Best in TV: The No. 1 Show of All Time

Part 10: "I Love Lucy" is the viewers' favorite more than 60 years after it premiered.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Best in TV: The No. 1 Show of All Time
And now we have arrived at the moment -- we find out what youth charities as the best television show that back and -- -- is. I loved Lucy. Isn't it amazing to think that Lucille Ball and her husband as Leon has created this show of his sixty years ago. But it is still running and -- is still laughing. We're. I am blown. Is this if the phone calls him. It's the book of Genesis. In the beginning. There was I don't -- Here's how fast do you drive. I'm good and hilarious. Sketch comedy. -- -- And I. Get your blood. I am not surprised -- sixty years later we're we're talking about this is a great show. Every Sunday for the last two decades thousands of fans flock to still calls home -- -- came to New York. To celebrate and -- -- The world's most recognized and none -- -- and posters walls and he used to. Lucille ball's daughter Lisa yeah earnings the week. Lucio -- enjoyed a long career on Broadway and in the movies. -- -- 62 years old she still has the successful -- back. Gold and president -- -- -- tomorrow many companies in Boulder City, Nevada. Little kids lock -- older people have a what. Isn't about -- Does show is about a character. That gets into tons of troubled each episode consent -- like I was gonna happen now and then somehow at the end of that there's always somebody who says. It's okay -- it's almost like it's I Love Lucy anyway half the Paris museum doesn't married in the show and in real life. The mother of my children lettuce and definitely people -- Lucy Lucille Ball. This -- new dvd extent she is -- since introducing the cats. I Love -- -- about the real -- someone missing actually became pregnant it was written into the show. Rather. I -- day. -- Nikki was given a note saying someone in the audience was having a baby but he didn't know -- -- They made public. Why do you forum -- didn't give me it's. Have been may mean. My -- the end. It was a -- and I'm thinking of -- -- and the whole audience faster deeper with them. End to end of the scene the director. And the whole audience rose up as one person and said not all Lauren and they do. When Lucy gave birth to her fictional son Mickey -- this yet. -- -- 44 million. That same morning Lucy had actually given birth to her real son. Jesse junior. More people watching them watch to Dwight Eisenhower's inauguration tell us what that time was like the I didn't even know I know Zack had a healthy boy and I was just like every other pregnant woman lying in the hospital saying when they number in the -- and. -- in the downplayed his religion he's the only surviving member of the -- Lucille Ball is a very serious woman she's not magazine -- -- you know two -- Person that we known -- -- but she had a very passionate side as she had a very. Loving side. -- yeah. -- Hey yeah. Okay. -- say after 25 years of doing a weekly series you stopped in 1974. Then what the supply drama -- take it very. I was just. And shock. I loved getting up going to work wasn't anything I want to do -- go back to work. Lucy and as young as this program was amazingly long running -- -- marriage ended after twenty years in divorce. In 1957. They sold their ownership of I Love Lucy to CBS for approximately. Four million dollars. It has since made tens of millions of dollars a year. It is the most watched your own television history. Currently in 77 countries and improved -- two languages. Other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- city and you -- loves me. Louie Perez -- Me as -- can -- little -- tie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When Mike -- to -- Current Vivian -- I still to this day -- -- Why is this show the most successful -- all time because it's its principles are timeless. Friendship and everyone identifies with the. -- -- Leon -- pains me. There was something condemned that's inside of us.

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{"id":17267464,"title":"Best in TV: The No. 1 Show of All Time","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 10: \"I Love Lucy\" is the viewers' favorite more than 60 years after it premiered.","url":"/2020/video/Best-tv-family-lucy-variety-shows-brady-bunch-Henderson-Florence-winfrey-letterman-dwts-American-idol-survivor-cheers-Seinfeld-comedy-tv-17267464","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}