Barbara Walters' 'Most Fascinating': Presidents and Pop Stars

In the last 10 years, Lady Gaga and the Obamas became superstars, while others fell to shame.
3:00 | 12/05/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters' 'Most Fascinating': Presidents and Pop Stars
We are up to 2008 now, and the beginning of a three-year run for one very controversial name. No one else has ever made our list three years in a row. Can you guess? Sarah palin, the hockey mom from wasilla. Sarah palin is fascinating, whether she's running for office or making moose chili. Walters: Many people find the thought of you as president a little scary. Why is that? And now I'd like to entertain everybody with some fancy pageant walkin'. Walters: In fact, sarah palin's impact was so great in 2008, the talented tina fey made our list purely by impersonating her. Fey: Her whole accent is so Oh, you know, that. And she would talk through a smile sometimes if she was tryin' to zing somebody, talk about joe biden, or something like that. The tougher the thing she was saying about the campaign, the bigger the smile was. this was a big celebrity year for us. Tom cruise was humble. What did you do that you regret? You know, there's things that I could have handled better. Will smith wasn't. Did you ever really say this quote? "I truly, honestly believe that if I chose to be the president of the united states, I could." Uh, yes. Absolutely. The most fascinating person that election year was, of , barack obama. When you were a little boy, what did you think you were going to be? The one thing I know I didn't expect was that I was gonna be president of the united states. On to 2009 and the beginning of the lady gaga era. She came ready to answer anything. Are you bisexual? Well, I do like women. Have you had sex with women? My goodness. You don't have to answer me. That's okay. We could leave it as a big unknown if you want. Um... I have, uh, I've certainly had sexual relationships with women, yes. Most fascinating that year, michelle obama from the white house. Do you ever walk through these rooms and pinch yourself and say, "i'm here"? Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. There are moments when you think, "really? Wow. Okay. Here we go." in 2010, you couldn't get hotter than 88-year-old betty white. At 88½ years old, does one still have sex? If one gets lucky, I bet they do. And 16-year-old justin bieber. You're only 16. What do you do to make sure that you're still a star at 26? Stay grounded. Most fascinating person -- general david petraeus, hero of the afghanistan war. Two years later, he was most fascinating again for a different reason. In 2011, simon cowell finally made the list and he didn't disappoint. What's your biggest fear? Failure, always. And being unhappy. And you know what else? Being bored. I really, really get bored. And I don't like small talk. And I'm claustrophobic. Would you ever go to a therapist? fascinating. We had a singer, katy perry, who didn't sing for us, and a presidential candidate, herman cain, who did. ♪ Amazing grace ♪ ♪ will always be ♪ ♪ my song of praise ♪ and the most fascinating person of 2011 -- well, remember when I said earlier in the program We made an exception. We had chosen steve jobs as our most fascinating person in the middle of 2011. When he sadly passed away in october of that year at age 56, we had a decision to make. Either stick to our guns or stick to our original choice. It was an easy decision. And that takes us to last year, 2012. You remember way back then, right? The year of "fifty shades of grey" and e.L. James, the boy band one direction, and governor chris christie.

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{"id":21272103,"title":"Barbara Walters' 'Most Fascinating': Presidents and Pop Stars","duration":"3:00","description":"In the last 10 years, Lady Gaga and the Obamas became superstars, while others fell to shame.","url":"/2020/video/barbara-walters-fascinating-presidents-pop-stars-21272103","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}