The Case Is Reopened

Act 4: After reviewing evidence again, a panel decides to reopen the case on Sheena Morris' death.
3:00 | 10/19/13

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Transcript for The Case Is Reopened
As this portable other walks the beach there is little piece. Could soon -- mystery surrounding what happened to her daughter in a hotel just across the street. And -- she -- police in the small town wouldn't listen to her she now had three leading voices on her side -- forensics expert. Cheer for sneaking suspicion her daughter was murdered. I remember when the call came -- with absolute certainty. They said that this was not case outside. In fact it was a stage crimes. All three -- them yes and then I sent you willing to submit affidavits to me. And they said absolutely. Armed with -- -- affidavits Kelly got a meeting with the medical examiner who would classified -- his death a suicide. And wait there while sitting across from her the break she was waiting for he changed at one key lines punching his death -- They changed the manner. Two undetermined just sending friend Paris was patient. And we thought -- that automatically opens this case. You know protection DS tells me. Defense that detective who answered the call remain convinced that she didn't did kill herself. And he went on local station WT SOP to say so. -- want to say she's not in denial I think she is. I -- she just can't accept -- are committing suicide. When they paint a portrait of an obsessed mother. What are you saying it's a good thing I want us. Obsessive and played college is doing his job for them itself and turns private investigator to convince find -- -- -- people listen. She -- mom believes her daughter was -- says police got it wrong when they declared her daughter's death a suicide there's a tremendous amount. Applied to -- Not only those police officers put them in the mayor of brigantine -- as well do you think they underestimated this -- I do. Thank you I think they saw her as they have described her as just a grieving mother. And it wasn't just the medical Examiner's she had her sights set on the State's top investigators next. Turning to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement a panel with the power to take another look at the case. And they did. Asking to hear from that first detectives labeled -- death a suicide so they take a look at all the evidence. Their evidence is presented to them by detective dealers fingers over his findings from his investigation. -- what does this panel decides she's since been reopened. State investigators say they will now be looking into this case and when you heard -- they were going to take another look I was. Cautiously optimistic. About what was taking place was just a hard fought victory half. Yes finally they were going to investigate your daughter's death finally and why why why did we have to eat. First support years. Forty years. Nobody would listen. But now they were. Local station fox thirteen following her she wheels from years of evidence straight through those -- Justice has not insert. In the murder my daughter. You were conducting surveillance yes. I'm -- themselves. Who were following him one could call it that but I'd rather refer to -- as its balance. That surveillance -- led to one more alarming discovery. Just six months and crushing his dad Joseph was arrested for battery involving his wife. The charges later dropped Kelly was determined investigators -- at all. On fraud and just -- the -- taking another -- The news across America were found to CD case to these two people think he's had something to do their daughter's death. There were she -- parents Kelly and her father's days on the Dr. Phil show. And they were stunned that right there with them. What's Joseph did all these things -- life stooges. Are not true. So confident in his it is since he agrees to a polygraph test some would say. Who would agree to go on national TV show and take a polygraph test and -- You're innocent exactly. Especially since Brooklyn assistant conducted the examination -- one of the best in the country use the former chief Porter for Australia to help FBI's LA field office maybe he thought that after four and a half years. He's been so convincing -- the authorities. That he be convincing that -- he would have to convince -- 12 major points to two questions work. Did -- kill Sheen was he involved somehow in her down. And we millions watching. The results. And the polygraph result on both questions. Is that that answer. Was deceptive. That you were not telling. Troops but he tells -- he failed and it's. Terribly. That's -- He announced this heavily. I literally. Became cautious. In my mind -- a suspect in the murder. -- one of polygraph does not admissible and did not -- will -- generals that new investigation under way.

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{"id":20619707,"title":"The Case Is Reopened","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 4: After reviewing evidence again, a panel decides to reopen the case on Sheena Morris' death.","url":"/2020/video/case-reopened-20619707","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}