Buried Memories: The Katie Beers Story

How she saved herself after a man abducted her and kept her in an underground bunker for 17 days.
7:50 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Buried Memories: The Katie Beers Story
2020s C. Continues. Now -- Paula -- Okay. Before -- was -- There was Katie Beers a poster child synonymous with kidnapping and captivity for twenty years ago she will -- -- and only now is telling her story. Campaign. It. -- -- -- -- normal life are close Stanley two beautiful children -- the road here has been eight tortured journey. Is it difficult for you talk about talking about the specifics. Of any abuse is and where -- -- to -- Good evening -- -- missing nine years old. He appears became national news back in December 1992. Just two days before her tenth birthday. -- was living with her godmother Linda income area at the time. Go to sleep. I can't get off my mind Sunday a day a family friend named John as busy don't know -- Long Island neighborhood as big John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- According to big John he bought TV and video gate then -- -- this arcade. When she went to buy token he claimed she -- -- vanished. Through Wharton accords with -- worry turns -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cheney's -- get a message -- answering machine. And. It turns out to be -- and she's saw -- not. Okay now. Now hearing them thank god it. Luck that's -- we had and that. Results in the Linda -- Larry -- nor anyone want. Detective lieutenant Dominique around and is -- investigation team have plenty of questions -- -- -- Last -- and -- -- Something -- happened. Then tell tale remark instantly transforms big John from a sobbing friends into -- prime suspect. Turns out big giant has a big rap -- -- years earlier he pled guilty to grabbing a seven year old boy from a shopping mall. The cops raiding houses but instead of finding they -- they discover and messy bachelor pad. Police set up a temporary command post on the property. When he was very nervous about it and insisted. That removal equipment and -- -- detectives are -- suspicious people and good but we have no choice but to. But old wild TD most clothes and -- close in fact just a few feet below where the cops -- standing. No wonder they couldn't locate her justly Jamie -- Danks. As busy you had built an elaborate dungeon for his prey -- she -- -- -- First there was a bookshelf and big John's office that had to be -- -- And ruled out revealing a closet. Under the car made. Under the linoleum 8260. Pound concrete trap door neck deep in then darkness below. Custom -- big John had built for Katie. She told me -- Go ahead and go down and I told him no I didn't want details -- he threw me down and it was dark and it's very dark complete darkness yes. On her hands and knees -- crawled into this cold musty compartment. Virtually the only light from this television perched above her makeshift sound proofed coffin. There were times to back that I. Scott that I could hear of people upstairs. I was pitching on top of my loans to help me I found hair and nobody here. I'm not -- hurt us. It just seemed right out of the movie the lovely bones were a child is snatched by a neighbor and heating in an underground -- just like Katie. But Katie says she was uniquely prepared for this ordeal. Why because unbeknownst to the police and social services Katie had already living a hellish life of abuse at the hands of -- mother's husband -- I was sexually abused. Physically abused emotionally abused verbally abused. As twisted as it sounds he believes it was her -- -- home life which prepared hard. The hard way to survive John as -- is dungeon. I was so used to abuse. That it didn't really have that much of -- back on how DG who survived the ordeal. I did have to remove myself from the situation I was and I -- that think happy thoughts he didn't sleep. Not very much -- -- John wanted to take a picture. And he wanted to then send it to the cop so that if they were looking for me. He wanted to sort of don't go around news that they would stop and when I refused to Dele has -- -- OK we'll credits at another time. For now all the family can do is wait and floor and in its -- -- watching TV reports about herself and was determined to stay alive. -- and around the neck she began manipulating her captor and forcing him to confront the future. My ass Ohio -- -- -- he had told me back he was teaching what I mean it's now. When I asked him how I would work he would come that he had enough money for the -- Abbas. When I asked him about getting married and having kids he told me that when I was eighteen. Pounds you marry me and have children. Students -- seeking to maintain the way he sought future -- PO yes. -- he's managing marks. -- -- -- -- -- -- After seventeen days in intensive round the clock surveillance Spiezio -- and turns himself in leading -- around town today chamber of horrors you just steps from where the police had been searching for her she was just yards away did you feel just about. Now reduced somewhat but whenever we -- so how she was secretive and yes and -- until. They understood. Ronald was afraid of what he might sign. You expect to find the child you have to spend seventy days. On the ground -- more training loose there -- -- Wound and instead -- forms of being the only girl talking about things like compared to. -- -- to pled guilty to kidnapping and Katie was placed in a new home with loving Foster parents. Step by -- whole -- -- she started to piece together his childhood she never had. Against the odds TD attained something resembling normalcy she went to high schools join the cheerleading squad and went on to college. Yeah. Today after six years of marriage and that -- in two decades behind parents Katie has -- first. Horry came this bullet theory memories. From my a life is exactly what I had always want to head. -- parents who love me. And -- has fancy pants and a wonderful family from tearing up. Katie the kidnapping of little even in Alabama brings back childhood memories she wants to forget. Hopefully he's able to recover and such a way as I did and by being able to remember what I needed to help. And then burying him when I -- didn't need those memories.

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{"id":18447268,"title":"Buried Memories: The Katie Beers Story","duration":"7:50","description":"How she saved herself after a man abducted her and kept her in an underground bunker for 17 days.","url":"/2020/video/buried-memories-katie-beers-story-18447268","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}