Amber Frey takes the stand at Scott Peterson's murder trial: Part 9

The prosecution played recordings of Scott Peterson and Amber Frey's phone conversations with each other.
5:40 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Amber Frey takes the stand at Scott Peterson's murder trial: Part 9
Today, Scott Peterson's family and Laci Peterson's family came and went with little to say publicly. Slamming the prosecutor's opening argument as nothing new, no evidence. We want the country to know that our son is innocent. The defense has asked for a mistrial again claiming prosecutors have been too slow to turn over evidence. A day at a time. We all know he had an affair, that's not the issue here. The issue is about Laci, and I don't think the two are connected whatsoever. Objection, calls for speculation that borders on the ludicrous. The defense blames pretrial publicity for tainting the San Mateo -- There was a lot of evidence against Scott Peterson, all right? It was a circumstantial evidence case, but that doesn't mean it was weak. It was a very strong, powerful, compelling case. They had a motive. They had means, for sure. They have opportunity. What they didn't have was a lot of forensics. They looked at his computer use and they saw that he was looking at the currents in the San Francisco bay. Scott would say he wanted to know what the currents would be. If you look at it through a different lens, it's because he's going to drop his dead wife's body there. Their forensic computer expert conceded that Laci had accessed the computer on the morning of the 24th. Someone was on the computer in the house looking at sunflower umbrellas and another shopping site. Clearly that was Laci, right? Or, it was Scott pretending to be Laci. In the warehouse, where he stored the boat, it's believed that he made these homemade anchors and probably attached them to her body so she would sink in the bay. 4 anchors, 40 pounds, will never sink that body. That body would have just floated away. Then the question becomes, how did the bodies get to the Berkeley marina. I think the burglars initially panicked. Then the realization hits them they can't let her live because they committed a kidnapping. We're talking about life in prison. And so, they say, we got to rid of her. Someone says, what do we do with the body? They say, hey, you know what, everybody in the country knows that Scott Peterson went to the Berkeley marina, let's drop the body there. The maybes here require such logical leaps. It's just not credible. It's either someone actively framed Scott Peterson after kidnapping his eight-month-pregnant wife or he did it. That's it. There were two separate, really strong pieces of evidence that worked together, the fact that the bodies were in the bay where Scott put him and the other significant aspect about that is Scott predicted that this was going to happen to Laci weeks before this happened. When he met with amber Frey at the beginning of December. This has to be the biggest coincidence this ever. Heard of, I mean, are you psychic? I mean, you predicted your wife would be missing? On August 10th, when amber Frey started her testimony, and those recordings started to play, it was a turning point for the prosecution. From the moment I learned the truth, it wasn't about me. It was about a missing, pregnant woman. There was information that I had that nobody knew or heard. Amber Frey and those tapes totally turned the case upside-down. And it sunk Scott Peterson. The jury was absolutely taken aback by those tapes. And you could feel the entire trial shift during that four-day or five-day period. Scott realized that as soon as it came out that it was amber, all bets were off. Oh, yes, you said you've lost your wife. No, that -- yes. Obviously without saying much, but we were -- I said that I lost my wife. Yes, you did. I did, and yes -- How did you lose her then before she was lost? Explain that? They're different kinds of loss, amber. He's telling his girlfriend that he lost his wife? That's a tough piece of testimony to overcome. By the close of the Ed in the guilt phase, I remember most people around me thinking, and I too thought, 12 jurors are not going to acquit him. I don't believe that Scott Peterson killed his wife, no. I certainly don't believe that anybody provide that in the trial. I absolutely don't believe that. The media attention and the atmosphere at the courthouse wasn't the problem for Scott Peterson. The problem was the evidence. The problem was amber Frey. The problem was where the bodies were found. Wasn't the problem for Scott Peterson. You never know one of the

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{"id":49854767,"title":"Amber Frey takes the stand at Scott Peterson's murder trial: Part 9","duration":"5:40","description":"The prosecution played recordings of Scott Peterson and Amber Frey's phone conversations with each other.","url":"/2020/video/amber-frey-takes-stand-scott-petersons-murder-trial-49854767","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}