Barbara Walters' 'Most Fascinating People' for 2013

Barbara Walters looks at the most fascinating newsmakers of 2013.
2:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Barbara Walters' 'Most Fascinating People' for 2013
Tonight Barbara Walters presents -- special events. So you know -- we came here was one of the most fascinating people Harris why do you think people -- fascinated by. Why do people find just a fascinating I have absolutely no idea you. And I understand why health no but I but I'm hoping this kind of an appliance that goes along with the little proof why do you think people find -- festival. No room good news I'm an interesting guy no doubt -- -- -- -- fascinating father he'd always show -- And every day. Online fascinating. If you -- fascinating I've enjoyed every part of. -- fascinating yeah. You know. That -- -- star when everybody talks about your hair. -- -- And anybody but what is the weirdest thing about all of probably seeing my haircut and. How you get contrition. And before this -- -- better be I don't want to be the same person. Do you say to people who say -- -- -- -- all my. I don't have -- thank you TE thirteen you know I'd like every little finally gained -- element in their days. And we -- that was fight -- -- got down through family. -- -- -- -- The ten most fascinating people of 2013. Good evening welcome to our final ten most fascinating people special. You're going to see the most -- -- moments from the most fascinating people. -- the past twenty news. As well as our ten -- who -- the 2013. We also naming the one person we believe. Is the most fascinating present a -- This year and the past twenty has always it's a secret until the end. Let's get started. Tonight we've been warned the twelve most fascinating people 1993. Trial over most fascinating people. That's right. And handed it to even bust them they create new knowledge he said -- -- -- -- show. To my name. Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton has -- most fascinating Tennessee. So for the Frist and only year we head toward -- not tenth. Didn't think. Helping. Us all about awards just an album -- movies has been looking at warning schools failed. Why did they create this show. Barbara Walters special when tired of being confined to specialist that only focused on entertainers. We can get away with interviewing politicians and doctors and lawyers business people -- -- if that format was fast paced online. It worked and -- that PBS special that included an interview with the poet Maya Angelou had. I'm always talking about human condition but makes a stumble. And -- And fall. And -- use. And somehow miraculously. -- this. And cannot protect -- James -- Who passed away from Parkinson's disease and 2005. He had just finished the holocaust museum in Washington DC. Two great acclaim. Whose -- and questions and I don't -- -- Lauren good jobs. I also believe UKD -- Laden and remember when being openly lesbian it was a good idea -- And smoking in an interview -- -- for -- Really had a blessed leash shorter list -- -- -- Tom Hanks and a box of -- Life is a good box -- -- It's pretty good -- And Leslie Abramson and religious event presented convicted parents -- and his abdomen -- dresses I would have been happy to raise Menendez. -- -- -- The most fascinating person that year -- Nelson Mandela. It was the year he was elected its first black president of South Africa. I -- trip then does need to impress to guided missile stuff out. Before pegged the cost up to what to that he believed this week. -- -- 1995. Was particularly dramatic yeah. From -- the Oklahoma City bombing after -- brilliant idea and would 51 -- the rescue work. Doctor Ben Nelson. And it was a year that Courtney Love finally decided to talk about this suicide death of her husband Kurt Cobain. There are times on stage when you stimulate. -- husband's death. Just -- people. -- -- -- -- What is. I can't do do is sit here and you know play Betty Crocker and pretend that I don't write isn't. So this and -- so this issue way of what paying tribute to him I'm doing it's it's more catharsis it's the -- -- This cruise he would -- John Kennedy -- got into politician I assumed I'd be talking to him three years to come. Sadly this was only interview -- gentlemen meet George. And man woman on my staff they can go on to -- -- do you mind all the stuff about you. What's this stuff about being sexy and attract -- -- people can -- out the worst things about your right from them then you're attractive and you could commences. And perhaps most of all I'm MMX 86 your -- -- I'm not -- -- nice lady who did other people's laundry all her life. And slowly tucked away out -- 250000. Dollars. Most of which she gave away to a scholarship fund for promising black students. Little cute kid and he is seriously. And -- Kids who wished he had -- -- We -- in 1996. Now which really isn't that long ago so this quiz should be easy right. How -- hair -- your question. Who is Shannon Lucid. To -- -- or how about caring struck. