Body cam video shows police telling woman her ex-husband was found dead: Part 4

Police were trying to record Valerie McDaniel's reaction in their investigation of an alleged murder-for-hire plot.
8:09 | 09/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Body cam video shows police telling woman her ex-husband was found dead: Part 4
Reporter: It's time for the check at this Olive Garden restaurant. And picking up the tab for that delicious, affordable, and allegedly conspiratorial lunch is Dr. Leon Jacob and his girlfriend, Dr. Valerie Mcdaniel. I believe Leon and Valerie paid for the bill. That was very nice of them. Reporter: Now remember, the cops say Leon and Val thought they'd been dining with a hitman, but Javier was really an undercover cop. So police spring into action, immediately reaching out to Valerie's ex husband Mac to tip him off. And what they get Mac to do next is right out of a John Grisham novel! We've recreated the scene to show how the cops enlisted Mac to stage his own death. They do a series of pictures of him dead. Reporter: He agrees to pose for photos like these, complete with a bullet wound in his head. We wanted to make it look like he had been killed in a robbery. We took a series of them, one slumped over the steering wheel and shot in the head and the other one laying on the ground, shot in the head. Reporter: Cops have also gotten to Leon's ex, Meghan. Does she express any surprise that Leon Jacob, the man who loved her so much and then stalked her, allegedly, would want this to happen to her? She is in no way surprised that this happened. She knew that he had a temper. He would explode, and now that she was denying him access to herself, like, he became obsessed with her. Reporter: Meghan also agrees to post for photos like these staging her own set of pictures to make it look like she's been kidnapped. Leon kept using the word disappear. Or he would say, "I want her gone. I want her to go away forever." And I took that to understand that he wanted her dead. Reporter: But Javier says, in the middle of depicting the harrowing scene, it's suddenly all a little too real for Meghan. And she breaks down. Meghan became hysterical. She was very scared for her life. And she actually began to cry and she began to tremble. Reporter: The doomsday photo shoots are done and the cops are ready to take their next step in their elaborate sting operation, informing Leon and Valerie that Mac has been killed. Still posing as that hitman, Javier says he breaks the news in person at the condo. I begin to tell Valerie and Leon that Mac was gone that it was done. I then asked Leon if he wanted to see a picture. And he told me that he did not want to see anything. If this was a mistake, if, they weren't supposed to go kill the person, kidnap the person, the response would be, "Oh my goodness. What have you done? Reporter: Instead, cops say, Leon produces the blood money. Leon gives me the cash and I count out $1,800. Reporter: According to cops, in Leon and Valerie's minds, with Mac dead, Meghan is next. And later that same day, Javier says, he informs Leon, that job too is done, Meghan is now a memory. I told Leon during a recorded conversation, hey Megan is dead now. And he said okay, I'll talk to you later. So at that point, we've closed both cases. But we decided we wanted to go an extra step. And so that extra step was the death notice. Reporter: A death notice. Now, that's what cops call it when they have to notify a family member or next of kin that a loved one has passed. So now it's these police officers who have to give a performance. Just days after that olive Garden meeting , sergeant frank Quinn and other officers show up at that apartment to break what should be shocking, tragic news for Valerie. Yeah, come in. What's going on? Reporter: Now remember, it's all a ruse to get Valerie's reaction. And it's all being recorded as potential evidence on police body cameras. I'm afraid we have some bad news. Your ex-husband, found, it looks like it turns out to be a fatality. Looks like it might've been a robbery gone wrong, sorry to have to tell you. Have you heard from him recently? I heard from him last night. You heard from him last night? I was at the house last night. Reporter: Valerie's response doesn't seem particularly appropriate , according to sergeant Quinn. It&was not what you would expect. In reality you'd wanna know, how do you know this? You'd definitely have a lot of questions, and a lot of grief, in the video, Valerie sits quietly, putting her head in her hands. Javier is there too. You can't see him on camera but Valerie does and realized her hitman is actually a cop. I had my Houston police department badge around my neck and her, her facial expressions said a million words. She knew she had been caught. Did your husband know of anybody who might want to harm him? Now your boyfriend, is he awake? You might want to let him know what's going on and I'm sorry. Reporter: Soon enough, Leon emerges from the bedroom. Her ex-husband's been found. Oh my god. Looks like a might've been a robbery-gone-wrong Holy . Reporter: Now, listen carefully to what Leon says next, because cops say it's sounding like he's establishing his whereabouts. Are you okay, baby? We've been here all night. We were here all day with their daughter and we were watching movies. I never met him except for once. My name is Leon Jacob. I'm her boyfriend. What he wants to do is establish an alibi, let Ya know right away it's not him. You know, and then feigning that surprise, it's -- it was all rehearsed, in my opinion. Was he worried about anything? I don't know. I met him once a long time ago. That was it. Is it strange for a man who hasn't been yet accused of anything to immediately offer an alibi, unsolicited? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I think right there, that's great evidence for us. Reporter: More than enough, police now believe, to end the masquerade. Alright, well, I'll tell you we'll need you to come with us, and -- Oh, so I guess I'll stay -- Okay, what -- right now we're gonna read you your rights. Me? 'Cause both of you are being arrested. For what? For solicitation of capital murder. Why? Solicitation of murder. Why are we being arrested? Just put your palms together. Reporter: Oh, and there's yet another surprise for Valerie in store. As she's being hauled off to jail, someone's waiting outside her front door. It's her ex-husband Mac back from the dead waiting to take custody of their young daughter. He stands at the threshold of the apartment. They allow her to go get her daughter. She brings the daughter to the threshold and then hands the daughter off to Mack. And that was the last time that she saw her daughter? It was. Reporter: I wonder what was going through her mind at that moment that she handed her over to the man she tried to murder? Knowing that it was all over. Her child, her career, her freedom are slipping away but Valerie's love for Leon endures for one final kiss.

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{"id":50033465,"title":"Body cam video shows police telling woman her ex-husband was found dead: Part 4","duration":"8:09","description":"Police were trying to record Valerie McDaniel's reaction in their investigation of an alleged murder-for-hire plot.","url":"/2020/video/body-cam-video-shows-police-telling-woman-husband-50033465","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}