Best Supporting Actors

Part 3: Jonah Hill has come a long way since his "Superbad" days.
6:34 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Best Supporting Actors
Before they were -- can. -- -- -- -- I believe that there's -- championship team of 25 people. We can't work because everyone else in baseball under constant. Like an island of misfit toys. For his performance is -- -- Academy Awards. Not long ago Jonah Hill was saying lines likeness. No one in the -- and for Clemens never existing that the made up. Its menu. The phenomenally -- super bad made him a stone. -- -- like I was so. And last night a chinook and a guy we -- -- -- mistake yet as a high schooler himself and Santa Monica's crossroads. Jonah -- Goldstein dreamed of -- -- writer director while attending college in New York he met up with crossroads alarms -- and Becky Hoffmann. Issues -- their dad -- and then he told me one day that. He thought I was for anyone to put -- in a movie so it was 2000 four's I heart Huckabee in which Dustin Hoffman got Jonah a small role. -- and acting bug bit. He shortened his -- to Jonah Hill won a small part on NYPD blue helmet. We'll have turned up at a forty year old virgin triumph the shining gave the issues back to my house I can Wear them. When he came in -- and we actually shot the scene freedom and perfectly. And this -- gonna steal a lot of work from in the upcoming years. At age 82 nominee next -- C -- knows this film acting isn't just gave us. -- 55 years ago -- outplayed the most famous game of chess in film history move against death. In the seven season. Did you. The -- grant was very enthusiastic. And I'm very happy we have. -- -- -- this film is perhaps better known by its charities but Woody Allen. Okay. Phillips says. We have things. In the in -- and by the way. You've lost the game. You don't. I just thought you -- weren't in love mobile. We loved each other. I knew I was -- The parties -- be staring at her husband's and -- If you're looking for a winner in this category it -- -- this 82 year old beginners Christopher Plummer. Better known for his captain's role in the sound of music. You -- But singing and acting this musicals flings. Were not a few of his favorite thinks me. -- -- As a plumber felt -- -- and -- the movie's success. In the beginning I thought oh my god it's because of it sort of fame. It's going to overshadow everything else -- -- that I consider serious. Good them better. Prior to that 1965. -- trying. Plummer was one of Canada's premier classical stage actors dashing and performer -- -- for Shakespearean leads against him. Really I wish I could -- that I felt competitive. I felt inferior to me I'm not QB that is the question was preoccupied -- people. In exchange for the -- -- would eventually offer -- -- US enterprise of his own. -- -- stateside to throw another captain's log on the fire Star Trek the undiscovered country. It's often because he was a -- of the series. I loved it he's a marvelous guy. He's an actor playing an actor Laurence Olivier in my week was Maryland's final product unless he's -- -- June 12 after to get the start of Tenet ran his movie career you've got to go long. Sure it's the shirts they -- in 1980 one's best picture Chariots of Fire. Kristin didn't you -- 31. -- things down a bit and -- live. They're years at 41 -- today and a friend one among many spectators. It would be London's west incident that would first secured him a place in public regard. I think you -- think you're not winning I'm gonna pretend to -- protecting. Now -- directs and stars and all manner of Hollywood fare -- is no longer just. The face in the crowd. -- -- -- Up for his role as a boxing trainer in the warrior. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fast food -- base hit hard. -- -- first mentioned was not in the ring but on the -- -- Mainly because of problems it was -- was around athletes -- -- -- Redgrave ended his fourth career -- -- -- showbiz the world. First of the sixties print model for decades and is the -- -- of Clairol alongside -- shouldn't you be jackets cool and warm. -- -- -- The 1976. Top rated miniseries rich men poor men plead guilty a stellar. Naked and the big screen back get enough of -- -- to get her to keep his book my house. To meet before the -- and I thought what this bundle of men. He was -- to kids -- plans to -- He was some. He had it at a truck in most of us which is. Now. -- is that has ups and downs and it played -- Be employed as a -- -- -- area makes him like his fellow nominees. Hollywood survived.

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{"id":15771339,"title":"Best Supporting Actors","duration":"6:34","description":"Part 3: Jonah Hill has come a long way since his \"Superbad\" days.","url":"/2020/video/best-supporting-actors-15771339","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}