Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition

Great Expectations: Barbara Walters reports from London on Will and Kate's baby, due this summer.
8:44 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition
Dreaming from Buckingham Palace where about 700 people Sunday fire burns and several days boxes. Special one day we'll get cozy home. King and queen -- reports. -- -- as William and Kate. And if their wedding was any indication women I don't mind banking with a -- unless he wounded traditions. -- dollars right there about him that since war and kissed. His new wife -- once but twice. Intimate history and then a couple surprised me again why do I cannot -- woods and -- fully decorated. It's dead baby boys already changed the laws governing ironically if I had. -- -- -- Doesn't it. Take a casual styles of through the streets of London. -- their future queen of England. I don't -- -- pregnant -- -- weekend. -- became well. Not content and then suddenly appears we're proud classes this moment in the last -- and for me. This wouldn't be one of those days -- This is not the royal -- about his -- -- and -- Convincing professional and from Houston former waitress who now make 2000 dollars a -- for public appearances. We'll duchess Catherine is spreading they knew she. -- It's. Kate is such -- I don't want it really is quite extraordinary. -- -- she seems to based HTT. Test since -- announcement that Kelly contestants in this 60% to includes people want to say perhaps it's time to school saying times that he jet. -- -- -- Cakes may be the most anticipated delivery on the planet and it just -- expect. Babies from royal air is on the -- confidence -- the -- along hate you might think -- expectations. Sox fresh hope biggest. Well in office to produce an attack at the Olympics plans and working with us. She was being in this season. And speaking of history and the British parliament just -- -- -- majesty has given Reuters. -- -- to 300 narrow path but to not allow William and Kate's best -- doctor if indeed is a doctor Julie -- the film. We thought it sounds of the queen -- this fantastic job to 61 years nobody can argue that you have to have a -- there. But you can better. -- -- -- -- -- -- Checking our diplomatic cables have that history making there -- powerful -- for one -- beach claims the salon shop. We let it stops the reality -- this fashion is about 33 to -- field. And not take bets on just about anything royal baby from the -- -- -- the seventeen. July whether she makes them on your hands hound dog -- -- -- -- -- on that brown on the outside -- 8 -- Of course Harry's -- -- that people said oh my gosh holiday on the 8 -- that's not all of salon. -- -- -- -- -- Present whether she has a caesarean section don't know all the money he raises that are in section he would really believe she's not looking. But most of the action centers on the all important named. Beauty and it is today and she's -- choosing an -- The brand names and that could get the Financial Times in Iraq and I I would much and they probably still -- -- someone in the Thomas kind of figuring into. I didn't think that will be Quintana. Why wouldn't they be because -- and that's why -- -- expected net I really didn't think -- the simple reason that I didn't think we would want to invite comparisons. -- -- Alexander tops the -- And there is no shortage of suggestions coincidences -- won't work. Well less commonplace in this country amendments Mohammed. I'm guessing -- -- -- -- mention his. Kate -- -- every fashion it is just my -- -- and topping the list of the ten best best -- used to do. Kennedy he's extremely happy to be pregnant and health of women want to hide funds for whatever reason but she got and -- -- -- -- -- -- not. This stressed that case -- is not a mechanic to draft -- than normal -- he -- traffic from Tokyo office. Top -- is one of the cheapest shot in the UK there's probably costs had fifty dollars sixty dollars. Whenever I want to -- -- our professionalism I tied it against scrambles to keep up with the Cambridge but stressed jewelry from playing to the hard to -- yes. It's the united you have to -- -- That just brings -- often wrapped faster than you can -- couldn't get. Let me just visiting bring about real estate irritated there's -- -- So how can just. Most famous and future it's could -- until. Consistently on top it was -- with the traditional family designs clothing for new -- Tickets sold. Some -- a lot of sky is trying to find -- -- -- He's giving Michigan defense this is what I'm reading now it's beautiful. When they lived -- -- home -- So this is big for -- -- aren't -- -- it could be perfect little the president will present the -- Prince William Scott time that humiliation and thousand oldest -- So she knows how to -- -- -- -- a parent and we'll see a different. Type of hunting candidate from Broadway. We'll be quite different things you -- wasn't a pacifist platform -- you know incredibly hands on -- -- counted -- false start counting while. It's. You won't. -- -- -- thankfully didn't pay much taxes from them and -- counting -- them that parliament present in the delivering. The centuries. There was a fear that acquaintance who could not -- children would have once local didn't have -- something that bats and when the queen was expecting praise chiles has funds and I think we've done with this weekend each Stevenson analyst at its creamy cake and -- learning about cleaning -- -- economy on the way to host. And just a hospital room that's game and perhaps the only person who really -- Allen five and don't Mario gynecologists yeah. Well gynecologist and a message to benefit slice open. Yeah what do you do for a living well -- the -- gynecology. Live music that when -- -- audience with the -- with men are you referring to the vagina. They're accepting tens that I know -- and docking bay. -- -- -- -- Okay. Which brings us to the royal birth announcements -- this one in the digital age grant then how will we don't know. -- hundreds usage with. I noticed on the rise above him Paulus and my guess is happened and that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- except friends there -- can't I'm not some element of backs. -- imminent arrival marks the sixth time in almost a 120 years she's moving -- month. Second there's arrived -- the same time -- three generations and future. This child will be unconstitutional on its sixteen Sovereign States under the thanks. Commander of the British only say -- heat -- hiring queen holds this baby -- dreams and is -- and start him. With the queen especially since it well they're not getting -- yet I think it's the next glorious chapter in the men's central. Iraq -- the season. -- -- a wonderful.

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{"id":19268078,"title":"Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition","duration":"8:44","description":"Great Expectations: Barbara Walters reports from London on Will and Kate's baby, due this summer.","url":"/2020/video/bringing-baby-royal-edition-19268078","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}