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just -- seats Khatami is -- here -- -- quite sad mouth you Mandy Kennedy. The big moment with the injured -- at -- 96 Atlanta Olympic Games. -- -- -- -- There was gold -- data approximate value in nineteen beautiful mind who's saying -- son. This -- -- -- I guess yes. Sarah Hughes from Long Island girl who skated away to a gold medal at the Salt Lake City games in 2002. I was upset that I and if you think you know -- -- -- that that now. Some person know when you tell -- -- then Michael Phelps had a dream to an Olympic gold medal and report. And last year and we -- did do a book standing Douglas. Finish this sentence -- that effect that being goggles is possible. Indeed -- where were -- oh yes. 1996. And Shannon Lucid she was 53 at the time the mother of three grown children and the most experienced astronaut -- America. She also spent a year living in the space station -- two Russian men. -- where three people I grew up Morley -- at each other. But living and working together and having a good time -- it. Most fascinating person thank -- President Bill Clinton probe into life and -- I would like to be the second president in the history of the country. The first was Theodore Roosevelt to lead this country through a period of dramatic change within America. And in the world. Without a major war. In 1997. -- flew to Texas and the Byron Nelson invitation. -- -- an up and coming 21 year old golfer just by the name of. I think golf is merely a vehicle. To influence people half or so many kids look up to role models can help -- since. And a positive ones can -- -- lives and classified. This conceded that micro flash -- became news motivated to prove his latest -- canceled all. I am and doctor Ian Wilmut cloned sheep named Dolly. -- Good enough we had Elton John's condition. The year he paid tribute to Princess Diana who had recently died no harm then -- car accident. It's a question I heard -- that -- was why isn't Diana on the list. While we had made the decision from the start that we wouldn't be doing eulogies that -- about honoring the living not the dead. And we kept that promise to the bitter end. Com must more and that's. Remembered Jerry Hollowell. In 1998. Ginger spice -- she -- code made headlines as the woman who quit the -- crews and broke up one of the most successful lacked several times. Obsess on circumstances Sunday. Where you might go back and despise us black and I mean attending a lit. Nine years later today and country. If you're taking a poem my strong New -- -- this sentence you. In 1999. Would probably ranked number one. Hot off in New York Yankees to a series when we set in the center of the yankees' locker -- could manager Joseph Torre. Yeah they are saying. It's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game it's whether you well. And speaking of -- news. -- 1999. -- is Susan Lucci finally won the army that has eluded her for nineteen. You almost became more famous by not winning an away -- one. I don't know. And the most fascinating person cut trees give Nintendo. -- -- strong but didn't do anything specializes. Just -- the best power seem like a good idea at the time. Max Moore of the best thing that turner -- militias now what exactly what pisses me. Plus the ten most fascinating people of 2013. Welcome back the year was 2002. And it was Christmas in Washington when we travel to the White House for an interview with First Lady Laura Bush. Our most fascinating person that year. -- eleven was still fresh in our minds. Here. Our whole country is needed comforting -- certainly needed comforting the strength of the people who lost somebody on September 11 2001 and have they gone about their lives -- so much grace. That comforts me. Everyone was looking for a mistake -- in 2010. We founded in Spider-Man. Its star Toby Maguire and spoke to us about growing up poor. There are times in my life and my mom would get groceries in she would go up to pay for them -- the food stamps and out run out of the store embarrassed and if that happened today -- -- stand. -- my mother with pride. But I investor call my interview with doctor Bobbitt as -- who is currently being taken seriously. After thirty years of claiming that cutting cards was the way to a healthy lifestyle what is all the doctors who say that I hide facts. Guy is very bad for the hot. Well I say that they are right if that high fat diet has a lot of carbohydrates along with the. Four months later he slipped on icing New York sidewalk suffered severe head trauma and died. But today like tens of millions of people around the world high still watch my cops. If you could describe this past kids in one word. Forward if they. 2000 pretty -- the shows -- -- -- reality television. With the cast of prayer honored for the straight guy. We went on to interview quite a -- reality stars over the years. Paris Hilton people think that you often -- done Ruth you so I didn't say I am. Not at all well let me ask another way you want and -- yes. -- -- mother on eight including sex topics. Finish his sentence -- take us a little voice in my home. First always foremost. Like it ARAMARK says and I'm like oh my -- didn't play our best. The cast of Jersey Shore -- think they're fascinating I think we're all just one of the kind. And that's I -- -- -- has become associated -- of course the Kardashian and don't really act you know saying. -- fans who don't have any. Any terror lower seller's home. -- let's get back to 2003 this standout interviews for news 22 year old beyoncé knows. That care -- this sound. Things actually want to -- In May and beautiful. -- -- -- -- -- That their fifth. And six -- Reacting to the near fatal tiger attack and has -- -- noise. We have projects. We are actually more on the Brothers who love us and we are -- love -- Like my brother even want because you know 44 years now I -- guys. How important -- in. And 2000 -- Aldridge and fifty. I feel like a kicked up a notch that I went into. Its gear I feel like. I'm more alive emotionally spiritually physically. Inside my body now that I've ever. And remember that guy who kept winning -- jacket to Ken Jennings went a little kid conception and has to live your autograph what are your right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He