Best in TV: Best Drama

Part 3: Shows about medicine, the mob, politics, advertising and science fiction made the top 5.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Best in TV: Best Drama
Our next category the best television dramas of all time covers a lot of ground. Medical shares and -- days in science fiction and period -- How could you possibly have narrowed the -- -- a fine. But you -- Number surprise when -- Favorite TV -- list they showed their true the drinking smoking and sex in the office does not to stop the edge of the magna. Mad men is about the men and women who work in advertising and Madison avenue was sent in the nineteen. Excuse the -- -- Chris. Fashion and sex -- moves the -- its interest steel legs. -- -- to move it might look like a woman from this season's it is nominated for I was actually breaking seventeen -- floor objections. Six years ago only a mad man they thought for mad men could -- -- so successful. Madden way ANC very first to show so my agent thought and passion for the six. Arrest -- on how well this is gonna pick out -- town. And it's get them from 25 year old John hand visiting Hollywood years -- this kid that he would never find a job. He was told that he loves -- -- -- mandate was -- younger younger. But he's not getting Dawson's Creek. But I would get called in for their dad. Then in 2006. AM event for the cost of Don Draper. Tested for about seven shows -- not gotten him. And this was the last -- world. We'll -- he thought and -- them then -- -- mad men. Wouldn't work I did tell the network when they're like well what happened. You know it's like that that cycle that since the show that -- -- what happens and I go well think the -- you know nicely together and -- like. And I said the sex is the violence on the show. Don Draper is the bad boy looks like the good -- and again it was used to talk. He's the bad guy without the leather jacket and the -- care instead he's -- impeccable suit. -- of steel he looks like Superman. But he acts like the villain what you call love was invented by guys like me. -- -- I think it's extremely appealing to think that you might be the woman who would break through that shower and get to the real heart of the man. From -- of my magical wonder. Best drama of all the time your -- -- -- show that made politics look exciting and western. The west wing is my parents something idealistic looked like from the White House for the fictional president doctor. Played by Martin -- there aren't enough teacher. Political -- honestly never do very well on telephone. The odds were completely against it but it -- god speaking and crying because if there was something personal thank you I'm Avalon technology ever get tired of the sun herald voice do. The dialogue is often delivered while -- This signature walk and talk. Beaumont and walk and talk and the film was this. Shot and one continuous take up and dance dance -- lasted almost four minutes. Being the best -- and it showed again and as a mafia family values and -- -- bad -- Mental and that person on the docks. And finding I think it's her fears about the seriously considered valid. And I did The Sopranos. Place. But -- -- combination. Ease of our lives I don't want you want I don't IQ and good -- -- -- -- -- we'll pick. Tony Soprano -- -- current famine but he's also infected blood that was of. He -- don't quote a mafia Don and with a shrink -- -- better. Plot twist in that -- looked -- and my mother wore him down tools. And The Sopranos has -- There are sophisticated. Casual -- them. -- -- -- -- -- you're traveling to another human imagination and a different -- and we with the strange and unexplainable happens. Transported to your second -- for best drama and one half and the -- A. -- the show aired from 1959. To 1964. In just a moment you will under a strange problems that knows -- in north -- up. Each episode and -- psychological -- Introduced by -- god sent -- -- place we call. The toilets. He's very kind of dark character it's as if he existed in the twilight. Be afraid to show was studded with young actors who went on to become -- -- Not a good thing on how the -- apart and -- And a five year -- -- highway yeah my current -- my -- yeah there. And the number one best drama of all. The child and even a trip to India and the best thing for. People felt real that it just. Can't they wanted to be elected documentary it's scared us and there was more -- little more yeah. Cameras that didn't cut away. Dare I dare you. Liked it and then unknown clean he had been in a string of mansions. Including a sitcom home that there. Yeah. Pressured yeah but I can't even pretend that this -- can succeed George went to every actor -- -- sat saying. You're gonna come to work each and every day. Prepared. And giving it your all we -- going to make this work. The show premiered in 1990 -- -- forecasters -- You have to master the complex medical Johnson in the fifth. -- How do you want. Thank you there is a part of you that picks it up and and all of a sudden you understand and consumer ventricular accurate and supported the problem is -- -- today. Throughout -- super ventricular arrhythmia. To speed up. When I spoke to Clinton in 1995. When he was planning his next career move and -- -- -- then -- -- trying to do some movies. If anybody wants to see him in we don't know. I'm posting them did what she claims that the line to become an infection most -- and a culture icon. After Clinton left chaotic -- -- actors came and went with the audience stay. We are lasted -- fifteen season. The longest running medical -- and one hospital visits we never.

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{"id":17266951,"title":"Best in TV: Best Drama","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: Shows about medicine, the mob, politics, advertising and science fiction made the top 5.","url":"/2020/video/Best-tv-family-lucy-variety-shows-brady-bunch-Henderson-Florence-winfrey-letterman-dwts-American-idol-survivor-cheers-Seinfeld-comedy-tv-17266951","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}