -- questions perfect and I fought so hard to have Carole Brady and -- John. Worked all my life and to all my pregnancies I think every job. And then when there. Carol Brady was liberated enough to live. This -- Brady was hot and she was sexy. The first couple to sleep in the same bed. Actually let people know. How you get six children there was sex in the very he has so -- explaining AT action in Iraq. Though the word was mentioned only one and the 117. Original -- -- Problems not just seats next. -- -- -- -- They hair. I created outlets where it's not quite on -- right I was the mother and don't forget that. Not quite a flip I just got it was the cheapest thing sort. In the front party in the back moment so long gone back and ready -- still Indiana in forty countries. That's the way a bay burning pain -- -- a bunch of. I'm not number one -- monitors. Clinton only wants a leisurely shop auditioning for the role player cuts to -- houses these originally wanted to be hacked him to be bilingual. After shooting the pilot show he knew she was the right. Pieces of goods from -- in -- We need to be to set up listen. -- old Anthony let me ask you questions marks. And as a new kind of my. -- was -- black -- to have -- the husband. -- -- -- -- I'm coming I'm she was a lawyer because she really opened the doors -- we're not only the strong more sophisticated. We look good. And were -- Think Michelle Obama you've found the whole mission. And kayak -- around -- -- looks like he can't think I didn't think he did -- -- don't. Serve when he talked of serving. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their -- the movement here in. I would bring him a cup of coffee as he would bring me mine and you get to get them. And drop these macho attitudes -- -- anybody bringing anything anywhere any place any attack. -- -- -- -- There was definite. Clean -- that family she brought a real strength to the role of the TV and.

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{"id":17266917,"title":"Best in TV: Best TV Mom","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Characters played by Phylicia Rashad and Florence Henderson vied for the top spot.","url":"/2020/video/Best-tv-family-lucy-variety-shows-brady-bunch-Henderson-Florence-winfrey-letterman-dwts-American-idol-survivor-cheers-Seinfeld-comedy-tv-17266917","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}