is going by really -- -- isn't just me. Tom Cruise made the most of the 2005. After a year of college don't think fragility of the his then wife Katie Holmes. General Paul is dead and up. And and then -- was Kanye intrigue Kim me that I have -- so -- in loans and his. Washington -- and never got and you priorities for this composition so great that -- straight. In 2006. High traveled to Houston to interviewer -- -- -- -- to make a list the reverend doctor Carlos Guillen. Message is that goddess of good -- if we'll have the right attitude that he'll take us places we've never going to. And I traveled all the way into the Chelsea section of Manhattan to talk to -- Dave and his own nightclub what's the secret of success. Justin Timberlake was fascinating and 2007. I'm pretty much any other -- since he's been doing bishop. Anybody says Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back where that -- -- no earthly idea what hit him. This is the first year in which couple got true out of the ten spots on our list Victoria and David Beckham. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When -- and I think -- -- enough it. Not everyone was -- that we put delayed Hugo Chavez former president of Venezuela on the list. -- -- could argue with the multi talented Jennifer Hudson after she won and lost -- Jeanne good. Yeah yeah it's not his. -- -- -- -- -- -- I. New Mexico called. Max just a few more memories. Have you had sex employment. Plus. This seems so unfair -- before we make some new ones. Welcome back. We opted 2008 now and the beginning habits -- have run for one very controversial name. No one else has ever made all this green is in a -- -- yes. Sarah Palin the -- woman from Wasilla. Sarah Palin is fascinated by this she's running for office time making moose chili and many people. Find the thought -- do as president. A little -- why is that. I like entertain everybody with some fancy pageant -- In fact Sarah Palin's impact this Sunday through 2008. This talented Tina Fey made our list purely. By impersonating -- Her whole accent his soul all know you know that and she would talk to us smile sometimes if she was China seeing somebody talk about Jill Biden or something like that the -- the -- she was saying about that campaign. Bigger the smile was. This is a big celebrity year for us Tom Cruise but tumbled dwarfed did you do that you can -- There's things actress and a better. Will Smith. What did you ever really saying this quote I truly honestly believe -- defied chose to be the president of the United States I could. Yes absolutely. The most fascinating person that election here wasn't cool Barack Obama we'll do a little or -- you think. -- going to say one thing I know I didn't expect was that I was -- because of the United States. Hunter 2009. In the beginning of the Lady Gaga area she came -- -- anything. Are you bisexual. Well I I do like women have you had -- -- lemon. I think this you don't practice in our -- recently that is a big unknown if you. I have as -- have sexual relationships with women yes. Most fascinating that here Michelle Obama from the White House -- -- lawful things -- and pinch yourself. Percent. Absolutely. There -- moments -- think really well. OK we go. And 2010. You couldn't get hotter than 88 year old Betty White at -- and -- half years out. Does one hold still have sex if one gets lucky -- -- they do crib and sixteen year old Justin -- erroneous sixteen. What do you do to make sure -- just -- style trends stay grounded. Most fascinating person General David Petraeus. Hero of the Afghanistan war. Two years later he was most fascinating again. And -- differently. And 2011. -- Simon Cowell finally made the list. And he didn't disappoint. What's -- -- war. I hear always -- -- unhappy actually know what else being -- I really really get force and I got my school -- I'm claustrophobic. We'll do -- Barbara Starr for us. We had -- singer Katy Perry who didn't sing for us. And a presidential candidate Herman Cain who did. Amazing grew. Marine life will always lose -- and my song we'll pray and. And the most fascinating person of 2011. Well remember when I said earlier in the program that we wanted to on of the living and not the dead. We made an exception. We had chosen Steve Jobs as our most fascinating person in the middle of 2011. When he sadly passed away in October of that year at age 56. They had a decision to -- I just stick to our guns -- let's stick to our original choice it was an easy decision. And that takes us -- last year 2012 if you remember way back then right. Billionaire fifteen shades of gray and EL James. The boy band one direction. And governor Chris Christie. And now we're -- today sell enough -- looking back in a moment the ten most fascinating people. Of 2013. The word fat -- Think it's illegal calls me fat on and on CD -- for regulating cuss words Miami regulating things like kind of fast. There had been half naked almost as Howard years -- to me it's getting cold now. Welcome back. And not for this year's list please stop with the woman who turned 21 last month that this is already her second appearance on our show. I don't know how much you remember -- about our first interview but Miley Cyrus and 2008. But it doesn't really matter because that little girl as long got hurt and. This year it Miley Cyrus -- -- the wrecking ball and destroyed Hannah Montana and I did not. The wholesome -- she played NT gain since she was sticking his own. I'm not gonna do Hannah Montana. She was murdered. I'm depending on your point of view there was the casualties true. -- -- -- public decency. That smiley dancing with the AMA -- Robinson. Comments -- perhaps the most creative kids. On the phone thing she puts -- -- -- your voice that you will shock you that was really really disturbing I would watch for performance -- went through my hands over my eyes. Do you have any regrets about what you've done this past -- Not at all it wasn't just -- people -- -- people really -- like but you know purpose I guess which was. To make myself everyone in the world can be talking on me -- my music but right now it is. Her new album -- -- debuted in October at the top of the billboard charts. And she's about to go on a world tour. She made -- not just a mainstream activity. But an actual word in the dictionary. And you video -- involved chatted online viewing wreckage was more than 414. Million views. Once again and Miley is a pop culture icon. I want to go get back -- -- when -- first met -- five years ago she was definitely. More in this. Deal -- No -- east studies -- -- what do you say. I don't know yeah and. To browse and this is it is surely yeah. You went from being Hannah Montana two to what you tell me. I really feel like every day on figuring -- out people who know me. They see -- change really every week every two weeks unchanging and learning so much I think especially now that. I feel like I found. More of my independent don't think -- ever really happy with who I was you -- been half naked. It's almost as Howard years -- to -- it's getting cold now why hello I had an out of Aurora animal structure. Do you wanna be naked I don't always economy -- and once I came out on stage and I came -- I was at a full Marc Jacobs dress completely -- And they -- Miley is boring and she doesn't get -- and she's boring the matter what I do. I'm either boring or and when they were used a good time that with time. Because I can't bear to take pictures I think my tongue out because I don't know what else to do my mom's the one -- -- the most McNamee about the time. And now people -- -- -- they I was like yeah LA now I was just turned -- I you're nervous with me. No I'm not sitting -- -- hot. Ahead for. Important thing at -- side who at all has been her mother was also been managing. It's true that things that -- Has done I do things that you encourage children didn't absolutely not. -- -- -- I have to admit like there's comes as a -- unlike. What are you thinking you know you have to realize this is a twenty year old girl run. Oh you have time for in the fact that athletics -- -- -- that these things are happening it's when he -- what Tony Romo -- you know she's just sitting in front of the world. Where do you see your daughter continues. Ten years. Callaspo I had it anyway I'm art and library one realignment still be -- -- Now her love affair is with their fans. Earlier this year -- called off her engagement with Hunger Games star million hands -- Viewing your head then -- PM Hemsworth stock up this year and you wrote about in the sun -- -- saying. I was crazy thinking you Ramallah and it was all just -- -- I was a lie. I don't think there was any little any lies I was so scared of ever being alone and I think conquering that fear this year was actually. The bigger than any other transition that I had. This entire year I had no I don't ever want to have to needed someone again where you -- like without them you can be yourself. But that's -- billion that's call may be wanting to be married to someone for the rest -- -- don't want that. I think -- -- that and the time that it needs to be in idling I realize. What nineteen truly is and I don't engage in nineteen and I definitely -- -- changed. Being engaged it was so fun wearing a fat rock for a few years but now. I just feel like -- can actually. Be happy I ate away for those moments of silence on -- that my house by myself. Anyone in your life from her home. No but I'm looking if you hear anybody here in New York you love me now I don't think you had a hard time -- -- -- you'll be surprised me my mom we're talking about this the other day -- -- just -- house like -- he would like me. And she was saying you're the biggest. -- in the world unlike -- that's not why I want people to like me. I can see the difference in how much of ground and just -- five years since my last interview with you. When you reinvent the next person I've become the next press. 2014 and -- whole another young gonna get a workout Mike is at record I'm gonna go and get it going toward committing crimes and close on -- you'll be -- Al Allen my agent my first show in new York and you'll be happy to know I'll have close I don't know how much but -- lot -- -- and I love being there thank you can't thank you. -- is not the youngest person -- -- -- list coming in at eight pounds six ounces on July 22 of this year. Is the royal baby construe much. This year several billion people were invited to -- Shannon although there was nothing to -- -- -- The cash came anyway good minute -- but -- Alice. Four weeks several hundred who pledges from around the -- at the hospital waiting and waiting. A lot of excitement here. Cole might be for naught and religion. Finally enjoy -- Royal highness prince George Alexander who -- -- Cambridge. Who's who. Like most students the mountain this -- Kate Middleton. Prince William. This -- Name. Although only eight parents six chances little prince George as a blatant destiny. There in -- to the -- he will one day in bed this skyway is sixty years and it -- this seventeenth through this month. Like all -- do -- he is the culmination of all that precedes him. -- -- And -- The celebrations. And tragedies. As soon -- -- and -- -- some of the money. He is a reminder of the past. The glories of his country's history. And