2004: Barbara Walters' Exclusive Interview With Mary Kay Letourneau

Infamous teacher explained to Barbara Walters how she fell in love with a 13-year-old boy.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for 2004: Barbara Walters' Exclusive Interview With Mary Kay Letourneau
As you might now married -- China was. Recently released from prison after serving seven and a half years. Having sex with that boy -- allow. -- -- that only thirteen and in the sixth straight by the time he was fifteen he had very much and I had two children together and she was in prison. She also has far older children with ex husband and by the way the only area lawyers asked us not to discuss was how. These older children felt about her -- was Delhi today -- 42 Billings 21. I sat down with Mary -- -- and a hotel room in Seattle the city -- the affair on all of it. And we as she still lives and tonight we're trying to answer the question and -- wants to know. What made this an. -- -- -- Fall in love with a -- Many K low turnout was the fourth of seven children born into a highly educated strict Catholic -- Her mother was a political activist and her father was a US congressman who ran for president on the ultraconservative -- party ticket in 1972. Back then married seemed happy in your -- but her carefree childhood -- -- by tragedy. It hurts to you know brother -- that ordinary was supposed to be watching drowned in the back -- -- Plus whose political career that was based on the importance of family Adams was bound to it had a mistress and to legitimate children. Many of her friends say that these two events helped Saint Mary's tragic future. I began my interview with -- by asking her about her marriage when she was 22 years. When you. Still in college in married to Stephen Paterno. You look at movement would you have married him -- not pregnant. I don't think I'll ever -- -- I wasn't happy that I. Had to make a decision. To marry someone while I was -- I know that we didn't -- -- -- At that time that has ballot as. A couple should know. Each other before they -- in Erie community. And I get a lot of pretty. Compounding. In spite of her doubts married had four children with Stephen Paterno and settle down in this small house in -- quiet something that she hadn't. She says that over the. When I was in the classroom. I accidentally new. I was in case I don't know how many people can walking to their work every -- and say I am in. Again. I could say that can't think. You had four children. Under the age of eleven. Thank you would -- Did you feel overwhelmed. And -- -- experience. Content that feeling fine mist. On light. Everything in my life night. -- just crumble. And it was during this -- period of her life in the fall of 1991. That -- met and got to know Billy. First as a seven -- unload in his second grade class and then five years later when he entered the sixth grade. Billy was just a year and a half -- and then -- oldest son -- was about to turn. -- -- -- Then -- was in your class when he was in the sixth grade he was trial. What did you see him they came in late -- at least a week. Garrity on it as a class he was a little bit older. Then the other students I just noticed. Perhaps he's not confront -- and their -- Tuesday's. Huge disruption. And I remember thinking. Here comes trouble. Did you then try to help Billy did you give him special attention. Wasn't special. In the sense that. Everybody else didn't get special attention. Every student. I would try to bring out better get after their passions. And I do remember -- had a unique gift in art. As the year past Mary spent more and more time than -- helping him to develop his gift for drug. Then there was an incident at the end of the school year that would change. -- when did you first feel any kind of attraction. To gently. There was any emotional. Attraction. Right in the year. Toward the end actually. And that was -- his -- behind it we have. Similar interests. I also new and that. He had. Girl interests. And take -- suspect. -- -- definitely it was extending in my direction. And I just really -- really. Ignore it. Continue not listening to you. -- Allentown meetings came straight outings and would never have an affair. Thirteen year old boy says his teacher leader hadn't. He -- thirteen. I think this -- -- problem -- says she is. This is Paterno would you ever had an affair. -- -- To myself to not look him in the eyes. Stay very busy Aaron it was very uncomfortable for me. And then he knew that I was avoiding all of his. Comments. And insinuations. And he was very assertive. And one -- their response. Parent. When I and that to Armenia is -- It really took me. Because you felt something. Content. And again. Basically he's had -- England's in the -- -- -- -- -- I think can hold parent current loan. He knew at that time I was separated from my hands and -- you -- separated from her husband I can't. Opt out we had her. However living in the second -- they're living in this -- how -- -- separate. We respect me. Night in the scene around me and that very -- still. Knowing financially we had to take care for children in Spain counts. -- Billy had been running -- a student in your class coming on two more and more. You're trying to resist. And then one day uses. In effect teacher I loved. And you said can you hold it can do weight and then what. It -- when -- disrespect. -- his feelings for me and I couldn't I can't honestly say that way. -- My maybe I can hang. And that backing the islands. In the with the most insane then. And you felt attraction. -- thought -- very deep love for him.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Infamous teacher explained to Barbara Walters how she fell in love with a 13-year-old boy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17315912","title":"2004: Barbara Walters' Exclusive Interview With Mary Kay Letourneau","url":"/2020/video/barbara-walters-exclusive-interview-mary-kay-letourneau-17315912"}