Best in TV: Best Cop or Legal Show

Part 8: Could anything compete with the "Law and Order" franchises?
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Best in TV: Best Cop or Legal Show
Content and. -- -- Your number five pick -- the best legal all police drama. Hill Street Blues inspired by -- documentary about police in the South -- Hill Street Blues frenetic pace and big unions and defying every police drama that -- Action was sudden and got. Nobody could climbs and the policing was secondary was about the character on unsuspecting views this question today chaos. At the end of a secure room those who had been nominated for a -- won an astonishing. And your precinct hey. Let's be careful -- You four favorite policing legal drama line. The premise is that each season happens in one day each episode. One hour -- day. -- Jack filed a federal agent played by Kiefer Sutherland fights terrorist plots and presidential assassination attempt. There's a web site. That tracked. Every -- And found out where Jack Bauer was and then it calculated how fast -- have to drive to get there. And the average was like 600 miles an hour. In eight seasons and Jack never forgot about -- great. Why -- fans figured -- have three minutes added to its think -- would have much time to catch. I'm about to stab you but I need two minutes because -- across town and he needs to make a phone call. Jack Bauer always on the phone and just imagine imagine -- -- Regis yeah I think he gets a -- office he saves the world. And. Pregnant cop show -- the classic whodunit murder mystery continues to attack on the local police telling mom -- Starring pedophile. Mostly -- this season there's a murder. Then -- mystery and then some 1000 yen in Columbus case we knew who did it because that's an -- -- start with a killer. How. So what if they run into -- done. The fun I was watching the bumbling but brilliant detective Colombo unravel the mystery while he -- -- before you put it in natural. The pilot -- Colombo was directed by a very young Steven Spielberg and starring role was meant to Bing Crosby. But he can get done preparing to affect his golf games every episode ended with -- Colombo revelation conceded. -- surely appreciate the excellent. Just one -- and. You never got tired of that. And that's. Is the last piece of. -- 110 may not police drama is also the longest running crime drama. About time law and order. Every episode these candidates two million phone numbers. Based on true stories New York City detectives investigating crimes and then handed the case to -- change. -- certainly am allowed to offer evidence released -- motive. Many of the supporting cast Sandra and -- from drug -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you go to America. Wave your reaction doesn't have a love our premise of some sort it means trade -- -- our commercial and they really sure he got the everybody was a -- -- what it tackles one controversial issue after another. Like the bombing of an abortion. You're talking about things -- people were very I'm comfortable. Talking about. There -- world. Two million dollars in advertising and pull outs. On the show which meant that there were no weapons charge. After three seasons and are an audit found himself on the brink of extinction -- called Dick Wolf thing. And I said I'm giving you -- nine months heads up advance notice. -- cancels. I thought he was gonna explode if certain why they're there are no women worship me here or wherever -- -- -- -- New and been known actor whose content and an assistant -- -- authority can. That took warm water and. May have won their longest running dramas in history of television won the most successful. So successful in fact that Lauren ought to respond form more serious. But the best Louisville police drama about time -- chosen one of those -- -- A series that takes on make this pedophile priest and say the Massachusetts. Law and order a special victims unit keeping me over and over and. Talking about things that nobody was talking about this progressive. Bold. Cutting edge creative fearless. And light shedding television. Inspired by the nation's -- sex crimes unit in New York the hot and so advanced do you miss the partnership between Christopher maligning. -- -- how -- it was an immediate. Energy spark connection between us from minute one to me -- says sacred union both on screen and off. They had no real love for each other that was still running current -- out all the seasons -- But they never consummated their relationship. That would be a dramatic and no no you want to feed the tension that you don't want to break it. Special attention is great on television has started. Soon as -- for Pittsburgh to get into -- the air program of the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- For awhile there it was a one way ticket to winning and Emmy if you were -- -- half. She had Robin Williams Carol Burnett Ellen Burstyn Cynthia Nixon and nine times out of ten they got an Emmy for it. -- -- I think that this show has given survivors so much courage to come forward. I think it's a gift that changes people's lives.

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{"id":17267184,"title":"Best in TV: Best Cop or Legal Show","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 8: Could anything compete with the \"Law and Order\" franchises?","url":"/2020/video/Best-tv-family-lucy-variety-shows-brady-bunch-Henderson-Florence-winfrey-letterman-dwts-American-idol-survivor-cheers-Seinfeld-comedy-tv-17267184","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}