like all may be anxious toward the future. Unknowable. Yet somehow full of hope. Next do you like the big you know he looks like an hour. Check out the bears have met a lot more money than the -- without bears ahead. Went back and -- this continues with the most wanted man in the world. Just hope is Ed what Snowden then why are people saying such terrible things about him. Imagine a future where there is no practice. We're Big Brother is a reality when the government nose and wig off what you're doing who you're talking -- And muses that the -- to -- just spend -- notices that future is now. -- -- -- -- People. -- high school dropout and computer -- he was living in what he calls paradise Hawaii. With the job that put them at the hot of the national security administration's. -- vast and secret surveillance -- You recognize this all of these things are actually -- She hadn't found he had just gotten -- these hundreds of classified files. Citing the need to find terrorist -- NSA spying Andrews air India France and Germany. Do you -- and most of Central America. In the US the analysts say was collecting data from hundreds of millions of phone -- and from the sky and chat and email. Practically every American you have a cell phone went online and just being monitored. Even -- -- is wrong -- Washington courtroom this story exploded. For. Let us know they noticed -- -- Snowden knew what would happen next. Snowden now officially charged with espionage Chinese trader people -- guys as a consequence of what this man. -- who had already fled the US and an international game that cats not this again. He had gotten hung from past over twenty countries for his son and hello refuse to. And eventually he fled to a question. He was finally granted asylum I have Russian president Vladimir -- despite his -- the irony is less abundant. Snowden is residing in the country that inspired Big Brother. His benefactor Vladimir Putin has chosen. That he has stopped talking about the United States if he wants to stay. And it's not at all clear that American's mind being surveillance. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yahoo! -- emailers. Who -- -- -- politics. So does it matter if the government watches -- two. This is the truth this is what's happening. Should decide what we need to be doing this and -- Snowden had done this question is two -- Confession I live in Manhattan I don't have a lot of experience for ducks I don't feel the need to call them. And I certainly wouldn't know what to do if -- and said my column. But I do get the appeal and the family behind the blockbuster television series -- dynasty because they put the -- In reality TV hopes -- old. What. Putting things go live it. Do -- -- that's done this. The hit cable reality series this justifies some bumbling by your -- in Louisiana. Who hunt up. But it's really about can we re all having fun yet. They father bless my friends and my family and -- yeah facial hair loves. Facial. And bone bone bone bone bone. This show follows the antics on the Robinson clan patriarch they'll wife -- sons William. -- their wives and of cries -- side. Point I don't know I I am armed and considered dangerous. South side you are have been breakout star of the series. Do you think it's just sex appeal. I lowered. I don't see that but the only way on to describe to you okay it looked like a rose bush. I'm in the process of -- -- -- you know rose you -- -- helped produce. Time doesn't look at -- quite powerful women prevent. America. They -- work at the family business dot komando. Making and selling doctor call us and tell me why you needed -- -- why can't you just I'm plaque. -- -- -- -- -- Melissa deserved admit that feels just dying to do because of hunting season. I tell them -- -- -- planted betraying November and January because. He may not -- -- Latino. I -- I have never been superseded by -- -- -- Sibling -- and film drew up dirt poor living off the land to hunting and fishing. Film married -- when she was just 68 and he started the family business in 1972. For -- sons and 34 years later the Robinson men threw away -- -- and -- took over as CEO. Your -- wanna have the vision that the family could be reality stop. -- I thought we had a Nicor is always the one who said we were anxious thing that we don't they hit and I -- I'll say this much is what she's sound like when she made him by -- -- right you are not. I'm gonna say I'm not a reality set -- and you ask that you -- -- normal. -- it got contain -- -- And -- certain that fit it all right now it's why. Cramped. That's an understatement. Michelle is the most popular non scripted series until game. The graphics is empire includes over 2000. Projects from -- -- -- this -- Chia Pets. The family's net worth is estimated to be of that eighteen million dollars. One of the -- -- people allowed view is that you -- Down to ask. Not materialistic. And I have all this money. What I said we started this out was if it changes us Indiana -- -- in a bad way. I hope we lose it all that we're not stupid okay. You know we've been poor OK we've been -- but yeah. -- and we actually -- of something. Today in the end up calling the and I. Is the -- -- -- -- -- fat (%expletive) -- aren't good yeah. That's when his team this is your name on it so this is bad things have -- I have the wrong side. I don't -- -- -- economists say I can't tell him about me. I. Just couldn't get go -- My -- I want to thank -- I have never been given a beautiful dot com. UConn of the audit of the I am I touched on -- touched. Thank you for being on with us happy holidays to thank -- -- it he. Next where this time when -- says I'm not. It would