The Best Movies of 2011

A look back at the top films of 2011.
7:35 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for The Best Movies of 2011
There were over 500 major films released in 2011 amassing almost nine billion dollars. And even with the Academy Awards still three months away we're already hearing which ones had Oscar buzzing. Oscar snoring or the audience going to the bathroom -- That's what some of the characters on screen we're doing Katie Couric took a crash course in what delivered and what. Did not. What do you get when you cross James Bond with -- Well in the case and cowboys and aliens. Not closing of the worst kind. There was the Green lantern which made some people wonder how -- was. Super heroes really did not fare well at the box office is here and that's a big surprise. Pretty incredible to see so many -- did all -- Well let's start -- they weren't very good. But aside from that I think they're sort of an apathy now -- that kind of it's gotta be extraordinary. And it looks like screen writers are officially fresh out of fresh superhero story lines. We expect more from him. -- -- Stewart and this year Hollywood couldn't -- bank on two of its most bankable stars to -- a head to -- weekend box office battle. George Clooney and Brad Pitt where bested by it. Maine winter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the only film starring the -- -- and who inspired the story swim away with the weekend it's. Pretty clear from this -- thank you can't expect. -- -- -- to bring in dollars and are not at the box office it's very complicated. He had a movie with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and get back to. The only genre they continue to farewell across the board in 2011. Of the Stanley fell. Ever familiar faces. -- -- -- and new entry. -- -- And you. Hands down the sleeper hit of the summer was held it. Based on the wildly successful novel. By Catherine stock it. It's about the nation of one young white writer -- host the miss treatment of black -- in 1960s Mississippi. -- -- The help didn't need much help it was number one for like a month. -- Just -- we have brought women together and got people talking. Aaron. Belong to me. And people are still talking about the Oscar worthy performances. Of -- -- Davis and Octavia Spencer. Who starred in the film alongside Hollywood it girl Emma Stone. Relevant question -- I think more than anything it's just a story of these women at that time. Making an incredibly courageous decision and and changing the lives of -- of many many people because of it. Meanwhile she -- are shown yesterday this year we were treated to free. Really -- even until -- That word -- pizza franchises dominated the pop some response on the box office charts. Twilight four. Pirates of the Indian court. Five. I'm going up the first movie was great in the third will be so. It's and -- even went for readers. It doesn't matter to come at -- -- -- -- Number eight as long as they're really really well done movies -- The end of -- JK Rowling's Harry Potter movie franchise is the most six. And advancing this year that. Linda Satan says to -- look at my eyes because he wants to see Harrison mother's eyes but the last time the love of his life. -- the last time. It's the most -- right moment it's amazing. From wizards to wolf packs. -- two had the biggest opening weekend for comedy history books as -- They -- comedy bridesmaids. -- that guys don't always corner the market and on grows. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why do you think the movie bridesmaid was such a runaway hit -- I was just so stupid funny I mean. You know this is coming from someone who loves bathroom humor -- for -- to have to go to the bathroom while vomiting on the back of someone's. Follow the law. And humor and -- I was like this is like my -- on yeah. It gets -- and it's a little -- And now that's etched in my mind. Beautiful dresses. Ugly ugly -- It. With huge success of bridesmaids comedian Kristen wig proved she could headline a major feature -- The Saturday Night Live standout also -- wrote the screenplay. He's hungry. Did you say we want to just make a comedy that'll give the guys comedies now run for their money do it wasn't done and a response anything out yet another reason performers in the types of incidents are really quick. -- -- -- We Greece upbeat day care and then all the stuff and out of power. -- it's a different kind of you know comedy and raunchy and concepts -- women in comedy in all of these things that we. Weren't planning on you know receiving isn't very weird so people were analyzing and much more cheaply than UAE and ten dead can. If she doesn't about feminists think it's funny little. And -- shut my mouth Clinton unbelievable. You must be and he's bella. Play -- make it. 2000. A year of rising needs and barbarian. -- and high risk. And -- That's a -- For the rap on the rest of the year everything from celebrity romance to political scandals and the year in fashion. Tune in for a very special production from ABC news and People Magazine the year with Katy -- next Thursday December 15 at 9 PM eastern and Pacific.

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