Cat Ladies: Why Do They Do It?

Line between rescuing cats and hoarding them is blurred in homes full of fur.
9:19 | 03/11/12

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Transcript for Cat Ladies: Why Do They Do It?
Just go and she did. -- And I used to influence and -- in the world may be divided between dog people and had people and I actually had a couple. What happens when I've had several Catholic -- mean it doesn't. But even among can -- people who want to see them -- I'm Don and I have to take care cat ladies are -- breed apart. Once and -- uncles and almost six months filmmaker -- Helen Jones shined a light on the often she had to -- -- at self professed ladies. Her documentary is a poignant look at women who struggle with alienation loss and loneliness. And have become uncontrollable -- connected to. -- -- self -- is linked to the relationship -- And they get a lot of value from that that they don't get anywhere else -- society. Mining city -- McCaffrey. And I have sixteenth. -- a successful real estate broker talks openly about what is missing in her life. Honestly I'd be happy with -- Conjugal visits at this point. -- -- him. She knows her sixteen feline friends aren't making it any easier for her to find the man. I think -- a great catch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again -- have the -- excuse. I'm quite differently and -- medicine or -- -- anymore. And. She wants what. Many -- -- -- husband that kid what have you actually knows the cats are off putting what -- -- hang on to them. Because it's a safety net and protects -- -- getting hurt. Us. Now she's protecting yourself for the wild cats. I don't see anything wrong with being Kelly and having sixteen cats and hurting anybody. And effective but not in that way -- when do you cross the line from being cat lady to be crazy cat lady -- You are no longer -- characters -- I find it rather -- That people would call me the crazy -- -- because I don't look at myself that way. -- -- -- -- My name is seeking I'm a cat lady because there -- too many streets and abandoned cats out on the street. That I neglected and need a place -- I'm always cooking chicken or Turkey soon. We have that every -- to that -- and cat food. I just have to keep reminding myself not to let my fingers after I've done it. -- -- -- -- -- Nice to wake up the hands clean themselves off later. Most people who have -- watched your documentary saying this is the person who's gone off that he meant that house. He is unbelievable. -- That's -- -- that you're me sticking your head and that are boxing is very very overwhelming. -- piece furniture has been removed by the Health Department because of contamination. Sleep on the lounge chair here it's easy to scrub down plastic still sticky remains steadfast in her mission to find and saint streak it's. -- -- There -- -- -- weren't paying now -- she likens herself to Mother Teresa. Okay. This doesn't look like mother -- that a -- world this looks like it looks -- -- Content. Sweethearts identified a lot with these sort of throw away cats Whipple she feels like -- he's thrown her way and that really fuels -- motivation. -- -- -- That's two more down in about seven more -- goal in death. Couple more 100000 out there to bring him. Three. -- My sixth. My name is Deanna. And tool used to -- a business first on the country -- when he. From fixing Simonsen and Herndon. I am always been a -- Yeah. I think paying one point 83. -- -- -- Her and -- get there. -- -- -- But -- that he doesn't with an unwavering -- DN is filled with doubt and a longing for the life she left behind. Not aren't life here heals. Everything they -- restaurants and smoking gun. I work forty years for a bank and I had fun. And I traveled the world I met lots of people have lots of friends. Pictures -- -- -- her her earlier life she's glamorous and beautiful and successful. Friends and mean. What happened to her this is -- overboard after the -- I mean until I retired I was I have just as small amount of -- after that and praising. Each week and -- and 400 pounds of food and 100 pounds of cat litter and my -- expenses. -- -- including miniature. Dry food wet food. 3000 dollars. -- -- -- -- cats but it hasn't seen me. I don't -- dollars and no -- three hours Santana was there. -- fall asleep on the -- And -- three we cut. My -- team consists out. -- -- -- -- Replenishing the dry food. Larry it's. Yeah. There's a particularly -- -- when she -- -- his phone message from family members including a child singing. -- And yeah. How much that means to listen to it and the amount to -- -- year. That I -- that message I keep it because it just makes me feel so good. And you -- and will require you how living your life with those people who love you and and about you know. She's such a warm wonderful person and she does so desperately want her old life back. Now I was nineteen to -- I'd like to see my family -- like to see these kids. I I don't them and Chinese factories and when I'm doing. -- an -- -- and on to come back here. People don't call us crazy campaign -- -- -- -- This is my answer. I can't end up having thirty cats. I'm not sure what the magic number -- yes. I'm pretty -- it's close to -- -- now. But to -- over -- and I just like news. And I've given up. -- -- you crazy Kelly yes I'm crazy Kelly. There's no hope for me. I see. The look of loneliness in their eyes. That. I can honestly -- probably was in my eyes he used to call. I'm not only anymore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm actually -- -- Fall apart. For all the women there is some -- In their past that precipitated this relationship with cats something -- Janney coming from this you know very dysfunctional family where she how to take care of her Brothers -- it's. DN -- having to be forced into retirement. And fifteen a typical childhood. All these reasons together all these women turn to --

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{"id":15898144,"title":"Cat Ladies: Why Do They Do It?","duration":"9:19","description":"Line between rescuing cats and hoarding them is blurred in homes full of fur.","url":"/2020/video/cat-ladies-why-they-do-it-animal-horading-rescuing-cats-homes-full-fur-2020-15898144","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}