be more accurate to say there are times that I did not want to live. I keep going back to that picture of you falling down the stairs at the Oscars since I can't everywhere lack hot when our -- Walking -- and a fellow hauler. Scan our morning -- that they view we have -- -- game we play. Is it costs about to get -- one hot topics meeting without mentioning Kanye West. But Kim Kardashian. Usually the answer is -- so why should this program can you -- This thing here is unlikely. Romance a love story that -- only take place and this celebrity universe. -- anyway it's -- hot days back but 21 friend who is widely continue to -- here is biggest musical talent that -- Yeah -- yeah. Kim -- -- the reality stop. Here outfits like so -- they can't send. This -- -- Kim -- started years ago he fell in love with if you do you think she was pop single grandes personal assistant. So when did she didn't call for him. Wasn't the moment he and Sargent tennis what. How many have before you make you finished hobby I can't win at best videos of all time. -- the moment he is Sargent George W. Bush George Bush doesn't care about black people. All the time he threw a punch at -- paparazzi. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've interviewed them both before and this and -- like yeah and 2005. And Kanye told me something that -- seems a little surprising. Marriage something you think about it some -- like. Dating celebrities. I spoke to Kim Monday 47 -- -- 72 gay marriage to Chris Humphries. Can she tell me something that now also seemed surprising. -- is married -- much. Gangplank as head. Sadly some people have mocked them. Try getting west it is not girl Kim caught dance scene. What better way to stop till morning that what I'm -- easy my opinions and Hispanic kids bullets. And -- -- their relationship will never relaxed because Conyers says he hates the press. Poking into his private life and Kim -- -- seem to have that problem. -- and as he has often pointed that has many talents. A creative genius and has no on the way to word he's his finger on the number longer rock star the planet a -- yeah every -- I talk. It is a crack in the matrix have closed design its -- now. It's about life. And a stylist currently has hooked -- -- with the designer of this guests as they can -- -- she's very good. Being himself. Still gay union has already borne fruit. They're adorable baby daughter whom they named not plans to and then music video. Features Kim acting on -- -- and me. And -- nothing they do things and tell you real they seemed really happy doing. They had to people who love the spotlight and vibrant and -- -- together still -- themselves right. My next wonderful guest likes to say that she has turned her -- into -- message. From my colleague Robin Roberts 2013. That's a terrible. And a true benefit year. Robin Roberts have been the biggest story of her career. Her own battle to lose it. Five years ago I. I -- breast cancer. Now sometimes. Treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical. Issues and that's what I'm facing right now. She had a red disease and DS -- cancer of the blood. She was given lesson -- used to live her only held a bone marrow transplant. Only the next year she battled the disease documenting every step of Virginia and -- -- And she mentioned views Seattle. Could -- her ability alone. Their loved me. And names I mean her. And you. You know and you -- New made -- conscious decision to allow papers about through your whole medical -- why she just -- to do. I've been in people's homes for the last ten years having breakfast with them so they feel like -- part of the family. Born in 1968. She grew up the youngest of four in a small Mississippi town. In the midst of the civil rights movement. Her father was in the famed black fighter squadron the Tuskegee airmen. Her mother of the first African American to head the Mississippi board of education. At one point you wanted to be a professional basketball play in what happened to. Sudden cold. Cool -- -- ability. They have back thank you hey let's have this is my way up loyalists being a professional athletes generation became Mr. Bush should put him ready or not they get a Kelsay that it becoming the first. Black -- woman -- ESPN welcome. ABC and -- -- the first black female house from wide world -- -- Good Morning America. And 2005. She landed the co host job at Good Morning America good morning good morning good morning everyone. I learned from trail -- to household -- -- Then last year. Her career reached a new high -- Good Morning America became the number 1 morning show. For the second time in two weeks GMA -- The Today Show in the ratings war. It was just I was later and she finished looming Cuban -- Well we will actually told you go to the doctors say I feel tired and part of that time. -- -- -- -- -- It was hard Barbara because. There's so much that was -- known. I was scared I was for the first time I was I was truly frightened. The life or death question would want to press students being -- town match and -- they've -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chicken hat and yeah. -- -- Wants -- selling -- after the transplant procedures -- immune system was wiped out. -- mean even the smallest infection could kill her. She spent thirty days in isolation. Another six months off fear the country. And when she finally returning to be -- check this. February. It was a public celebration and -- Robin and I have been waiting 174. Days to save this Good Morning America. But her fight this -- movement crowd and this isn't good chance of -- perhaps there's always a chance that. It could return that it's not