Catch Me If You Can: The Anthony Curcio Bank Heist

Act 1: How did a small-town golden boy end up trying to rob a Brinks truck?
8:11 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for Catch Me If You Can: The Anthony Curcio Bank Heist
He almost got away with that the high school -- -- gentlemen bank robber who had the brains. And unfortunately the desperation to plan one of the most outrageous bank heists in -- years. The question at the heart of it how to keep eyewitnesses from identifying him. Well he did what any deep thinking -- would do he hired extras people who had no idea what they were showing up for. Cloning himself fifteen times over if it sounds like a movie it might soon be tonight though the real life script from the robber himself. Even before he gives it to Hollywood he's giving it exclusively to twenty to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the annals of robberies gone wrong there's a long list of do's and -- like always know -- -- for. For an. And try to come up with a better disguise -- a -- Tree branches duct tape of everybody. But for Anthony -- -- the line between brilliant and -- is -- he pulled off the perfect crime. Almost from high school football thing. To bank heist infamy. It's like something out of a movie of brazen bank robbery suspect wearing gloves sunglasses and a man. Attacking an armored truck with a bag full of cash making his escape on an inner tube. -- -- is now known in his hometown as the crook who almost got away with a series of crazy plan. It started here on the outskirts of Seattle the sleepy town of Monroe Washington where manicured lawns smack of ordinary life. The kind of place where life seems pretty predictable unless of course you're planning the unpredictable. -- steele's case it was a crime fit for Hollywood. Complete with -- -- disguises daring escapes on jet skis and inner tubes and bags overflowing with stolen loot you had just stolen. 400000. Dollars what does that even look. Enough to fit and that. -- -- life of crime started innocently enough a golden boy from a -- to -- family with everything going for him. And for whom everything came a little too easy captain of the high school football team known for his Friday Night Lights victory. Catching a touchdown pass that's a true feeling how much of that defined who do you work everything. That's what. He had -- -- good looks a talent for sports and a pretty cheerleader girlfriend named Emily I knew that there is something special about him. And beyond special pressure you know we -- -- back couple where the teachers would call me mrs. Garcia I remember the first time that he told me that he left means. I was just kind of like oh my god. The two became inseparable at high school. And stayed together when he went to college at the University of Idaho no longer the big fish in a small pond -- -- was now feeling the pressure of college sports. His way to cope alcohol lost some of alcohol that was your state could just -- drinking and drinking and drinking and -- it got so bad after a couple months of that. I was just drinking straight out of a bottle. The next season a torn ACL was course feels introduction to a new flights like -- -- which numb the pain of just about everything I was insecure. I'm not being good enough to -- -- it that -- for me to calm me down and -- me feel like. Campaign doesn't need to be. An athlete how far would you go to together and I started -- prescriptions going into pharmacies. Faking injuries. One dad B Jon with dental issues and in the next Pharmacia B. -- with her -- that was where I crossed the line and high school. I had this moral foundation. Integrity and once I meant by -- Settle out the window you talk about like it and like it's -- person. I -- -- me what is pills became his life blood from my addiction progressed my criminal involvement progressed to. The more pills he took the more brazen his behavior like dressing up as a mover to steal college furniture. He even created counterfeit baseball cards to sell on eBay all for his addiction. All I remember. Is that moment after I take pills and feeling like the -- again everything's cool everything's a piece. It was that man who married his high school sweetheart Emily. And became a father to a little girl he lived a double life for over a decade -- were putting on this front. As best I could yes he -- some peace and master and it. I was like Teddy and I believes everything in east and -- -- -- man used to turning a quick buck. So he got into real estate flipping houses to support an increasingly lavish life -- -- in my wildest nightmares -- I have dreamt. Or made the kinds of things that she was actually do -- and. She stayed with him through multiple stints of rehab but had no idea how far her husband had fall at his worst -- -- says he was blowing through 151000. Dollars a month on drugs. Topping fifty pills a day. He was living on the edge. Then she went over -- after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars and homes the market crash kills pests and values not just lost your money now you're losing your drugs. -- -- -- -- The man on top of the world. Was going belly up on the verge of losing his big house and the Mercedes parked out front. Now with less than twenty dollars in his bank account he was even stealing groceries and so he did what came naturally find his next fix. Sitting in a parking lot munching on a Jack in the Box burger curse you came up with an even grander plan for some fast cash -- just -- into. The bank BankAmerica. Meciar partial -- say to yourself this is -- answer. -- she'll became obsessed with -- even addicted to. -- planning an armored truck heist. Drawing elaborate diagrams of the seen spending hours watching the trucks and learning their blind spots. -- to the home of Tom -- Freefall and on the radio. When I was on -- -- -- -- CD and Mary detail oriented. -- -- came up with a clever disguise when he was out casing the bank started dress up as like landscaper that was doing the grounds and at this landscaping Alfred blue shirt who have. Safety -- -- so obvious. Right in front of them. That he couldn't -- me. The getaway plan to use something fast to get down a slow moving creek -- jet -- would do. But when he found the water wasn't deep enough I start digging this thing around six an -- today he -- you were literally changing. The the geography of a creek. Yes so that this could work Pass -- I mean he really thought you would be able pull this off yes there was no question when beautiful. That's how I thought. On the first draw -- or rather wet run the jet ski hit a rock still not deep enough. So he came up with plan B he would use an inflatable yellow inner tubes that float his way to freedom. And here's workers steals planned jumped the tracks on a practice run Chris -- -- disguised behind a nearby dumpster. Forgetting of course that where there are dumpsters their -- dumpster divers. This -- as long beard and started yelling I know what this stuff is there something like that we talked about and I got in. To my car I'm thinking man. Is jeopardized everything done on the planning Stalinist and are not the economy administrative -- -- -- he -- -- -- description doesn't have anything. It's a -- -- there was no turning back and now there was just one step left. Creating fifteen accomplices. To help them pull off his perfect crime I realized that I could. And create and decoys budget planning -- the crowd Unita to create the growth and create the crowd has found -- -- And this latest idea to Chris -- already wacky fled so -- to a whole new level this is my day.

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{"id":19462095,"title":"Catch Me If You Can: The Anthony Curcio Bank Heist","duration":"8:11","description":"Act 1: How did a small-town golden boy end up trying to rob a Brinks truck?","url":"/2020/video/catch-anthony-curcio-bank-heist-19462095","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}