What's Next for Bobbi Kristina?

Part 10: What does the future hold for Whitney Houston's only daughter?
6:37 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for What's Next for Bobbi Kristina?
Bobbi Kristina. What happens next for her -- the question everyone wants to know after what happened a week ago to her mother. That's when a little girl now grown up tried her best to steer trouble away saying come on mama let's go. Let's go. For all the questions surrounding Whitney Houston's life one thing is crystal clear. Nothing and no one mattered more to her -- her daughter Bobbi Kristina. In my interviews with her we would talk Allentown about Bob Christine that Iran -- -- separate balls going everywhere together. The little girl would -- called -- was the blessing that came after much pain and prayer as she told Barbara Walters in 1993. I had a miscarriage. Turning to some of the -- Was very painful and emotionally and physically. I was back on the set the next day and -- But I -- Bobbi Christina when relating. And I -- next. And in the public guy she was. Her adorable little girl became a fixture on the red carpet. And on stage. Like in this 1997 HBO concert. -- But offstage. Whitney was a woman divided. She said you know I have -- conflict because I want my daughter to live and normal healthy. Typical. Life but it's very difficult -- that with what with my career concerned about the life Christie would lead Whitney passed on what she knew best. Her love of singing. Her daughter thought that she was you know little into the fountain and she wanted to be exactly like her. -- -- Friends say -- never let her parents fame go to -- head. Down that curve who -- day you know most celebrity kids -- this way about them she likes its wholly different. Still she embraced her mother's world without reservation. How moms they're really pressure about that she did took her. To see in class is to give a vocal of -- and then wait for the right time for her to -- two. And that time may have been coming soon. Just last fall -- -- posted this video on her Twitter account a rendition of a -- someone like you. And seen its king. While waiting for her moment -- biggest star Traci was by her mother's side for the high and low numbers and seeing it all as no one else would. You know Chris he's just got my back like -- discussion like all this is why I just having this is running out she's going online you can we can do this monastery can continent and a. The role of protector was something Whitney spotted early on tell me about her is she like -- And let's turn and I am letting me have having seen it -- -- back to -- mean she doesn't want me to know why I'm here. -- World number one -- to take -- you -- beautiful face if you use. But caring for herself would prove a challenge. A year ago speculation she had followed to closely in her mother's footsteps. In one national enquirer spread photos that appear to be young -- doing drugs. She fired back on Twitter it's really not what it looks like what does she think about the media attention to her -- Susan set DL with a set -- in the maintenance that -- said she -- not been on drugs and that they are not make sure that does not happen. But while Christie appeared the picture of health last week in Los Angeles it was her mother who gave cause for concern. Thursday's bad candid moment caught on the cameras Houston's last kiss on Clive -- -- -- Her daughter and just behind her. That makes the impromptu nightclub -- And witness final song. Friday. Reports of Whitney at the bar acting erratically. Doing hand stands. It -- just drinking consistently complaining about her drinks being ordered down any indication that she was mixing alcohol and drugs that there. He hadn't been taken that -- And -- had been drinking so she was -- the almost certainly mixing the two which she had done before I mean a lot of people tell me this is not something that she just started. Saturday. Whitney is in her suite along with several other people when she decides to take a bath. It -- seeing I am -- -- lot of guys did it hurt you know movement in their tool to India indicated she was still alive here is something most people don't know. What was happening in that bathroom. Was a long held fear of Whitney's entourage. A former security guard they told me that when they work for her they were very clear that she was not to take bath because they were concerned. About her falling asleep so they -- -- -- take showers and that. They check on her every seven to ten minutes. But on that afternoon Whitney had been left alone for over an hour when they not. No answer. Young Cristi has been at the shopping. She returns to the hotel lobby as her mother is being pronounced dead. The news is too much for the eighteen year old to bear. -- -- Absolutely. Devastated. Crying fits you know yelling cursing screaming basically having -- you know they felt like having -- -- -- -- is rushed to the hospital for observation. But returns to the hotel again that night. We're despite the news of Whitney Houston's -- of three Grammy party is under way. Have been very strange moment where you see him hurting your mother is -- June. And still going I'm just hours after her mother died just a few words below -- foreigners are moving the body. It was just of the whole scene was just it was surreal. But what is all too real in this very moment. -- -- pain and sorrow. Hopefully she will hold fast to those mother daughter memories the -- joined forever. By the perfect gift of song.

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{"id":15741755,"title":"What's Next for Bobbi Kristina?","duration":"6:37","description":"Part 10: What does the future hold for Whitney Houston's only daughter?","url":"/2020/video/bobbi-kristina-15741755","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}