Anthony Curcio Bank Heist: Cracking the Case

Act 3: Curcio may have gotten away with $400,000 if not for one man he once disregarded.
7:42 | 06/22/13

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Transcript for Anthony Curcio Bank Heist: Cracking the Case
Can you with a 2020s. The almost perfect crime. Once again GO Benitez. -- -- -- -- I've marriage and three weeks before Anthony -- -- made off down that babbling brook on an inner tube. This call came in tonight one woman reporting suspicious items behind a dumpster. -- -- -- -- -- And I actually. Getting acting please -- new and different names and. How much -- on number two I don't want to know -- Homeless and that's right the color was someone who didn't have much to put him on his belongings a moral -- Remember the dumpster guy who warned -- sealed weeks before the robbery about being up to no good how well. Maybe if you tell us anything drinking anytime I remember my description and now he was a crucial witness and -- and cash needed to find to help them -- curse you. But how do you find a witness with no we trust -- went to McDonald's I -- ten for regular hamburgers. And I started handing out hamburgers almost people asking if they know -- guy -- Alan. In tiny human wrote there was only one place he would take hamburgers to find a homeless guy tent cities. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So now you have for hamburgers left. And what happens when you -- challenge test you know you can't blame knock on the door of a tense but I just said -- -- -- the police. And he responded with its about time you got here. This is Alan dean perhaps the unlikeliest source for the key that would unlock this entire case what did you see behind that dumpster. Just the way sunglasses began animation -- like new -- What was. Murder to robbery to -- you know. Coming to us go Airways and you see it go I don't what happens to a -- -- which -- -- is and our own children that. -- for coming to take a look at that's definitely my -- -- -- and so what happened moment he picks. What do you do. They got his fellow Arab tag them. And you have a penny of federal right now. Budgeted -- -- always open. What do you think he thought you. I think he didn't they felt like dad. Always remember any -- or something like that you never thought that he was going to be the key would. -- no way now I underestimated him completely yes -- with dean's statement detectives are closing in on occurs you from. Then we decided we -- -- -- surveillance on Anthony and and how tobacco. At first I did because we couldn't find -- so where does of people 400000 dollars. -- Las Vegas. Right instead of laying low could -- heads to the palms hotel in sin city and seeing. He did. Cheating on Emily throwing money around with another woman but after a night of sex drugs and a Britney Spears concert. -- conscience got the better of him. Nagging thoughts of his life toddler and now -- newborn just weeks old. -- like. Why do you do that. Why are you in Vegas why aren't you home with your family. Why aren't you ask -- why aren't you. A father. And that -- have all this money that still didn't solve that problem. And it made me sick. He returns home to a very suspicious wife. The town rumor still -- from the heist. Even make comments about the robbery like -- did you see this in the paper -- -- newspaper coming -- -- Sox -- it was a school night. Happy cool you know -- limited that's gonna get cod and then I'm -- I think it's really cool. But Emily isn't the only ones watching him. So our -- and -- waited patiently while suspect number one. Keeps screwing up his 400 keys -- bankrolling flashy purchases like a Range Rover. Than one -- when he stops at a gas station cops get the break they need. They saw him get out with a Gatorade bottle that he had in his he -- hand thrown in the trash. Inside that bottle. Enough of -- use DNA to compared to the saliva in that -- -- at the scene. Yeah bingo it's a match what's going through your mind regarding. -- -- -- While hanging out in this target parking lot with a little. Pocket money 171000. Dollars Anthony -- -- was arrested. There was definitely a moment where -- -- -- that. He definitely had something -- jewishness and Holloman held tonight air planes to land island Qaeda people and -- There's. For arms. -- FBI agents on my partners. After years of secret addiction and lies and watching her best friend spiral out of control -- and -- was spent. Trying hard just drops. You now. And at the same moment it was like. No big continent. This overt you know this isn't dying. He eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to six years in prison. It was and -- sentence to now a full time working mom left to raise their two girls below. I sold -- bolivars belongings basically -- and I just left the house and moved in my parents. When the stolen money was finally recovered it took eight people. Four hours to hand count that crumpled bills that arrived in garbage back. -- still has given up his addiction and drawing diagrams of armored trucks he's now taken to drawing a picture for children's books. And educating young people about drug addiction he's already co authored a book about his wild -- And is working on making amends with Emily. So -- a lot of people might be looking at us. And say and that what on earth is she doing with the -- he's lied to you he's stolen money he's cheated on you. -- sitting right next. Because I never. Forgot about who Hugh. When I found out what can. And I just -- that -- He was still that person is somewhere demons it. Released from prison just ten weeks ago. Anthony -- the once local football hero returned home to the small quiet town of -- road. Now instead of pride he has -- on his mind. Campaigning in. I had justified. That I was doing this for my family they don't want someone that's doing now for multifamily homes -- not gambled with them. Can last five years. Not being around them. He felt like you gambled with -- She never -- some. As you can -- Anthony now has two children still together with that high school sweetheart -- you have taken -- were on Twitter throughout the hour let us know used to -- take ABC 20/20.

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{"id":19462172,"title":"Anthony Curcio Bank Heist: Cracking the Case","duration":"7:42","description":"Act 3: Curcio may have gotten away with $400,000 if not for one man he once disregarded.","url":"/2020/video/catch-anthony-curcio-bank-heist-19462172","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}