Best Supporting Actresses

Part 2: Octavia Spencer appeared on "ER" and in "Being John Malkovich."
6:59 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Best Supporting Actresses
One of them doesn't say a word one of them says a lot and makes a mean chocolate -- on the side. And one of them well let's just say she barely makes it to the bathroom in time yes it's this year's best supporting actress nominee it's. Look at. No sense -- The same thing. -- now thing has gotten Octavia Spencer. Acting jobs for over a decade is that what -- -- -- -- -- these days working in the casting office for the movie -- time to kill. -- -- talk the director in the casting her in a small role. I was surprised and I have a full of myself she has become a kind of character actor -- people asking -- don't know you from somewhere. -- hope to be seen -- need. She's been a nurse's uniform so often. You might think you'll remember Octavia from your last visit to the ER rather than from the television show he off -- Disease and pregnant or may -- she's that woman that -- help you find your floor on an elevator. -- -- -- -- But following her Oscar nominated performance and help right have a vote in the -- -- they're -- -- That all your -- but when you're. Running -- Octavia spencers discovering that these days everyone knows her -- me. It's opening doors like that and and that makes me happy. -- -- -- -- -- Also nominated from the help is Jessica chastity. -- -- Jessica's first acting job was on ER and she had a recurring part as a district attorney. On the short lived law and order spinoff trial by jury Johnson's shot and wounded and a -- -- Harlan. -- was dismissed the first day of trial. Jessica's big break came when actor Alpa chino castor -- Broadway play -- Still Jessica says no one ever recognizes her head and and you. But with roles in six movies last year two of them nominated for best picture Jessica's days of going unnoticed art definitely -- And usually the road to an Oscar nomination -- -- with a non speaking role. Not this year. Born in Argentina and raised in France 35 year old -- -- -- show. Grew up in the movie business. Her father was a writer and director who shared his love of American movies with -- -- I know about it issue and -- nine and -- in -- American audiences first saw and heard their names on the big screen playing -- handing them. Opposite the late Heath Ledger in a knight's tale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back home in France she shared top billing with her co star from the artist John do -- and in -- James Bond double 07 spoof called OSS 117. Cairo nest of spies. Only two Lincoln -- homecoming. Yes she hopes -- reunion in the artists -- them each an Oscar. She underclassmen from what I wouldn't work. The people becomes -- -- We don't -- right from. In Albert knobs Janet matier -- Hubert page a -- house -- and nineteenth century Ireland. It was really a woman pretending to be a man. Yeah and damaged trained as Britain's royal academy of dramatic arts -- first movie role was a short part in half moon street. Very short just in case. Janet has been nominated before for her role in the film tumble weeds -- She lost the Hilary Swank who played a girl passing as a boy in Boys Don't Cry. This year among her nominated sister actresses Jenna hopes as she is the one wearing the pants in the family. -- and this is some class and hope she's just Megan. And so I won't apologize and united incompetent which and they came out of Melissa -- stole so many scenes of bridesmaids and she should attend the Oscars dressed in designer prison -- When their accounts -- her it was like. Have -- seen -- 200. Melissa and her sister Brooke and -- farm in Plainfield Illinois and oh yeah. You get a message out all Melissa's first TV -- came courtesy of her first cousin Jenny. With a short of parents are being short lived Jenny McCarthy show they thank you. And we've invested is that -- right now we'll maybe you should have worried that you didn't. Melissa broke into the movies for her. -- -- -- And not long after got her big break when she was cast that's soupy. In Gilmore Girls. Felt gay got there's. Behind moments is -- starring role was as Molly and they hit sitcom Mike and Molly Molly month. In 2005. Melissa -- comedic actor then Falcone. They have two young daughters who one day will be able to watch their mom and dad on screen together in bridesmaids. -- not your Marshal John -- abandoned -- instrument conference. What's that. -- -- -- -- -- He left suffered from elusive -- they deployed to the mantle and tell her daughter's friends -- you want that movie one mama and Oscar. Lashed. Out.

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{"id":15771205,"title":"Best Supporting Actresses","duration":"6:59","description":"Part 2: Octavia Spencer appeared on \"ER\" and in \"Being John Malkovich.\"","url":"/2020/video/best-supporting-actresses-15771205","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}