Caught in the Act: Bank Robbers

Part 5: Real bank robberies are nothing like those you see in the movies.
5:41 | 11/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Caught in the Act: Bank Robbers
Caught yeah returns with the cops and robbers huge John -- There's just stay -- the movies have seen their share of spectacular. Bank robberies. -- miss Bonnie Parker and this -- mr. Platt Barre. -- thank the romance robbery in Bonnie and Clyde. Think Kevin heist in the Town Car -- A the costume caper. In the Dark Knight and. But for all the flashes filled crimes that really blow your mind the -- the blue streak to obedient. Real light wind caught by surveillance cameras. Some heavy favorites on morning television. -- Thelma and Louise -- the teen bandits caught on tape robbing a bank armed with nothing more than designer sunglasses. -- woman they are calling the bad hair band. There's the elusive geezer bandit still on the -- He is on others pushing the limits of criminal element -- she. That's not mr. leader coach Jack performing -- -- -- -- known as the handsome guy did it. Sporting a Hollywood style handsome guy -- worth more than 800 bucks. He's hit over six banks in north Texas -- may in -- still on the loose. In the video UCL -- new customer even interacting with others in line he's obviously seeing how far that's gonna play out of -- interest and see. What brings him down. There's no one bidder to break down a heist. Then John Nelson. A convicted bank robber he lifted up to 60000 dollars in a crime spree that included by banks in 1990. Before getting caught. What's it like to rob a bank. What does it feel like to rob -- bank. Your heart is racing and you know you're doing something very very wrong which is why he finds that handsome guys demeanor remarkable. Obviously he's com. He's thinking about what he's doing calculating -- I think that he's got a cat and mouse game going with detectives and F the FBI and I think that's part of his thrill. Costume he should be called the creepy guy because that's the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Jon says you can't -- of everything. Real crime is nothing like the movies. And there are also contingencies and things that you don't think about that pop up. And it's not a script. -- -- Terrifying holed up in Maryland earlier this year. I don't feel of their let him know -- black handgun. The -- robs a bank but by the time he gets his money he's surrounded by police. He takes a hostage in the parking lot. Good -- that -- side by side. But -- got a good to read. As we see him he's in full blown panic -- He isn't exactly thinking about what he's doing the dye pack in the money bag goes off a defense mechanism banks used to work the bills. But it's not the dog or the cops -- get him. What ice he slips is hostage springs to safety and heat is shot -- -- John knows he's lucky he is like in crime did not in that way -- he says he never used violence. In credits his four years in prison with turning his life around. He became successful writer. In -- -- -- his -- and crimes like the X. This past February in -- -- China. And and wanting you bake -- -- -- -- into historic shopping at the bullet proof glass. -- -- And -- camera time. The killers and if he keeps -- he seemed to go on for ever. No I mean this guy not really not really effective. And last night. Have some yard work and probably pretty determined. Certainly physically capable. He finally Mitchell -- twice the plowing through it's like a strange security plans for thieves but police arrived in -- -- -- -- Everyone seems grows it he finally did it disappoints -- All the way through -- slip away atop -- for the cops know he did -- in 45 minutes later. But when it comes to embarrassing police moment's peace takes vacate or you might say it was that -- who took the cake and 82. An Ohio robbery suspects John Ford is arrested in Ronaldo who to -- car the police and deep pockets that white people the balls out. Allegedly the deal weren't used in the bank holdup he could beat -- evidence. Until forty -- Now this guy's expression and his law. Are such that I couldn't resist not rooting for him the police here and -- details slip right through their fingertips literally. He would steal -- for multiple bank robberies in that might be the key here. The most important moment in -- big robbery videos. Might be deceitful. The perp walk. Do believe that's been it served what's the feeling like you're getting caught. Really really bad. Really bad you can see -- shame in this picture. Moments after he was caught the perp walks and I've seen when people are holding their head down I couldn't get -- down far enough.

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{"id":14937490,"title":"Caught in the Act: Bank Robbers","duration":"5:41","description":"Part 5: Real bank robberies are nothing like those you see in the movies.","url":"/2020/video/caught-act-bank-robbers-14937490","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}