Best in TV: Best Non-Human Character

Part 4: Alien or puppet? From Spock to Kermit, viewers' picks for best non-human characters.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Best in TV: Best Non-Human Character
In researching your favorite tv characters of all time, we realized that not all of them actually are human. From aliens to animals, which nonhuman tv characters do you like best? ♪ your number five favorite nonhuman character, a divine swine, miss piggy. Kermie. She's sexy and funny and she's sort of like, you know, a porcine judy garland. It started with this no-name bit part. You're right. There she is now, miss piggy. But by 1976, a more polished piggy was front and center on "the muppets." Piggy, honey, you can take the solo. Yes, my love. There she met a certain green frog -- ♪ -- which led to one of the longest running interspecies relationships in hollywood. My life, my love, my -- but she is best known for being -- wait, wait, wait, stop, stop, quiet. She's a diva. Do you feel a draft? Jimmy could you get my cardigan, please. Miss piggy, what do you say to people who say you're a diva. I say thank you, of course. Your fourth favorite nonhuman character, a three-foot-tall puppet named alf. ♪ Just take those old records off the shelf ♪ he first burst into our living rooms in 1986. Everyone had the same question. Really, what is it? An alf. An a-l-f that's sort for alien life form. And when alf crash landed, he was one of those houseguests that just wouldn't leave. The kid wants me to stay. Alf was rude. Alf kept trying to eat the family pet. You are a bagel. And alf caused havoc. well, I guess we'll have to order in. I kill me. No, alf, you kill us and that's why you made the list. I'm so excited I can leave a spot right here on the carpet. Space, the final frontier. Your third favorite nonhuman character has boldly gone where no man has gone before. That's right, half human, half alien, mr. Spock. Fascinating. Played by leonard nimoy, spot's second in command under william shatner's can't kirk. "Star trek" was pitched as a western in outer space, network executives had one note, get rid of the guy with the pointy ears, they make him look say tann jim! That note was ignored. I beg forgiveness. The show launched in 1966. Spock was a breakout star of "star trek." Spock was always in control. What makes you right and a trained psychiatrist wrong? Because she 2350e8s. I don't. All I know is logic. And he had signature moves like the mind meld and the vulcan nerve pinch. I tried that on people. It never worked for me. It wase, all my friends are like, what are you doing? The spock squeeze. Hello. But perhaps spock was perhaps most powerful off screen giving hope to those who felt very didn't belong. Spock was the ultimate misfit. He didn't really fit in. I think a lot of people responded to spock because they no longer felt they were such outsiders. Live long and prosper. Your second favorite nonhuman character answers to the name -- lassie! First created in the 1938 short story, lassie starred in seven movies before she landed her own series in 1954. A hand for lassie. During the show's 19-year run six different collies all male played the female lassie. What is it, girl? One thing never changed. Lassie was capable of saving anyone from anything at any time. If lassie wasn't there, that whole family would be dead. They didn't know not to get stuck under a tractor but they knew how to interpret like a series of barks. Where's timmy, girl? Where's timmy. Mom, gram -- in the very best sense of the word, lassie's one smart bitch ch. and your top pick for nonhuman character -- ♪ so it really makes me happy to introduce to you -- kermit the frog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. He was the dreamer. He was the believer. He was the hero. ♪ It's not easy being green ♪ jim henson had a hand literally in getting kermit his first gig back in 1955. A weekday show on a washington, d.C. Station. I'm sorry but we didn't get a delivery of eggs this morning. Then came "sesame street." Thank you. Kermit the frog here for "sesame street" news. Okay, nice. And "the muppets" show. Stand by for the next number. BY THE '80s KERMIT WAS A BONA Fide film star with a hit song. ♪ Someday we'll find it a rainbow connection ♪ you should come down to the swamp sometime. It's not so bad. I met with kermit in new york last month. Why do you think that you are -- resonate so much. Well, you know, I kind of feel like people can achieve their dreams if they try hard and do their best. I figure if a frog can make it so can anybody else. What is the deal with you and miss piggy? Why don't you commit yourself after all these years? Why don't you marry miss piggy. To tell you the truth I want to wait until it's legal to marry any animal of any species. I see. You have accomplished so much. What's next for you. You know what they say, old frogs never die, they just croak. Is that what they say? It's a big joke in the swamp. Excuse me! I just heard I'm not number one. No, you're not. Who is number one? Calm down. I've already -- miss piggy, kermit is number one. Hmm. What? Yes, but, piggy, piggy, piggy, you will always be my number one. Ah. Oh. Can't get mad at that. Oh, kermie. Barbara, would you mind? We'd like to be alone for a little bit. Why don't I just go to

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