Best in TV: Best Shows of All Time

Part 9: From "Seinfeld" to "Cheers," every finalist in this category was a comedy.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Best in TV: Best Shows of All Time
And not what you've been waiting for -- out of all of -- millions of eyes of television published so many years all the different types of shows. What did you -- has the very best I can't give you a hint. -- -- to -- so they are all. Comedies. Here is what you picked as your favorites of all time. Coming out of time and this is a place where we all wanted to be. And the kids was placed on the field behind Boston's Sam the bartender and recovering alcoholic has played by Ted Jensen. Seems it's. The sort of place -- literally everyone does know your name just ask norm yeah. It's his turn a place where you can be a loser his. Everybody out that -- was kind of a loser -- So well documented fact that he would keep Mayo whose species is -- resistant we've done diminutive. Your home here with friends. I have great to be one of the scenario. He showed me some of those cellphone -- -- to see this done. Among them Woody Harrelson. I can consider them both. Forgive me actually look quite right guess I should be straightforward and telling you that you -- passion was stoic and emotionally numb apology except his. -- came very close to never. At the end of the. First hear cheers. They were the lowest rated series on all of network television. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's still not what decided to -- is much stick around for the sparked between sag and consummate womanizer and a yeah. And Diane went into play by Shelley Long -- -- -- intellectually superior talk to their customers. That ended with the -- into. Don't you have customers to deal with -- mullah. And expected -- to fall for him anyway. -- you slap me. Okay. Those who -- hit -- yeah it might go. But the fireworks went off camera choose. It wasn't a good relationship the one huge fights Shelley and I had. This over how long has taken her. They were here -- of. Strong. First -- follow -- -- -- -- and after five years Shelley Long left cheek and -- something that would normally. I don't understand why I'm an -- really really knows successful Sears. Telling Kristy Allen during the pastors and T bonds -- payments a lot of my. Training -- your cravings scary isn't speaking out on -- diamond got honey minutes. Yes we were scared to death when we lose what was essential to the show. We still have cheers. We've known as the only seconds I'm already tired. And the answer was a resounding. I rest my case. Congress now from the next it was all about the lines it is about the comedy I think that's a little more fun -- myself how many golf hall. Shave my head is that she's -- while chewing on ten for. How -- money. Nor cruel most popular -- -- time is harm -- fan. We need for nine seasons five million Americans tuned in through seminar -- America's biggest biggest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why haven't they did -- in June. When the episode needed an -- Sammy Davis junior -- came up with this one. To take. -- -- -- Call. Me punch line of the seventies -- actress Jean Stapleton is not just like he did -- -- -- -- -- -- funny but did you deal with this country coming anyhow the women's. -- -- All right I'm glad I -- There was no subject that we wouldn't touch -- it is a good bit of -- -- I. -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- health club have a strict limit on the number of naked men on the -- one that. Jerry's son -- -- standup comedians like contingency. Stick with the -- success surprised even him. -- Each -- it would say boy that was a great show why did they canceled. Have to that's I was aiming for. Losing to the kind became America's this the -- -- titans have been nearly a decade. How much. This generation -- is calling you guys on the show now I'm a -- That there were some. -- you. -- -- Of the health club June -- from. Jason Alexander and Michael -- -- film became a passion is still generates fifty million dollars a year in syndication. It's getting signed a contract to attend the -- -- didn't -- -- -- that it makes a line between comedy and home. Making matters might have been the first from 805 -- deserves another. Now he's starting out knowing they didn't think yeah. Rule number one issue and may god I pushed for operations -- every shelf and -- general and show that's sure to hurt. When it comes -- work. This show's creators. -- CBS insists and they used -- come -- -- what you notice that you never heard any laugh track when they were performing surgery and they were cracking jokes. Airport check in many years Carla mattress and devoted to reality that they did something unheard invention -- They -- not one of its main characters the movement. -- -- -- -- Seeing -- Doing customer. The -- is really powerful moment for television but just as powerful as -- shows and now. Which included arguably the longest -- in television history. Stop magistrate complaint hot -- yeah -- and he factions. Well so long. -- 125. Million Americans watched the finale. -- -- still unmatched. And now we have arrived at the moment when we find out. What you show these as the best television show at -- -- no winner is. I Love Lucy. Isn't it amazing to think that Lucille Ball and her husband -- honest created this shell of his sixty years ago. But it is still running and -- is still laughing. It -- The it is this it. To find all systems and it's the book of Genesis. In the beginning. There was -- -- -- years how fast can you time. -- -- and hilarious. Sketch comedy yeah yeah I yeah. Nice to get your love and you'll look -- -- then. I'm okay. I am not surprised that six years later where we're talking about this is a great -- Full time because it is the. Every Sunday for the last two decades. Thousands of fans flocked to -- still calls home where it came to New York to celebrate the -- Recognizing -- -- to Mollison posters Wallace and he used to. Lucille ball's daughter Melissa knows -- -- -- the week. -- has enjoyed a long career on Broadway and in the movies. -- 62 years old she still has a successful -- back. Progressive Desi June -- -- company in Boulder City, Nevada. Little kids -- that older people have -- what isn't about to show. The show is about a character. That gets into tons of trouble each episode who think oh my god what's gonna happen now and then somehow at the end of that there's always somebody who says. -- okay hot it's almost like it's I Love Lucy anyway. Yeah. Paris museum doesn't married in the show and in real life. The mother of my children -- and -- -- he plays Lucy. -- -- -- This -- and -- dvd extent she is dead since introducing the cats. I Love Lucy doesn't but their real -- someone missing actually became pregnant it was written into the show. Wrong I love -- dad game. Me. -- -- was given a note saying someone in the audience was having a baby. But he didn't know he -- -- -- about the why didn't forum politely didn't give me it's. Hot men may mean. My baby and me. It was a clean and I'm thinking from my view. And the whole audience faster differ with them and into the scene the director. And whole audience. As one person and said -- -- and they do. When Lucy gave birth to her fictional son Mickey Mickey this. Yeah what can 44 million people -- That same morning Lucy had actually given birth to her real son. Jesse junior. More people watched them watch to Dwight Eisenhower's inauguration tell us what that time was like the it. I didn't even know I -- -- -- that it had a healthy boy and I was just like every other pregnant woman lying in the hospital saying anyone they number in the radiant. -- to -- played his religion he's the only surviving member of -- -- -- -- a very serious woman she's not the scene -- you know to keep. Person that we known -- -- but she had a very passionate side as she had a very. Loving side. He -- yeah. Yeah. OK you know right. How. You say after 25 years of doing a weekly series you stopped in 1974. Then what this -- -- drama -- take it very. I was just. And shock. I'd love getting up going to work -- wasn't anything I wanted to do but go back to work. Lucy and Desi and is this program was amazingly long running -- sham marriage ended after twenty years in divorce. The 1957. They sold their ownership of I Love Lucy to CBS for approximately. Four million dollars. He has since made tens of millions of dollars a year. It is the most watched show in television history. Currently in 77 countries and improved to two languages. I didn't think I -- oh I can't imagine. And see and you below. -- -- -- He has and being. Some. Okay. Is this gorgeous. Global -- Lots of physical comedy. When my favorite -- to -- -- current Vivian Vance I steals this day laughter and tears. Why is the show the most successful -- of all time because it's its principles are tied. Friendship and everyone identifies the. -- -- -- -- -- -- There was something condemned -- inside of us.

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