Britney's 55-Hour Marriage: Ex Talks

Part 2: Britney Spears' first ex-husband remembers their brief '04 coupling.
7:19 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Britney's 55-Hour Marriage: Ex Talks
John -- and new. -- -- most Americans marriage means he'll give you a spores. Hollywood it means still meet next Tuesday. Check out this -- The average American divorce comes after eight years of marriage not forever but that's 24 times longer than Renee Zellweger and -- Jesse lasted. Forty times longer than can -- -- in Chris Humphries. 344. Times longer -- -- Dennis Rodman. -- -- and Carmen Electra it just was a disaster. It was a complete disaster. That's nothing. The average marriage lasts a mathematical mind bending 1274. Times longer. Then the X -- infamous match between Britney Spears and her childhood friends. Jason Alexander. That marriage a whopping 55 hours 55 hours you'll remember the headlines this area. But how could -- We went to Los Angeles to talk to the man behind the media. Perhaps the world's foremost expert on nano second enough jewels it began -- -- for Jason Alexander on New Year's 2004. Las Vegas spears flew -- there Xena Friday -- when she invited you go to Vegas. What do you think you're going for. Have a good time just. -- go parting. We see that you're going to have a good time -- -- the kids -- look at booty call. How is that what it was. Not that they go right -- -- isn't really -- -- because as you know Fran national trend they don't want your. Friends although until that point -- says they'd been Friends With Benefits. They grew up together in kenwood Louisiana. Check out this picture of Britney and -- holding hands and -- the school bus. She became the star -- of college football player. And by the time she was famously dating Justin Timberlake. There was an instance when we were hanging -- -- -- -- And this thing -- and whether enough song -- like the guy behind the scenes. -- -- -- Then behind the scenes staying in -- in no hurry with that -- -- biggest when it meets the party and he had a life altering moment. Las Vegas is found. You not get along good let's. Get Mary. -- know -- you know down quite like Saturday Night Live. Or maybe a little. Who pops the question. She she asked me she just came out nationally she was like this -- mails are sure. -- students. Now let's pause for a moment because right now there should have been if -- things to give them applause. It doesn't sound like they were exactly sober you're drinking. Yeah. Yeah party favors. Look at a party favors. -- -- But you're talking drugs have. You don't and drugs or via more than not cause a drug problem is drugs cigarettes a drug -- -- and is it time. The other warning sign according -- Carmen Electra geography. Feet it's too easy in -- -- to get married. It's too convenient and systems can -- can get married -- in -- drive through. -- that didn't occurred to Jason Alexander at that moment there must have been a million things going through your head. -- -- -- -- villains I was in love with a -- -- -- she felt the same way. So -- the little white wedding chapel in those famous tabloid photo. Baseball -- the bare midriff it all seemed so promising because our honeymoon period for you guys in that the defendant. -- we renovated ceiling. We had a -- Now do you think these micro second marriages are on modern phenomenon. -- -- He was all of this Hollywood. Actor author wrote that report live from the Academy Award winner -- -- nine and legendary songstress Ethel Merman and -- -- -- There can barely made it past their -- -- Just 32 days -- autobiography has -- chapter on her mayors to Borg nine as he reveals in this 2009 interview. -- -- -- -- -- Blank page. Since it's -- a -- and coach. So why does this seem to happen to celebrity's welcome. Performers who get paid their mid single game can pretend to -- people who usually don't even exist. Perhaps they have a different sense -- -- World -- -- -- -- -- A lot of times and I think that's why I love that I might as well get married and a lot of press out of it -- in the meantime. They're not looking at marriage the way and I do which is a lifetime commitment. Well it's Jennifer Lopez noted in this 2002 interview -- -- married plays they have had a marriages. And that was before a number three Mark Anthony -- -- also over by the way. Jason sits with his marriage which ended it. It was business. Hours -- told britney's mother and business managers who swooped it. So everyone went crazy because there was no pre nup. -- went through there and -- oh crap but arena narrow our biggest star suddenly she married Jason Alexander who sounds like she turned pretty quickly. Grew fast Lulu the screws to him. -- -- -- -- This -- Spears has since been married and divorced Kevin Federline. Now engaged to -- former agent. -- is what she said about her first time at the altar with Jason a few months after it was one of those things that are really. It's silly and just kind of the cost more. Elicited Britney -- lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage do you think she lacked understanding of -- actions will. When he signed the annulment papers because he said he was being in the night sky Dini held their -- -- getting back together and that hurts. -- is now as far as the hardest part about it I had I was him humans involved. What did he get in return I think -- paying. He walked away look deep -- find our marriage when. -- a plane ticket and Jason Alexander who arrived in Las Vegas and private jet flew home to Louisiana. And Coolidge. Jason is now trying to catch on as a fighter in mixed martial arts. And it's hard earned advice on celebrity romance. He'll be in night sky. At his home in nice guy doing nice guys finish last we'll go over yourself that you're gonna really get involved into a relationship whatsoever in in just an average Joseph. -- your -- in business. I'll romance. Hollywood's done.

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{"id":15511329,"title":"Britney's 55-Hour Marriage: Ex Talks","duration":"7:19","description":"Part 2: Britney Spears' first ex-husband remembers their brief '04 coupling.","url":"/2020/video/britneys-55-hour-marriage-talks-15511329","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}