something you -- define who you are today. I realize that when I start becoming. Depressed. -- -- -- about the past guerrillas have a becoming anxious. Thinking about the future. But when I just kind of like. -- -- Barbara Walters and that's. Just being in the president and just enjoying the moment that's a good day. Next I understand that sometimes before -- doing interview you take a shot yeah. Check shots before this interview. Our next choice turned 77 yesterday. One point two billion Catholics look to him for comfort and spiritual guidance. When he became Pope Francis and much of this year we heard again and again that he is their first Latin America and -- But there's so much more about him that makes sense to me. It is a lot of things that have always been part of being called -- Need causes budget. Including the Kansas. You owns Islamic. I'm usually -- transportation. And and you shouldn't transportation methods. And -- student distance from the congregation. -- -- -- -- -- He's updated the Pope mobile. Lives in a simple apartment. Has been known to drive the box. It's a big time soccer thing. Doesn't -- even willing to share the spotlight. He tweaks. Take southeast. Students. And makes a lot of his own telephone -- -- -- personally called to cancel his newspaper subscription no wonder this problem. Has gotten everyone's attention whose -- expressions innovative this is like the coolest open -- ever heard. And -- -- Jorge -- they're telling her he grew up in Buenos Aires Argentina. He was the oldest the first siblings to Brothers and two sisters. He didn't become a jesuit priest until he was did you tune. He has studied philosophy and science. And he has reported to me. Best -- without changing the church's doctrine he has softened its tone and sex and abortion. He has -- -- gay people as God's children. And he has challenged the church's rejection of homosexuals. In -- -- -- if -- person is gay and searches for the moment. Puma to judge who is sent to you but -- He wants the church to return to -- loops. Is less about judging and learn about caring. Especially caring for the most vulnerable to the poor and the young. No matter what church you belong to it is -- not to have thanks. -- -- She is arguably now the most bankable actress and -- -- -- A 23 she can play a girl and her change a woman in her thirties and yet he has never taken an acting lesson. This is new year than Jennifer Lawrence caught five its. In last year's hit film silver linings playbook. Jennifer Lawrence gave a member of both performance in the offbeat romantic comedy with as the young father told me to -- -- -- -- Forget the entire media because I am so much clean your do you keep your voice and I just that cool rainy flat footed -- has been. I'm not a third. This year she won an ostracized. -- veterans. -- -- -- So this wonderful moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- I know daily -- moment is ruined. And I went home eight Domino's yeah. And -- peace baskets with everything he -- it. There's not much that needs fixing and Jennifer lives his life right now. In the past three years she's been nominated for best supporting actress Oscar for her work in winter's bone -- Please help me one. Gotten cast -- the hottest blue mutant in the wounds in the X-Men film series. Is starring in catching fire the record breaking the latest installment of the Hunger Games. Ten to become a fashion icon. I'm -- back there is already Oscar buzz and a Golden Globe nomination for her role in American -- Opening this Friday why did you build something like -- Failure in -- deal legislator and science center and you know -- -- any case all of the nutrition out of food. -- -- thank you deal. What's the question you must -- so I can be sure to ask. Probably when people ask how are you so normal it's -- makes me feel weird -- captain. I -- normally I just it's a job. Can you is -- a tough part about yourself through this and every aspect I realize this examined. Yeah. That's scary for anything anything wrong because I don't -- -- comply and I'm confident that gets printed. Jennifer manages to be -- -- Actually crying and oddly charming and fewer and even missed analysts' mean give -- troops in. To our hand while they're cleared IP running scared. And shaking and PHO you -- She grew up with little thought of show business into -- A tomboy sister of two older Brothers she spent much of -- time alone -- -- riding horses. Fifth career started by chance and she was fourteen a modeling agent spotted her and a New York street -- -- vacation. -- that quickly led to -- -- dosage time the bill and -- show. -- series dvd films. None of which prepared her for her impressions -- and nonstop -- about actually an international. How much has changed anything in -- Is that happening true friends. I mean the main thing is the way people look at you and talk to you can you know feeling different you know -- a light never went off and I was like okay. And the new -- you -- I just so it's hard when people treat you differently when you don't feel any. Differently and it's kind of it's alienating. Do they treat your old war -- Yeah but I don't know it's it's something about the way that they -- it ability feel like. The zoo animal hasn't had as kind of the -- -- pick up. And I know it as something in -- -- and taken -- connecting making eye contact sometimes people I just. And now I'm surrounded by people all the time communicating -- -- all of sudden everybody close. But I have -- remind myself that it's. It's just being alone it's not. -- What's your idea of a perfect. Yeah. Look I could imagine I'd be evidently -- in my alarm went off and