The Case Against Lusk

Part 4: Prosecutors charged Linda Lusk with child molestation.
6:04 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for The Case Against Lusk
The child molestation case against former mayor Linda -- Both shocked and captivated her fellow citizens in Prosser Washington. Emotions were absolutely rampant. It had become one of those cases that you never knew what was going to happen. One unusual thing in the case is that the alleged victim Bubba Franks made no complaint to law enforcement. Was not. Wanted to testify at trial. Do you know what this report this place but once Bubba bragged about getting oral sex to his friend's words -- reached this small towns authorities in. The temptation to talk was too great that you had to kind of -- of this. Would have been hard to play down -- you -- you could have come back and said. Nothing happened I want -- talk about not -- just as out video of and I was tore through -- The legal proceedings against loss would try to determine if the lurid sex yarns spun by a teenage boy was something that really happen. -- was just how much -- hospital. What she did to my child what's wrong but gave -- the confidence that he was telling the truth. As -- way to -- I detest him immediately you've been lied to enough yes that you know. -- you know your children you know and immediately hang him. Immediately. There was no doubt in my mind at all not one time. For her part Linda -- took and passed a polygraph. That said the oral sex never happened there. However that she -- the disclosure that she's had her history everything about her indicates. That she is not based sex offender and then -- the hell anyway. But there should have been some way to avoid it. But the legal proceedings against Linda -- had already gathered momentum. And when under questioning from prosecutor Andy Miller she repeated what she had voluntarily told police. -- -- sealed. Her fate. And the state of Washington NASA crimes Chama station and third degree. I was watching her testimony. And saying to myself -- kind of breaks your -- all the way around. To watch somebody describing. Something that they did. That it would essentially make them a pariah and a lot of people's eyes you feel for her you feel for her family and you certainly feel for the francs. It could have been prevented she was an adult -- supposed to -- a role model in the town. Even before there was a verdict attacks on the former mayor and her family were merciless phone calls hate mail. -- song parodies on the Internet. Humiliating assaults on Linda lost for some came. And by extension her family. All became a YouTube favorite -- -- See you. And if it could be worse some of the vicious videos were made by students at this school Kevin lost runs and Carly -- attends siege. -- Does that really upset me just yet an assessment from people east being car geared to your friends it's hurtful. It's my mom I you don't ever want to hear like somebody you loved -- just -- like -- monster. I can get every -- as. And remember days I just. When play there in just -- -- Through it all. Kevin loss was by his wife's side. I always knew he was really amazing banks. I am so glad. To have him because my husband. It's not normal to -- following your wife into -- courtroom. To -- Your face sexual molestation charges. But he was there. Every single time. You stayed in this shirt and I believe what she said. We had a very frank conversation at the time and a polygraph on top of that if you need. The -- part I believed her when she told that's what I need. Kevin may have believed his wife with a question hanging over their heads was would a jury -- her. I it. Furlong time vacillated as to -- an hour trying this case -- not. The prosecutors had offered a guilty plea deal that would limit any jail time to a matter of months. But when Linda hesitated insisting she was no child molester prosecutors raised the stakes. Saying the oral sex allegation from a fourteen year old allowed them to charge her with child rape. If convicted on that felony charge -- loss would be facing three to four years in state prison. Mr. Larson. Asked me if it was my wife. If I would take it to trial. -- would I risk. Allowing my wife. Spending. Years in the penitentiary. What would I let her plead guilty. When we come back the prosecutor is gunning for a rape charge but the victim tells a different story. Did Linda -- take advantage you.

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{"id":14937926,"title":"The Case Against Lusk","duration":"6:04","description":"Part 4: Prosecutors charged Linda Lusk with child molestation.","url":"/2020/video/case-lusk-14937926","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}