Best in TV: Best Variety Show

Part 7: What sketch and comedy show was viewers' top pick?
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Transcript for Best in TV: Best Variety Show
-- in TV. -- number function of the best variety show. Some of -- show. 23 use the Ed Sullivan Show -- Sunday night and not because events this in the. Another nineteen mile -- here. He speaks very clearly had a funny voice quiet these. -- and he looked kind of like Richard Nixon. More -- mix of defensive mr. And -- young old pit full picture tour came together to watch -- -- -- not okay. -- present its. Sixteen million people improved. It's big it's. Most of -- became mainstream it. David van. -- -- he also have been shown huge hits the water -- in 1964. And introduced the begins June -- -- 73 even people watched that it's the largest audience. How did you view the number of food children's -- -- -- This -- noticed that his son. Like good music. -- -- Teenagers. -- -- -- Magic formula that created American fast. As an artist if you were going to have ahead got to make that stop -- -- -- -- -- -- The Jackson -- home. Still it's. What are your dreams -- excellent immune to -- the world. All understood something no one else. Electric recognized wise the power. The teenager the power that they can have a popular culture. -- data from his -- -- Over the next ten to. Isn't it Clark played music to -- dance and pop culture change. Known to television in 1990. Living -- It was eventual conclusion on his way. -- cast included comedy -- -- Damon Williams and hitting me. -- -- -- -- Saturday ten months. As well as cute talented -- Jennifer Lopez. And Kerry and enough -- a judge on Dancing With The Stars. The show made fun of other black people. Who who who I did not in the. -- Even. And then number two varieties. The show -- display -- infinite variety of -- hopes that Carol Burnett show on another film club creamy. How could you can sing dance and character comedy and slapstick. -- -- -- But CBS didn't want to give additional home. One of the big -- said. Variety is a man's game stuff for a woman to do but. I -- that's all I know that's all I -- do. -- please. I want a divorce. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the show -- didn't do. Tim Conway -- -- goals but have. -- on these elephants. To keep this -- -- home. -- -- -- -- Wearing -- hot it was wonderful. Reflects. You're number one choice. For best variety show of all time. It was in 1975. An entire generation disillusioned and get. Cynical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We learn a new generation that. Didn't have a -- me and I thought if I could get that show on the air that it would be here. -- -- Hinted what is. Featuring the cast of talented unknown. Including a gifted woman. -- thank you give them that. While lot. We got into an -- -- living legend. Tell me how Bob bow wow live came in and ruined my life there is no malice and that was -- -- -- -- anything I want to tell -- excuses. I remember watching and think it's -- street. And my daughter who was a little girl said to me -- mommy. You know be cool and I thought. Yang and the lack this year only a great you know not choose to take it as a compliment. -- -- him on the -- 37 years disdain for. -- one common -- after another. In the long run -- of America. Eddie Murphy. Thirty Christian who -- that our in my mind should we. It's not an incendiary Jimmy Fallon and you know kind of just in the -- And it never stopped having the -- Every morning when the last in the wake up one of the first things they do is look outside to see if there are any Russians me. Whose idea -- to do you -- -- Americans tonight. I -- it really was the audience distances and -- resembled so remarkable. Did you hear from many Republicans had heard from her public and my mom who by the fourth -- that -- like OK that's enough. Is there anybody that you will not make fun it. Without being grandiose but we're supposed to speak truth to power and that's our job. -- -- and. 87 years of comedy satire and moments we will never forget. -- -- -- -- -- --

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