make up really late. And down. I could go on a walk. You know wouldn't Wear a hat and sunglasses can lock and make eye contact with ever wanted and smile and Kevin -- realistically. Couldn't warning from me is -- order room service and I watch TV eaten bad. To curry from your hometown just change the sheets you know or even. When you see yourself in ten years. Not an LA. And the house. And a big property. If need be starting family everything is calm things -- her minivan. -- our wishes for you I don't think it's gonna happen quite that way but I do you. Complete this sentence to me what people do -- -- are back to -- ours is. That I can play the Obama and that it's on track that this is how fast. -- -- -- -- -- -- that. Max finally the most fascinating person of 2013. When we return. And not our choice for the most fascinating person of this year and we believe the past twenty. Remember at the beginning of the show when the president of ABC news -- -- who should be the most fascinating person of 1993. Well I guess you knowledge in north signature. This program was bond at the -- of the Clinton Era and -- detail as we might they eat at the dawn of another. It's this year as a -- time in decades. That neither you nor your husband -- public office. -- -- -- -- -- India's it's a relief because. I knew that I wanted to. Get off a high wired that I had been on for so long to spend time. Just doing things that give us a lot of joy at playing with our dogs going to movies just hanging out like -- -- yes that that's a good description. -- here caps if set -- -- when will you if you do. Decide whether or not you've -- to run for consistent well it's such a difficult decision and it's 1 that I am not going to rush -- to. And I don't think we should be looking at the next election I think we should be looking at the work. That we have today -- unemployment rate is still too high we have people getting kicked off of food stamps who are in terrible. Economic straits small businesses not getting credit I could go on and on so. I think we -- to pay attention to what's happening right now. I have to push -- the answer about whether or not -- might run for president I haven't made up my mind I have really have not I will look carefully at what I think I can do and make that decision you know sometime next year. Does your husband want -- to run he is very respectful he knows that this is. Well -- he wants me to do what I think is right. Issue and you became president what Kanye has been -- by most theft. Have no idea first made I don't know -- -- do you think it's important. That we had a female president. I do I do think it's import. I I don't know the exact timing of it or hurt -- that might be. But my my friend Michelle Bachelet was just reelected president in LA LA Dilma Rousseff for -- admire greatly is that. President of Brazil Angola Merkel is probably the most important leader in Europe. If not beyond and just if it matters it matters because. We have half the population that has given so much to building this country to making it work and of course I want a -- woman in the White House because. You know if if I look at my friends and former colleagues who are now in the senate. It was. Though women senators on both sides of the aisle who finally broke the fever over the government shut down and the debt limit debates -- have been working across party lines and we need more of that. I listen to you and thank you got -- -- I don't think he got on the way I talk TO forty years ago -- this is it of this is what gets me up in the morning I cared. I care so much about what's gonna happen to this country because. I'm a beneficiary. Of all -- sacrifice that my parents generations and generations before made. I sure don't want to be part of a generation that sees. America's dream be depreciated. When I don't think that is necessary they're so much more we can do. You and I had indeed done. So many engineers and didn't sell so proud of the fact that we have done. -- -- -- -- time when you look back. You know the worst times. Really for -- that the personal times you know losing my father. Losing my mother. -- have a hard times for me an -- when -- in the political. Public arena. You know you're gonna get credit you probably don't deserve and blame you probably don't deserve and you have to chart your own course you have to stand up for what. You think. Are the right decisions I had an older woman who is a friend of mine she said you know at the end of your life it's all about your relationships. And she said you know I've loved and -- -- loved and all the rest is background music. I was looking over the past interviews with your husband and you and one of the questions that I asked her husband has what what he'd like his -- to be. What would you like -- -- to be. That I did the best I could to live a life. Integrity -- and service. I'm always moved by this the sayings in the stories about people who plant trees that they will themselves never sit under. I want to feel that I've made a contribution. I would like you to know that I have not -- -- -- hair cut a pop up. Thank you for being with us we appreciate it happy holidays and -- -- much same to you Barbara. Barbara will be -- in a moment. So now I must -- the fascinating people who have made all of this possible. You at home watching. -- reported this -- band made it one of the most successful franchises. In broadcasting history. Twenty years ago I said doctor -- a program that celebrates people and their accomplishments. I'm proud that I stuck to my original plan and grateful that you stocked with me.

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