Kardashians, 'Jersey Shore' Cast: Best 'Most Fascinating' of the 2000s

The 2000s was a decade of reality TV with the Kardashians and "Jersey Shore" making it big.
3:00 | 12/05/14

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Transcript for Kardashians, 'Jersey Shore' Cast: Best 'Most Fascinating' of the 2000s
The year was 2002, and it was christmas in washington when we traveled to the white house for an interview with first lady laura bush, our most fascinating person that year. 9/11 was still fresh in our minds. Our whole country has needed comforting. I've certainly needed comforting. The strength of the people who lost somebody on september 11, 2011, how they've gone about their lives with so much grace, that comforts me. Everyone was looking for an escape, and in 2002, we found it in "spider-man." Its star, tobey maguire, spoke to us about growing up poor. There were times in my life when my mom would get groceries, and she would go up to pay for them with the food stamps, and I would run out of the store embarrassed, and if that happened today, I would stand by my mother with pride. But I best recall my interview with dr. Robert atkins, who was finally being taken seriously after 30 years of claiming that cutting carbs was the way to a healthy lifestyle. What do you say to doctors who say that a high-fat diet is very bad for your heart? Well, I say that they are right, if that high-fat diet has a lot of carbohydrates along with it. Four months later, he slipped on an icy new york sidewalk, suffered severe head trauma, and died. But today, like tens of millions of people around the world, I still watch my carbs. If you could describe this past year in one word, what would it be? Whee! Whee! Whee! Whee! Whee! 2003 marked the show's first foray into reality television with the cast of "queer eye for the straight guy." We went on to interview quite a few reality stars over the years. Ew! Paris hilton... People think that you are ditzy, dumb. So, are you ditzy? Are you dumb? Not at all. well, let me ask it another way. Are you smart? I'm very smart, yes. ...Kate gosselin, mother of eight, including sextuplets... Walters: Finish this sentence for me. "Kate gosselin is"... A mom, first, always, foremost. Polizzi: I see barbara walters, and I'm like, "oh, my god. This is like elvis." Walters: ...The cast of "jersey shore"... Do you think you're fascinating? I think we're all just one of a kind, and that's why I think this show has become so huge. ...And, of course, the kardashians. Walters: You don't really act, you don't sing, you don't dance, you don't have any -- forgive me -- any talent. But we're still entertaining people. But let's get back to 2003. The stand-out interviews for me -- 22-year-old beyoncé knowles. The term "bootylicious" -- exactly what does it mean? it means beautiful... ...Bountiful and bouncable. and siegfried, reacting to the near-fatal tiger attack on his partner, roy. We are brothers. We are actually more than brothers, I would say. Are you lovers? We are -- I love roy like my brother, even more, because, you know, 44 years -- now I realize how important he was in my life. In 2004, oprah turned 50. I feel like I kicked it up a notch, that I went into fifth gear. I feel like I'm more alive emotionally, spiritually, physically, inside my body now than I've ever been. And remember that guy who kept winning at "jeopardy!" -- ken jennings. When a little kid comes up to you and says, "can I have your autograph?" What do you write? I usually write, "who is ken jennings?" Would you please put your hands on the wheel? I'm driving with my knees. Aah! Are the years going by really fast now or is it just me? Tom cruise made the roster for 2005 after a year of couch-jumping for joy over his then-wife, katie holmes. Do you regret anything you said or did? No. And then there was kanye, pre-kimye. Okay, go ahead, bust something. me? Yeah. By the way, I never got any royalties for this composition. That's great. That's great. That's great. in 2006, I traveled to houston to interview our first and only preacher to make the list, the reverend joel oste. My message is that god is a good god, and if we'll have the right attitude, that he'll take us places that we've never dreamed of. And I traveled all the way to the chelsea section of manhattan to talk to jay z in his own nightclub. What's the secret of your success? Truth. ♪ I'm bringing sexy back ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ justin timberlake was fascinating in 2007, and pretty much any other year since we've been doing this show. Walters: Everybody says, "justin timberlake is bringing sexy back." Where did it go? I have no earthly idea. this is the first year in which a couple got two out of the 10 spots on our list -- victoria and david beckham. How do you feel when people call you the sexiest couple in the world? Oh, I love that. I haven't heard it before, but I love it. Not everyone was thrilled that we put the late hugo chavez, former president of venezuela, on the list. But who could argue with the multitalented jennifer hudson, after she won an oscar for "dreamgirls." ♪ Life's not as bad as it may seem ♪ ♪ if you open your eyes to what's in front

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{"id":21272061,"title":"Kardashians, 'Jersey Shore' Cast: Best 'Most Fascinating' of the 2000s","duration":"3:00","description":"The 2000s was a decade of reality TV with the Kardashians and \"Jersey Shore\" making it big.","url":"/2020/video/barbara-walters-fascinating-interviews-2000s-21272061","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}